A quick hello

November 7, 2018

Hi dear friends,

Just wanted to check in and say hi, been trying to blog from my phone but somehow pictures won’t upload.

Looking forward to blogging again when possible.

Hope you’re all good <3

Sandra x


I went to Frankfurt

October 31, 2018

Hi! I spent my weekend in Frankfurt (am Main). Those of you who know Frankfurt might agree with me that these pictures don’t show the general image people have of this city. I could spent at least a week just walking around looking at buildings. It’s a city full of contrasts, both in very beautiful ways and in really horrible ways.

I quickly snapped this picture while Johan was making one of his frames for his Instagram account, because the Wrist Worms looked so good here. Today is the LAST DAY of the 20% discount in the shop. Use code OCT2018 on check-out if you want to save some money. Stay warm!

One of my favourite buildings in Frankfurt.
Mostly left my camera at the hotel room, but snapped quite a lot of pictures with my phone. Would you like to see more of Frankfurt?

Food, Sweden

Last postcard from Sweden

October 28, 2018

When Johan’s parents visited us in March, they bought some potatoes for their garden and when we went there, we picked them up and Johan’s mum made dinner.

Yes, we don’t do much else but eat and drink when we’re together. And talk.

Some smetana, chips and roe as an appetizer. Yum!

And Nestor jumping up on the table all the time, he’s so quick!

The German potatoes with some Swedish chicken. That sauce, guys. I had a lot of it.

So this is it from our days in Sweden this Summer. Time to indulge in Autumn fully from now on here on my blog. Frankfurt pictures, anyone?

Food, Sweden

Swedish countryside

October 27, 2018

Hi from Johan’s grandparents. We went there for a crayfish party with a bunch of Johan’s relatives. Aperol!

Hi again from Johan’s grandparents. This is a couple of days later, when Johan and I went up there to spend some time alone with them. They cooked fish that grandfather had caught. With browned butter, I love browned butter.

Grandmother is like Sandra, here’s your slice of lemon!. She’s such a sweetheart.

In the evening we took a ride in their forest to look for moose, we didn’t see any this time.

The next day we drove back to Johan’s parents and saw some cows.


Food, Sweden

35 degrees Celcius

October 26, 2018

Johan and his dad watering the plants. Johan’s outfit makes everyone laugh?

This year we couldn’t be in the greenhouse as it was way too hot. Only on the last night, we spent a couple of hours there having cocktails.

Summer gives you so many options of where to enjoy food.

In the evening we had dinner on the terrace. Just some mushroom toasts and hummus, it was way too hot to eat something heavier after our moussaka feast earlier that day.


Was a lovely evening. I can’t wait to go visit Johan’s parents the next time, so happy we’re all such good friends.


Greece in Sweden

October 25, 2018

So, let’s go through the pictures I took while in Sweden at the end of July. I’m going to Frankfurt this weekend, so hopefully I’ll be back with a bunch of autumnal Frankfurt pictures after this Swedish Summer extravaganza that I will give to you until then.

Maria the chef aka my mother-in-law made moussaka on one of those hot hot days.

You see, even grapes were growing over there. We thought we were in Greece.

Berlin, Food, Neukölln, Restaurant

Gordon’s Journey

October 21, 2018

Last Sunday, I was invited to Gordon, modern Middle Eastern cuisine. I brought Johan as my plus one.

We got a glass of red wine while drooling over the menu. Some hummus and bread made it a bit easier as we had walked from Friedrichshain from Neukölln and were starving.

It was still very warm outside, and we sat at the open window.

When we couldn’t decide, our super nice hostess for the night, Tania, proposed we should go for the full menu, the Gordon’s Journey, and so we did. This was the third dish coming in, Baked Aubergine. It melted in our mouths. The chef has put a lot of effort into making each dish an explosion of flavours. Everything was so balanced and well cooked.

The music was really really good as well.

This pretty simple looking dish blew our minds, the simple combo of pickles and the flakey bread was a sensation.

I’m a big fan of Jerusalem artichoke and this puree went very well with the mixed mushrooms. It’s the season, right?

The interior is very contemporary and I like the chilled vibe.

Another one of the dishes (I don’t post all of them, want to leave you some surprises if you decide to go), the sea bass. It’s rare to get good fish in Berlin, so this made me extra happy.

Dessert was included in the menu and even though I was super full, I managed to eat this (and I never order dessert) because it was simply super delicious. What you see to the right is a deconstructed cheesecake, beautiful isn’t it?

A cocktail, a nice chat and it was time to head back to Friedrichshain to meet a good friend who was moving back to her home country Portugal. What a night!

Thanks so much for having us, Gordon. Looking forward to the next time already.

Beanies, Wrist Worms

Me & my wool

October 19, 2018

Hi! I don’t know when I showed my face here the last time? Here I am wearing one of the new beanies I just listed in the shop. I think I will make one this colour for myself. Also wearing the leather brown pair of Wrist Worms, they and most of the other WWs are ON SALE until October 31, use code OCT2018 for a 20% discount.

Some of the beanies available in the shop. They are made with a super cozy yarn containing 65% wool & 35% alpaca. Hope you will like them.

I ship worldwide.

Thank you so much for your orders through the years.
Lots of love,

Berlin, Lichtenberg


October 19, 2018

Hi there, some more pictures from the weekend. I love to walk to Kaskelkiez, Victoriastadt, Lichtenberg. Beautiful buildings and it’s super calm over there. Like a hidden island of beautiful architecture.

Been working so much and meeting friends so much, that I ended up not knowing to who I said what, so right now I’m doing a fast. It makes my brain crystal clear (I wrote pretty much about it here the first time I did it). Ended up not sleeping much last night, as my brain was busy sorting things.

Stumbled upon this sofa, which had a print I really liked.

Today I will take pictures of a bunch of new beanies for the shop and I will also make a Wrist Worms sale throughout the rest of October (20% discount). Will let you know when everything is up!

It’s Friday, what are you doing this weekend?
I will work, take walks, hopefully meet my friend Paola, spend time with Peps (we just came in from playing with her ball) and have my first meal in 4 days on Sunday evening. I have pictures of a great meal to show you, which I was invited to last Sunday at a very nice restaurant.

OK, talk soon!


Golden weekend

October 14, 2018

Hi, how was your week? Mine was very busy visiting the Bar Convent Berlin (convention in English) and working there one day taking pictures. Been spending the days going through pictures and doing some editing. And admiring the amazing Fall with Summer temperatures.

Spot the dog.

When I’m done with the editing, I’m going to focus on the Wrist Worms again – the season is here, yay!

Spot the pig.

Pictures from yesterday when I took a long walk on my own. I borrowed a camera from a friend since my own hardly works anymore. Tomorrow I’ll give it back and I have to tell you – it was fun taking pictures again. I shot 300+ yesterday, hasn’t happened in years. Fascinating how my crochet hook will never stop working (unless I lose it) – it’s as old as my computer and camera which both need replacements very very soon. What’s your favourite work tool? Right now I go for my crochet hook.

Hope you’re having a nice weekend. I’m going to drink coffee, work, maybe meet a friend and then in the evening, I’m invited to a restaurant in Neukölln, which I look forward to visiting.