La Palma and fog

December 9, 2018

The first morning in La Palma, the Canary Islands, we went for a car ride in the mountains. The fog was amazing.

Stepped out of the car and was met by this beautiful fence.

It was a quite rainy day, still warm.

We headed over to the silk museum.

Silk, so much work put into it.

We found the place where Johan’s hair is made.

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Dinner in the salinas

December 4, 2018

On our first evening in La Palma, we drove down to El Jardín De La Sal to have a look at the “Salinas” (salt mines) and later on enjoy dinner at the restaurant. The sea. THE SEA!

Have you seen anything like this?

Being Swedish, I was pretty confused because every time I looked down, I thought I was standing on snow.

Johan fit in very well with his sweatshirt.

The sun set and we headed over to the restaurant El Jardín De La Sal.

This soup made of strawberries was super delicious. Topped with egg, never tried this combination before.

We also tried different flavoured salts.

There were lots of different dishes, this duck was so tender. And wine, of course. I’m so amazed when I get to visit local businesses with passionate people, the night ended with us all looking at the stars, the moon and the planet Saturn. I met so many nice people on this trip, heard so many beautiful stories, ate so well and really want to go back and stay a bit longer.

Wrist Worms

Holiday gift idea

December 1, 2018

Hi, taking a break from the summery pictures to post something to inspire you for the holidays. I created a discount code, 20% off on those Wrist Worms with code XMAS2018. Valid until next Sunday, December 9. How about giving someone warm hands?

When I stepped out of the house this morning to go to the supermarket and get groceries for a dinner I’m making tonight. Two friends coming over, can’t imagine a better Saturday night.

Coffee and wool.

An explosion of amaryllis in the kitchen.

Wrist Worms, since 2008. I wonder how many pairs I’ve made through the years… Thousands. So glad to know they are all over the world, keeping people warm. Thank you for your orders through the years, you’ve helped me getting food on the plate many times. Love to you all.

So, more pictures from the Canary Islands?


Welcome to La Palma

November 29, 2018

Last week, Johan and I stepped out of a plane in La Palma, Canary Islands. Emma, a German who grew up at La Palma, met us and showed us around before checking in at the hotel we were staying at for a couple of nights. It was called La Palma & Teneguía Princess and you see it at the bottom of this picture.

Emma took us to a café with this great view. La Palma’s beaches have black sand since it’s a volcano island. Do you see the banana farms?

We enjoyed coffee and I brought 2 disposable cameras with me, instead of my tired DSLR. Looking forward to seeing the result.

This was the view from our hotel room’s balcony. Felt unreal to be in this environment end of November. So warm and nice. Wish I would have had time to take a swim, but decided to stay on the balcony enjoying this:

Some local smoked goat cheese, beer, ham and the tastiest bananas I ever tried.

Thank you Volcanic Xperience & Turismo El Hierro for inviting us over. Have experienced so much amazing food, wine and nature. Will share more with you of course. Thanks for reading.


La Laguna

November 26, 2018

Hola! I’ve been away from Berlin for some days. Was invited to visit the Canary Islands (3 of them) and it’s been completely amazing. These pictures are from La Laguna, Tenerife, where we spent a few hours before heading back to Berlin two days ago. I don’t know where to start, I have so many stories I want to tell.

La Laguna is the oldest town in all of the Canary Islands. How beautiful is this building?

Johan was invited to join as well, check out his black & white pictures from the trip here.

I think it will be easier to survive the brutal Berlin Winter with a few sunny days now stored in my system.

The trip started at La Palma and then we headed over to El Hierro, an island I hadn’t heard of before. El Hierro blew my mind, can’t wait to share more with you. Have you been?


A quick hello

November 7, 2018

Hi dear friends,

Just wanted to check in and say hi, been trying to blog from my phone but somehow pictures won’t upload.

Looking forward to blogging again when possible.

Hope you’re all good <3

Sandra x


I went to Frankfurt

October 31, 2018

Hi! I spent my weekend in Frankfurt (am Main). Those of you who know Frankfurt might agree with me that these pictures don’t show the general image people have of this city. I could spent at least a week just walking around looking at buildings. It’s a city full of contrasts, both in very beautiful ways and in really horrible ways.

I quickly snapped this picture while Johan was making one of his frames for his Instagram account, because the Wrist Worms looked so good here. Today is the LAST DAY of the 20% discount in the shop. Use code OCT2018 on check-out if you want to save some money. Stay warm!

One of my favourite buildings in Frankfurt.
Mostly left my camera at the hotel room, but snapped quite a lot of pictures with my phone. Would you like to see more of Frankfurt?

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Last postcard from Sweden

October 28, 2018

When Johan’s parents visited us in March, they bought some potatoes for their garden and when we went there, we picked them up and Johan’s mum made dinner.

Yes, we don’t do much else but eat and drink when we’re together. And talk.

Some smetana, chips and roe as an appetizer. Yum!

And Nestor jumping up on the table all the time, he’s so quick!

The German potatoes with some Swedish chicken. That sauce, guys. I had a lot of it.

So this is it from our days in Sweden this Summer. Time to indulge in Autumn fully from now on here on my blog. Frankfurt pictures, anyone?

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Swedish countryside

October 27, 2018

Hi from Johan’s grandparents. We went there for a crayfish party with a bunch of Johan’s relatives. Aperol!

Hi again from Johan’s grandparents. This is a couple of days later, when Johan and I went up there to spend some time alone with them. They cooked fish that grandfather had caught. With browned butter, I love browned butter.

Grandmother is like Sandra, here’s your slice of lemon!. She’s such a sweetheart.

In the evening we took a ride in their forest to look for moose, we didn’t see any this time.

The next day we drove back to Johan’s parents and saw some cows.


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35 degrees Celcius

October 26, 2018

Johan and his dad watering the plants. Johan’s outfit makes everyone laugh?

This year we couldn’t be in the greenhouse as it was way too hot. Only on the last night, we spent a couple of hours there having cocktails.

Summer gives you so many options of where to enjoy food.

In the evening we had dinner on the terrace. Just some mushroom toasts and hummus, it was way too hot to eat something heavier after our moussaka feast earlier that day.


Was a lovely evening. I can’t wait to go visit Johan’s parents the next time, so happy we’re all such good friends.