Streets of Cuglieri

October 3, 2019

This is Cuglieri, a village with a name quite similar to the main city of Sardinia (Cagliari). This is the view from our house, even after 5 days it was unreal.

Narrow streets and beautiful houses.

On a Saturday morning, Johan and I went here to buy some bread and prosciutto.

The main street with a pizzeria, a bar, a pharmacy, a bank, a fish shop, a vegetable shop and a clothing store.

A mum and her daughter (only female cats can have this pattern apparently, learned this many years ago, correct me if I’m wrong). Look how she put her paws around the kitten’s tail.

I have more work than ever since I came back to Berlin, feels really great and I will continue posting more Sardinia pictures here the coming days, OK?

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Dinner with Friends at Night Kitchen

October 1, 2019

Last night at Night Kitchen. What a place; the food, the vibe, the wine, the service, the shots, the heartiness. Located in the Heckmann Höfe, right next to the New Synagogue at Oranienburger Strasse in Mitte.

I have a weak spot for an open kitchen in a restaurant.

They have an excellent menu and choosing from it is super hard. Luckily they have the Dinner with Friends option, which is the host asking you what you like and then the chef designs a surprise menu for you and your friends to share. This is what we went for. Pictured is the Jerusalem Spring Chicken which is a salad I could eat every day for the rest of my life.

Johan and I were hanging out with Bar drinking great wine. Love the artwork and trinkets all over the place.

The tomato carpaccio with labaneh must be one of the most good looking dishes served in this city.

Such good vibe and friendly staff.

Johan had been there before so yesterday he requested the smoked cabbage and pork belly, it’s the dish that he said was the knock-out. Yes, so good.

The octopus with Jerusalem artichoke cream with merguez and black bean ragu was my knock-out dish.

My happy face when leaving. Night Kitchen is open every day from 5pm. Can’t wait to go there again, so much I want to try, the cocktails for example. Yesterday was a night for wine and shots only.


Cuglieri, Sardinia, Italy

September 24, 2019

I have spent a few days in Cuglieri, a village on the island of Sardinia, Italy. Johan’s parents had reasons to celebrate and invited us to join them there and I will be forever thankful for this. Cuglieri is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been and I can’t wait to go back again. This dog became our friend and I will show you more of him soon.

We stayed in a beautiful house with a terrace overlooking the village and created memories that will last for life. Johan and I got up early in the mornings to have coffee in one of the local bars, watch Italian game shows and walk around.

I want to go back there during the Winter and work on a project for a month or so, together with Johan. Not this Winter, but maybe in the future?

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Visiting Friends: Tucker

September 5, 2019

Continuing the Visiting Friends series, let me introduce Tucker Brunch Bar. Located in Friedrichshain on Wühlischstrasse 1, my friends Rafa and Simone opened this pretty place earlier this Summer. They are serious about their menu (which I helped design together with Johan who made the beautiful logotype) and serve super tasty brunches. And cocktails. And coffee. What more do you need?

Love that they aren’t afraid of colour. I heard rumours about this wall being decorated with some art piece, looking forward to seeing it.

I think we managed to catch the spirit of Tucker on the menu design.

Went there for some brunch on Monday with Johan, I had the toasted sourdough with avocado, poached egg, feta cheese & salad. Delicious.

Simone, such a sweetheart.

Johan had this amazingly beautiful bowl, can’t get over the colours. And papadam, yum.

Great to have a proper Brunch Bar in the neighbourhood, serving boozy drinks all day if you’re up for some daytime drinking.



September 3, 2019

Hi there, it’s been a month since I checked in here. Don’t think I ever took a blog break that long before? Johan and I have been together for 14 years on this day. My facebook memories showed me our celebrations 7 years ago and it hit me how it feels like time has been standing still since then. Time to do something about it.

We celebrated with coffee and doing the laundry. Sounds super boring, but it’s a way of marking that we’re going to become better at living the every day life, because we both love it and it’s time to focus on our home – to make it a more beautiful place where we like to be. I get so easily distracted as soon as I step out of the house, so I need to make home a place I want to go back to.

So, what happened to August? I took care of sick friends, went out dancing, started working on the new Wrist Worms collection which I will release hopefully at the end of this month. And September? Focus on myself cause I almost crashed after forgetting about myself in August (started fasting today, always helps), work, take a week off and spend it with Johan’s family, work more and read books again. Create something new for sure. Talk soon!


Welcome to LLA

August 3, 2019

Welcome to LLA. That’s the airport code for Luleå Airport. Let me take you down memory lane. This is the beach where we used to swim as kids. Munkeberg and Mjölkudden. In English: Monk’s Mountain and Cape of Milk.

Along the beach, we used to be forced to go running at gym class. Orienteering, my sister always cheated – I never did. We stamped a used napkin to celebrate that I’m not a good girl anymore and would cheat if I could go back in time.

Welcome to Tuna. One of the hoods where we grew up. This was the dangerous area apparently. I was always told not to go there as a kid, funny that I now choose to live in one of the most “criminal” streets of Berlin. Fear is not an option after growing up being afraid of everything. Mum showed us the place where a flasher showed me and her his dick when I was 2.

The old lockers at our old school, the School of Tuna. I wonder if I know anyone who was happy going to school at this time of their lives? Age 14-16. Don’t know how often I have nightmares about being back here.

Where the container used to be, the one we found so much stuff in. Still have some left.

We moved around a lot, this is where we lived when my sister was cut out of our mum. So much action going on in this building through the years.

All those memories made us end up at our childhood pizzeria, which looked exactly the same.

We ordered the La Bussola of course, it’s the one our mum always ordered. I always had the Capricciosa and my sister got the Vesuvio. Yum.

The 84, the last and 6th flat we lived in before moving into the center of LLA City. My memories from those places are so crystal clear that it’s creepy, most of my friends from that time tell me they hardly remember anything. How about your memories from your teens?


Back in Berlin

July 29, 2019

Since I’m back home, I’ve been quite busy with visitors, catching up with friends and helping Johan with some of his projects – last week was a lot about Bite Club. Was fun and intense.

This was the location where we worked on Friday, preparing for Bite Club taking place in the afternoon and evening. Had so much fun, got to eat a lot of super tasty food and ended up on a guestlist in a club, so we went dancing until it was daylight again. Didn’t have time to go for a swim at the Badeschiff this time, though, but was happy to just have this view during the day. I have been taking so many pictures during this month, it’s been a beautiful and exciting July full of adventures.

Now I’m going to spend 6 weeks working as much as I can, need to focus and get back into my daily routines, otherwise I know from experience that I won’t be feeling good. Hopefully this will motivate me to blog more again, I tend to forget about it as soon as there’s too much other stuff going on. Could go on about my thoughts about blogging for ever, but instead I’ll shut up and post here again soon. How have you been?

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The old country

July 23, 2019

At the start of this month, Johan and I went back to Sweden to meet up with his parents and Nestor up in the north. This picture of Elvis is from one evening when he went swimming in the sea, while Nestor was barking at him wanting to do what Elvis was doing, but he didn’t really know how to I guess. Johan filmed everything, I hope he will post it on his instagram, it’s so sweet.

Anyway. When the 6 planned days up north had passed, I was sitting in my mum’s kitchen and we were 10 minutes away from going to the airport to go back to Berlin and talking about when we would see each other again. I looked at Elvis, my mum and Thomas with tears in my eyes, Johan looked at me and said Sandra, you should stay. So true, why sit in their kitchen and already plan the next visit when already there? So I stayed for a bit more than a week to just take it easy, spend time with my sister, her kids and boyfriend, bicycle around my old hometown for the first time in 20 years, walking slowly down the streets and get a little bit of their everyday life in my life again. So happy to have so much love up there, I sometimes wonder what I’m doing in Berlin, but this is where my life is – there are reasons why I left Luleå 20 years ago and as much as I love to visit, it’s not my chosen place to live.

Hope to see them again soon.

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Gyllene Ollonet

July 1, 2019

This is a thing I saw my entire childhood and youth. From the airplane, from the streets far away. Never knew what it was, we just called it the Golden Knob. Apparently it’s a radiolocator from before I was born, located at the highest mountain in the Luleå area, in a village called Måttsund. This is also where I learned to go downhill skiing. Learned is a very optimistic word though.

This evening was the first time I went back after my last time trying to go downhill skiing when I was 20. I suck at downhill skiing, because I have no balance, I’m afraid of heights and my knees are weak. But I’m stubborn, so I tried a few times for a few years. In the beginning, I didn’t know how to break, so I just sat down on my butt until I stopped. The guys passing by in the ski lift were screaming GAME OVER to me every time. Oh well.

Elvis started walking down immediately, looking like a little mountain cow.

Hey, old man, no walking down!

So beautiful to see this place in the Summer, only seen it close up covered in snow before.

Thomas wanted to show us the surroundings of Måttsund where his family comes from, so we ended up at this pond.

So clear.

I know I say it more and more often, but Sweden is becoming so exotic to me. I start to see my old country with the eyes of a foreigner.

Deep breath. I go back again tomorrow to enjoy the fresh air, hopefully shoot more pictures and spend time with Elvis and…! You know what?! NESTOR is going to be there as well. My in-laws haven’t been up north since 2008 and it will be so amazing to hang out there together. Gonna try and snap a picture of Elvis and Nestor together, fingers crossed they will like each other.

Ps. I’m much better now after the accident, no broken ribs it seems, just very bruised on my legs and still in pain. Been sleeping more than ever, crazy how much energy it takes for the body to heal.

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An evening by the Luleå River

June 29, 2019

On a sunny, chilly Sunday evening in Luleå, we took the car to go to Laxfiskemuseet (the Museum of Salmon Fishing) right outside of Luleå town.

This bridge, Gäddviksbron, was finished in 1941, super narrow and beautiful. I’m not driving a car very often, so I do get a bit nervous if I meet a truck while in the middle of the bridge.

This is a sad story about Sweden. People tend to destroy things as soon as they have some alcohol in their system, a lot of frustration going on. I’m not saying this goes for every Swede, but it’s unfortunately pretty common. Those chairs used to be placed in the red hut together with a large table, for people to throw dinners instead of throwing chairs into the river. The freedom to roam can be translated in different ways, I guess.

Look at Elvis and Johan having a conversation. I guess he wants…

…this. No, Elvis, it’s a sourcream and onion version, not for you. Your stomach would give us a bad review.

This is the room where the table and chairs used to be. Imagine a cozy dinner with candles and then a dip in the river. Maybe a picnic on the floor next time instead?

We started to get a bit cold, so we jumped into the Volvo for more adventures.