Golden weekend

October 14, 2018

Hi, how was your week? Mine was very busy visiting the Bar Convent Berlin (convention in English) and working there one day taking pictures. Been spending the days going through pictures and doing some editing. And admiring the amazing Fall with Summer temperatures.

Spot the dog.

When I’m done with the editing, I’m going to focus on the Wrist Worms again – the season is here, yay!

Spot the pig.

Pictures from yesterday when I took a long walk on my own. I borrowed a camera from a friend since my own hardly works anymore. Tomorrow I’ll give it back and I have to tell you – it was fun taking pictures again. I shot 300+ yesterday, hasn’t happened in years. Fascinating how my crochet hook will never stop working (unless I lose it) – it’s as old as my computer and camera which both need replacements very very soon. What’s your favourite work tool? Right now I go for my crochet hook.

Hope you’re having a nice weekend. I’m going to drink coffee, work, maybe meet a friend and then in the evening, I’m invited to a restaurant in Neukölln, which I look forward to visiting.

Food, Sweden

Swedish breakfast

October 8, 2018

I have completely forgotten to post pictures from when we went to Johan’s family this Summer and met Nestor.

We ate so much great food. This is from the first morning when my sister-in-law Evelina made us breakfast. Everything so beautiful and tasty, would love that banana/cinnamon smoothie right now.

Johan’s sister in my favourite kitchen.

How have you been?
I didn’t mean to lose my voice again. Life has been busy and a bit of a roller coaster. Was invited to go to the Caribbean for a job, but was already booked for another one in Berlin this week and if I promise something, I keep it (been fighting a lot with myself about right and wrong). My mum and Thomas have been here and I had some days off to enjoy together with them, eating and drinking a LOT. Yesterday I slept most of the time when my brain got overheated with childhood memories after I got the news that my uncle died. My most vivid memory of him (we didn’t have good contact) is when my grandmother said we should just burn down the old barn that they didn’t use anymore and I took it literal, so I got myself a lighter and went down to the barn and tried to put it on fire. My uncle found me and started chasing me and I was so scared he would beat me up. Laughing so hard about it now. Sandra, the pyromaniac.

Some more Sweden pictures and Nestor, maybe?


Cloudy blue

September 25, 2018

Now the cloudy blue beanie is listed in the shop.

I still can’t choose which colour to make for myself. I have a new outfit, for which a turquoise would look good, but not sure if it’s going to look good with anything else I’m wearing.

Berlin, you torn beauty.

The colours in this picture turned out nice and incorrect.

Efficient day today, already been to the huge Swedish furniture store to get some necessities like lingonberry jam, Kalles kaviar and sheets.

Let me know if you have any colour requests when it comes to beanies. I’m going to make some more greyish colours as well + going to try what happens if I make it in cotton, not sure if it’s going to be stretchy enough.

Talk soon!


Most comfy beanie

September 24, 2018

Hi! Here I am! Johan took this picture today when we were out running errands together. I have made some beanies lately, with a blend of wool and alpaca. You can read more about them (and purchase) here. It’s honestly the comfiest beanie I have had on my head. The one in the picture is moving to Sweden, I was just wearing it to show you my way of wearing it, because Johan wears them another way – scroll down to see how.

These are the ones I listed in the shop today.

Bringing some Fall colours inside.

I love to cover my ears, Johan doesn’t.
Now I have a teeny tiny problem; I don’t know which colour to make for myself. I want them all.
Gonna spend my evening making a beanie in the colour Johan is wearing. Will list it in the shop this week.

How have you been?

Berlin, Charlottenburg, Food

An evening in Charlottenburg

September 19, 2018

On a hot Summer evening, Johan and I took a stroll in Charlottenburg, it was finally time to try an Indian restaurant I have been wanting to go to for many years.

For some reason I really like this sign. It’s so different from others.

You can see how hot it is in the light in this picture.

This place is amazing, I should take you there in pictures when I go there next time (this time it was already closed). Rogacki is the name of the place. Visually it’s not a very beautiful place, but the food is delicious. I have had the tastiest herring in my life in here.

I love though, how it feels like you’re back to the 1970’s.

Finally we arrived at Ashoka, Indian food close to Savignyplatz. Have you been there? It’s really really good. Especially the papadam.

I went for my all time favourite – Palak Paneer, which is a dish I always have the first time I go to a new Indian place. Very tasty!

It’s still Summer in Berlin, for a couple more days.
This week started pretty dramatic with a very sick Peps (the dog I take care of sometimes), so we had to go to the vet and she was shaking like crazy (Johan had to carry her inside because she’s so afraid of the doctor) and I tried to comfort her with my broken voice in the little Spanish I know. It all went well and she’s fine now. Made her some carrot soup with rice and chicken, plus she’s getting medication. Sweet, strong creature.

Waiting for some yarn and will make a few beanies, anyone interested? Colour wish? Just let me know 🙂

Happy mid week!


Losing the voice

September 14, 2018

Yesterday, I wrote on my blog’s facebook page that I think I kind of lost my voice, which is why I haven’t posted much lately (another reason is because I was mostly sitting on my butt making 200 pairs of Wrist Worms for a big order, which was fun but nothing I could blog about every day). Will get my voice back together, working on it! Also working on getting myself a new computer, it takes like 1 minute to finish 1 sentence to publish on this space. Not OK.

So, been thinking a lot lately about consumption and working as an “influencer”. When I did this job, someone asked me if I was going to keep the wallpaper on my kitchen wall and I was super confused, because I wouldn’t have done the job if I didn’t want this wallpaper to stay in my home (I love it!). I think then and there, I realized that this is how some people work and it’s OK (everyone is free to do things the way they want), but I can’t and wouldn’t. Yesterday, I did another really fun collaboration with a result I’m very happy about, this. So, where am I getting? To say, I hope you like the collaborations I do and that I’m very picky with who I work with. And that I will be having a new computer soon, so I can keep up this space again. I’m happy I managed to work on this computer for 10+ years and I will keep it to watch movies on (Apple says it’s worth €27, LOL, it’s an iMac from 2008 and as much as I love a desktop computer, I’m going to go for a laptop this time).

So, let’s talk about the things in the photo?
On the wall, a mirror from the flea market at Boxhagener Platz, which we bought in 2011.
In the mirror, you see a picture from the shooting of Twin Peaks, by Richard Beymer.
On the door handle, a monkey which used to belong to my great uncle.
The bar table is from a Trödelshop on my street, which I’m still crazy in love with.

Bar table top:
An Eiffel tower from our trip to Paris together, in 2013.
Antlers from a deer Johan’s grandpa killed.
A porcelain elephant Johan gave me for my birthday some years ago.
A disco ball from Johan’s teenage years.
A vase by Ingegerd Råhman which I got at Norrgavel about 10 years ago.

Bar table below:
A tin we bought in London in 2009.
A soft toy I got from WAWAYA back in the early online days.
Poison perfume my grandma gave me in 1991.
A pipe from Adolf’s house.
A plastic fox Johan and I found on a beautiful walk back when we lived in Gothenburg.
Johan’s good old sailor.
Random boxes with random treasures, found.
A make up bag from my mother, containing old accessories from her and my childhood.

I love stuff that tell stories, that have a history. That doesn’t mean everything has to be second hand, also the new things will eventually carry a story and I prefer a mix of old and new (like 80% old and 20% new).

Hello, voice!

Berlin, Charlottenburg

Gimme Gelato

August 31, 2018

I have had the pleasure of following the process of opening up this place since early last year. This Summer, it finally opened its doors – Gimme Gelato (FB page).

Located on a beautiful corner at Wundtstrasse, Charlottenburg.

Every day freshly made gelato in their laboratory, located in the store.

A certain blonde man has been in charge of the graphic design for example.

The gelato lab.

I have had the pleasure of trying a few different scoops so far. The stracciatella is my favourite, lots of chunky dark chocolate bites. Then, of course, the ones made of fresh fruits or berries are so delicate in their flavours.

Raspberry & stracciatella. Salted caramel & hazelnut.

Lots of otter puns going on. I love the otter and secretly hope that it will pop up on a tote bag eventually.

You can also get their gelato outside of CO Berlin if you’re around Zoologischer Garten.

Ps. In the store, they serve affogato.


Dog beach

August 29, 2018

Last Sunday, Fiona, Peps and I decided to go to Grunewaldsee where there is a beach for dogs.

We took a long walk in the forest.

It was very dreamy and I tried to get Peps to pose for this picture, but she didn’t want to leave us (her sheep).


After a while, we ended up at Locanda 12 apostoli.

And shared a pizza, Peps had some of the crust.

Jagdschloss Grunewald on the other side of the lake.

This is when Peps and Fiona stepped into the water and I afterwards joined them. Fiona and I screamed Let’s swim as well at the same time and I had my first swim in a long time. I want to live by a lake. Or even more, by the sea.

Back in Grunewald, we checked out some buildings.

Peps bought this and is moving in next month.

In August 1998, I started my first blog (it wasn’t called blog back then, online journal was the term). This means, I’ve been doing this for 20 years now. Back then, I lived in my hometown Luleå and published my online journal in Swedish, English and German, started working as a web designer and wrote some columns for a newspaper. I was crocheting like a freak as well, formed a community for online journals (called mindag (myday)), made friends online and discovered Photoshop. I was 19 and dug into music, literature and had dreams about moving to a big city. Well, much like in 1991, I guess.

I’m curious, when did you start visiting my blog?


Ready for Fall

August 28, 2018

The other day, Berlin started to get chillier and the winds smell a bit like Fall. I’m ready, are you?

August went by in what feels like a second. My nieces were here, we had such a great time and yesterday I finished the wholesale order of 200 pairs of Wrist Worms. Don’t forget, you get 25% discount with code SUMMER18 until August 31. You find them here – welcome!

Gothenburg, Home, Wrist Worms

10 years!

August 20, 2018

On this day, 10 years ago, I posted this picture on my blog and little did I know that it was going to change my work life a lot.

Johan asked me to make him a pair of wrist warmers and now 10 years have passed. You can read the story of the Wrist Worms here.

10 years. I want to thank you so much for all your orders through the years, I never thought crochet could be something I would work with. Working with my hands and wool is very satisfying and without you, this would not have been possible. Thank you, all!

You get 25% discount until the end of August with code SUMMER18 at check-out in the shop.

Sandra xo