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Kitchen’s new outfit

March 15, 2018

This blog post is a collaboration with Photowall

When Swedish company Photowall contacted me to hear if I was interested in collaborating with them, I said yes in a second after seeing the Flora Hysterica designed by Swedish Martin Bergström. Had been thinking of doing something about this kitchen wall for quite some time and seeing the colours of the wallpaper I chose, I immediately knew it would look great on this wall and make the teak dining table look fresh again. They go so well together, don’t they?

I asked Johan if he wanted to help me put up the wallpaper, which he happily did (thank you!). It took us about 3 hours to finish the whole wall, the wallpaper is super simple to put up. You glue straight on the wall, then you just have to make sure the wallpaper is put up straight and then you continue with the rest of the pieces.

The wallpaper is pretty thick, so we didn’t have to prepare the wall beforehand, which is quite a luxury – no dust from putty etc.

Our house was built in 1900 in Jugendstil/Art Nouveau and I think this wallpaper goes so well with this style; it’s like an updated and modern version of the old style with its floral elements and colours. There are so many different things to look at, so many layers, bringing me out in the deep space or the deep sea. Here is a short clip if you’re curious about how the design was made by Martin Bergström.

Here is a before and an after picture, it’s much cozier to hang out at the dining table now.

I’m very happy with the result and the quality of the paper (as well as the print’s resolution) and so happy to finally share this with you! This project makes me want to do more things to improve this place I’ve been calling home for so many years now (never lived this long in one place before). It’s about time to give it some more love again – during my time being sick everything went from homey to disaster and this change in the kitchen is a great inspiration for me (us) to continue. Hope you’re inspired as well!

Thank you, Photowall, for this lovely collaboration!

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The last March in Gothenburg

March 15, 2018

Yesterday when I linked to a picture of my sofa, I got nostalgic and thought it would be fun to go through old pictures from Gothenburg. Decided to start with my last March there. Hey! I took so many pictures back then! And I did so many different things. This picture is from outside of my studio, which I had for a year.

Here is the rose my neighbour and friend Jona planted for me. It was the only plant that survived the move to Berlin (I brought it with me on the airplane). This winter it decided to die, but I’ve kept it in case it all of a sudden wants to start living again. RIP Jona, a dear friend who passed away some years ago.

7 years ago. I look so young. I was. Especially on the inside.

One of my favourite places when I lived in Gothenburg!

I liked to sit there and have a glass of red wine and people watch. And meet up with friends.

Very typical picture of March in Majorna/Kungsladugård, the area I lived in my last years in Gothenburg. I loved it there, had asshole neighbours though, so at home I didn’t feel well all the time.

Johan and I used to eat really great breakfasts on the weekends. He had a job at an office, so we had a common people (haha) routine. Sometimes I miss that routine, now we work almost every day. BUT the freedom we have now when it comes to planning our own time almost always beats having a steady income.

Our Gothenburg flat was tiny, 34 square meters. This is all of it (and a bathroom to the left in the hallway).

This is Johan on his 28th birthday. Next week he’ll be 35.

We celebrated him in our tiny and very homey kitchen.


One of our lunch dates in Linné, the area Johan worked in at the time. Shrimp salad.

Was working on images for a book called Sundays are for Lovers.

Had a date with Johan at our favourite pub The Red Lion, where many of our life decisions were made.

Took a lot of pictures like this on my way to the studio.

My Korean friend Min invited me over for my most exotic meal ever so far. Min was such a sweet friend, I miss her dearly, she also passed away a few years ago.

Hello youngster!

Johan and I were out drinking coffee a lot in Gothenburg. I must have been one of the first people online being so obsessed with taking pictures of coffee and posting them on my blog.

This is Bar Centro, my number 1 favourite place for coffee when I lived in Gothenburg.

Passing through the area Haga on our way homewards. There are some nice antique stores there.

Pit stop at Café Publik, also one of my favourite places back then.

I don’t remember when we really decided it was time to move to Berlin. Not when I saw this sticker, Better in Berlin, that March I guess. But we were talking about it all the time. It might have been when Johan quit his office job later that year.

One day Johan came home with a salmon on his shoulder. I remember laughing a lot seeing him through the kitchen window.

Looks like I wasn’t working, but I was. A lot. Making Wrist Worms, selling my prints, making Neck Worms, collaborating with magazines etc.

This was my studio. Didn’t work a lot there though, I think I made it too proper.

Found this little table (not really a table, but don’t know what it’s called) in a shop, took off the shelf thing and painted it white. It’s in our Berlin hallway now.


That tiny place. We made it so beautiful and we managed to live there together for 5 years without going crazy with each other. That must be love.

Made some sushi and brought with me for lunch in the studio.

Had breakfast with my friend Elisabeth in Haga one morning.

The March light is one of my favourites.

Hello doggos!

Johan was baking a lot of pizza, yesterday he mentioned he will start again. Fingers crossed!

I took a picture of all my polaroids. Many of them are quite nice. Should do something with them.

What it usually looked like in the kitchen. We were hanging out there a lot, cooking, eating, listening to music and drinking nice wines.

I don’t remember it looking this minimalist. Must have been doing some changes?

The bathroom, i loved it!

Was making my own granola which I ate every day when I came back from swimming.

I had a 6 month membership at Hagabadet, the early morning pass when I had the pool almost to myself most of the time. I miss swimming. Need to find a place where I can swim without bothering other people with my fast swimming. This picture shows our grocery store.

The trams in Gothenburg were old and very beautiful. I wonder if they are still in traffic.

Johan was making his Sailors and we ate lots of eggs.

Found this table for like €25 in a second hand shop. I still love it!

Had coffee with Camilla and Morran (RIP). Here we were at our mutual favourite at the time, Doppio in Linné.

Johan and I seldom only had one coffee stop when we hit town, we did our traditional coffee tours and stopped at 2-3 places. This is at Bar Centro in the city center.

The year was 2010.

This must be my longest blog post ever. Did you enjoy it? Should I do something similar again? I’d love to hear your opinion!

This afternoon I’ll post something I feel really excited about! See you.
Sandra x

Berlin, Friedrichshain

Play day

March 14, 2018

Yesterday this lady came running up the stairs like a sky rocket and flew into the studio to greet Johan (she’s in love with him). He had a glass of coffee in his hand and her excitement was too strong to care, so she managed to make a fountain of coffee all over herself, Johan and the sofa. The poor sofa has seen better days, wish I could afford to bring it to an upholsterer.

So, Peps was very tired and decided to sleep when I said no to Pelotita (ball in Spanish). After a few hours I looked at her and said Ska vi gå ut? (Shall we go out? in Swedish) and she started jumping like a freak. We went to Boxi to play with the pelotita and she was being chased by a huge white fluffy dog, barking at her like a maniac. There you go, Peps, for barking at other dogs yourself!

She’s a very fast runner and got super tired. And hungry, so we went to the butcher to have wiener together.

Forever thank you to Fiona for having this beautiful creature to share with other people. I wish I could have her more often, but I’ve noticed that as soon as Peps steps into the house, I’m not getting much done work-wise. I thought this only happened with humans, hence why I always have been working on my own from home most of the time. I have the (obviously very) annoying feature of always wanting to speak to people (and dogs) if they are in the same room. This drives Johan crazy since he started working in the same room as me and I’m slowly trying to learn to be quiet, but it’s difficult. Already in design university, I decided not to be there while working on tasks – instead I isolated myself at home not to disturb other people. That way I didn’t disturb myself as much either. I guess I don’t see the point in being around other people, if we don’t interact. That’s probably why I always say no to watching movies with friends. Maybe it goes together with me really liking to do things alone? And when I meet people, I prefer to just sit down and talk about more or less important things. Drink something, maybe eat something together. Going to the cinema, clubbing, taking a walk, visiting an exhibition, going to a concert, traveling – all of that I prefer to do with Johan or on my own. Do you recognize yourself in what I’m telling? Probably you do if you’re more introverted than extroverted? Being more of an introvert doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re quiet mostly, obviously.

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Sun, Spring & Sale

March 12, 2018

It’s been crazy cold until recently and I took my camera out for a job.

This wonderful and horrible and beautiful and brutal street. Always filled with action.

My mum always finds money on the street, I almost never do because I’m too busy looking up. Glad I saw this clock.

Berlin is finally milder. I’ve been walking around in thick mittens, too cold to take up my phone to take pictures. Now I feel stylish again wearing Wrist Worms, it’s time to celebrate Spring arriving with a DISCOUNT! You get 20% off with code SPRING18 on these Wrist Worms this week.

Also, congrats to Miriam in Ireland & Sarah in Slovenia who won the Give Away. Thank you all for participating, it’s been a pleasure reading your comments. You are all such kind people and it’s good to have you here.

Happy new week! On Thursday I will show you something I’m really excited about.

Food, Home

In the kitchen

March 10, 2018

Last night I made a dough and when I woke up this morning, I heated up the oven and 45 minutes later I had very tasty bread to eat with my coffee.

For dinner I had leftovers of food I cooked on Thursday evening. Rice with a stew made of coconut milk, canned tomatoes, zucchini, chickpeas, leek, pak choy, garlic, chili flakes, rice vinegar, ginger powder, cumin, salt, pepper and some sambal oelek. Found this bowl (4 of them) on the street earlier today. Have been looking for big ones, deep enough to fit noodle soups and BAM! There they were, thank you whoever left them there. I love that about Berlin, I find good stuff on the street several times a month. Sometimes even books in Swedish, yay!

Don’t forget about the Give Away (until tomorrow, Sunday, noon Berlin time). It’s such a pleasure to read your comments, inspiring! Thank you!

Food, Home, Wrist Worms

Chard pasta

March 7, 2018

The other week I bought some really beautiful chard at the farmers’ market. Johan and I decided to make a pasta with it, together with the few things we already had at home:

Parmesan cheese
Olive oil
Black pepper
(and some pasta water at the end for the sauce)

A simple dish. I love simple pasta dishes with not too many ingredients. The chard gave the pasta a darker, beautiful colour. I think I could preach the importance of letting your pasta cook for a while in the sauce, every time I talk about pasta. Oh, I already talked about it, here.

A bonus picture to remind you of the Wrist Worms give away (read all about it there, and to make it clear: Only comments left in the comment field will be valid for the give away for me to pick the two random winners, thank you!).

Wrist Worms

Give away!

March 6, 2018

First give away since I moved to this space. Two pairs of Wrist Worms that I will give to two different winners, yay!

How do you enter the give away?

EDIT: Give Away is now closed!

Simply leave a comment on this blog post telling me what you look forward to the most this year.

The winners will be picked on Sunday this week (March 11), give away closes at noon Berlin time. Make sure to leave your correct email (will not be visible to anyone and I will never share it, promise!) and I will contact you. Two random winners will be picked and after I email you, please reply with which pair you’d want. Colour wise, the early bird catches the preferred colour of the Wrist Worms.

These two colours are special for this give away and are not available in the shop. They are super soft and 100% merino wool.

And what is my answer to the question above?
I’m looking forward to everyone who already plan to visit me and Berlin this year; like Johan’s parents, my friends from Gothenburg and my nieces. I live for this right now. Also I’m looking forward to pushing myself in other directions, like literally FORCE myself. On Thursday I’m going to do a job which I’ve been looking forward to sharing with you here, it will be presented next week, yay!

Berlin, Kreuzberg

Brrr… March

March 4, 2018

March started extremely cold and I brought myself and my camera for a walk to Kreuzberg to shoot pictures of food at a restaurant.

The good thing with freezing temperatures is that it’s sunny most of the time.

This Wagner sign is pretty new, right? I don’t remember seeing it back in the days. It’s a beauty.

How good looking are those?

Berlin in a nutshell.

Earlier this week, I decided to get addicted to a game, so I asked my friends about recommendations. Ended up with Two Dots. It’s fun, relaxing and contains a lot of beautiful illustrations. Do you have a favourite game on your phone? I also play Ruzzle while waiting to get new lives in Two Dots.

Wish you a beautiful Sunday!


Pictures and memories

February 28, 2018

Taking pictures isn’t just about clicking the shutter of the camera to me, obviously. It’s also bringing back old memories. And creates new ones. This picture will always remind me of the beautiful building behind me, casting its shadow on the building I took the picture of. I decided not to take a picture of that particular building, as I liked to remember it this way. As a shadow on another building. That’s how my existence feels sometimes, more and more lately. I need to do something about it. Is this a self portrait? Maybe, now that I think about it.

When I took this picture, I just took up my camera and clicked while thinking Am I not going to put more effort into this picture? No, I just want to post it on my blog and show Leipzig as it is at this moment.

This picture comes from thinking of Liivia’s blog and amazing pictures. Her blog is 1 of 4 blogs I follow these days, do you guys have any suggestions of blogs I could be interested in?

This street brought me back to Haga in Gothenburg. In my memory it looks like this, smaller though, on the side streets from the main street, when you walk towards Skansberget (can you believe I lived in Gothenburg for 12 years and haven’t been back since I moved, over 7 years ago?!). Those of you who know this area maybe see what I mean. The buildings in Leipzig are so heart achingly beautiful, can’t wait to go back when it’s less cold (it hasn’t been this cold here for 100 years) and discover more neighbourhoods and parks.

Stay warm, friends!
I’m procrastinating right now – today is the day when I have to do bookkeeping that I neglected when I was sick and I might have to investigate further what’s wrong with my blog, it’s been having a lot of downtime and taking up too much space on the servers of my web host and emailing with them doesn’t make me any wiser since I don’t speak programmer language and get exhausted reading FAQ’s about these things. But I’m a stubborn person, so hopefully it’ll work out.

Also, I write more here these days, do you like it or did you prefer when I was posting pictures mostly?


Colourful Leipzig

February 27, 2018

Sunny, freezing Leipzig on Friday. I started in the city center and took a street 4 kilometers south, before I turned and walked back. Happy making building!

Leipzig is so picturesque.

I moved into many places in my imagination.

And I definitely have a thing for run down buildings.

How I want to see this sign in action, must be hysterical.

I have some more pictures of Leipzig to share + some snaps from my friend’s restaurant, see you!