I went to Brabant, Oisterwijk

May 23, 2018

This blog post is a collaboration with Visit Brabant

After the adventures in Heusden, Johan and I jumped into the car and drove to Oisterwijk and checked in at Hotel de Leijhof (they had upgraded us to their signature suite, thank you so much!). Restaurant the George invited us for dinner and Dylan the Chef showed us the wonderful greenhouse filled with herbs etc.

The restaurant had recently opened and every detail was well taken care of.

The start of the food adventure.

Dylan explaining something to Johan. People who are passionate about what they do – I admire them so much!

Different creations landed on our table, so much work put in to this as you can see. And super delicious.

The restaurant has an open kitchen, so we were entertained for sure. The sommelier took good care of our glasses as well.

The colours. Are you licking your screens now?

Someone said lobster?

This was for sure one of the most spectacular meals I have had so far in my life. Thank you Dylan and everyone else for having us.

If you’re in the area, make sure to stop by Restaurant the George.

Johan made a little film about this as well, check it out!

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A Tuesday with friends

May 23, 2018

Yesterday was as beautiful as this poppy.

Johan and I had a lunch date at Hangmee with our Finnish friends Roy & Noora.

Those people!

And this food! Could eat it every day.

On a dark Winter night in 2016 I was sitting in a bar and Roy showed up, we instantly liked each other. In May last year, he was taking a nap while visiting Berlin and he had never met Johan. When it was time for Roy to end his nap, Johan got the job to wake him up. Roy came to me and said Sandra, an angel woke me up. Since then they are friends.

This lady!

After lunch, we went for ice cream at Chipi Chipi Bombón. I had dulce de leche with chocolate. Johan had mate.

For €3 you can try 6 different flavours.


Went home and worked a few hours and then we met again at Cassiopeia for beers and more friends.


I went to Brabant, Heusden

May 22, 2018

This blog post is a collaboration with Visit Brabant

When Visit Brabant invited me to come for a visit in the region Brabant in The Netherlands, I said yes immediately. I had never been to The Netherlands before (!) and we started with a visit in Heusden where we had lunch in the grey building and later on a wine tasting in the bright, tall brick building.

We had a beautiful table set for us on our arrival in the VaNDijK Restaurant & Kookstudio.

Shared an amazing meal of small dishes together with Justine and her daughter and they presented the rest of our weekend for us. Exciting program, which I will share in three blog posts.

Everything was very fresh and tasty. Especially the tuna. Thank you for having us!

After lunch, Harrie the guide took us around this beautiful little town.

I must admit, I’ve been blown away by this country. The architecture and the details are heaven for a person like me, who could walk around different cities my entire life just to look at buildings.

Roses everywhere you go in this country.

And cats!

I could show you millions of pictures like this, but it’s better if you go there to look at the buildings yourselves, right?

After the tour around town, we went to a wine tasting at Heeren van Heusden, located in a very beautiful old building.

I had never been to a proper wine tasting before and learned a lot, and tasted many great wines. Thanks for all the new knowledge, Annela!

After the wine tasting it was time to head over to the next event, which I will show you tomorrow.

Before leaving, we took a stroll around Heusden and looked at all the beautiful buildings and signs. I can’t wait to go back to this area called Brabant and you know what? I’m going back already first weekend of June, yay!

Johan made a beautiful little film about this, check it out!


In another country

May 19, 2018

When this post is being published, I have landed in Holland and I’m writing this with Vorfreude (my favourite German word, means anticipation). Visit Brabant has invited me over for a surprise weekend and I plan to come back with lots of pictures to show you. During this weekend you can follow me around on my instagram.

I have never been to Holland before (apart from the airport in 2012, but that doesn’t count) and I’m super excited, because I have a feeling I will like it a lot. Come on, it’s a cheese country! And my ancestors on my father’s side come from this area. And it’s close to the sea (seafood?!). Bringing my 3 cameras and a beautiful man. See you on Monday!

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20 years of blogging

May 18, 2018

Yesterday Johan and I went to Strausberger Platz at Karl-Marx-Allee to shoot pictures for this Instagram post. Johan shooting pictures of me shooting pictures. This is how I work.

This camera, I love it so much. Will make sure to bring it out more often, for example this weekend when I go away. I will actually go somewhere where my ancestors come from.

I’ve been working a lot this week and have started to make plans on how I want to develop this blog into something more and bigger. I’ve been thinking a lot about what kinds of blog I like to read myself and realized I love stories, personal ones and getting to know the person behind the blog because that’s what makes a blog unique in the big buzz of what the Internet is like these days. In the Summer 1998, 20 years ago, when I started blogging, it was a unique thing and also something people found a bit odd.

So, I have decided to not be shy about sharing more about myself, both with words and in pictures. I want to share more tips on places to go (especially in Berlin), which is something I have started doing this year as you might have noticed. This has been a smaller part of my job for such a long time and I want to make it a bigger part now, kind of like a small magazine with different topics. Like the blog already is, but more frequent and with more content. Hope you’d like to join me.

Johan took the pictures. The dress is from Monki.

Berlin, Friedrichshain

Plans for the week

May 14, 2018

Hello, Monday!

Today is the start of a week I’ve been looking forward to, especially the weekend. I’m going away! To a country I’ve never been before, it’s across the border from Germany and I’m excited. Can’t wait to bring my camera and take pictures of something that feels new and different. And share with you, about time right?

So today, it’s work and then I’m going to meet friends in the evening. Tomorrow I’m going to do some shopping (tights, bra, lipstick). One of those days Johan will cut my hair. Wednesday or Thursday we will get up early in the morning to take pictures of me for a job, Johan will be in charge of the camera and I’m excited to see the results because I’m not used to getting my picture taken. Work work work every day of course (everything is not scheduled yet, so I take it as it comes) and Friday hopefully meet Maja quickly and go to bed early, because Saturday I’m flying away very early in the morning to come back around midnight the next day.

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May 13, 2018

More and more food stalls are popping up down at the RAW area in Friedrichshain, gotta try soon.

My friends love to hang out at the Schalander Biergarten so I passed by for a beer and to say hi. This place is brewing their own beer and the inside has a great scent from their Flammkuchen (Tarte Flambée). My favourite beer gardens in the area are Bierhof Rüdersdorf and…

Urban Spree though. Creative space and music.

A Twin Peaks backpack.

It’s Sunday and I’m going to continue being the whirlwind I started being yesterday. Going through every corner of this flat to rearrange and get rid of stuff. Broken stuff, broken clothes, broken hearts.

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May 11, 2018

Two days ago was our wedding anniversary and I texted Johan Let’s meet at Cozys for a celebratory coffee! So we did. Roland didn’t think it was enough to just celebrate with coffee, so he gave us Pasteis de Nata and a mountain of pancakes.

My pain had gone away, it was intense and luckily quick, so I put on the new tunic I bought last Friday at Monki and went over to Monkey Bar to hang out with Fiona, Peps and Céleste.

Hi! And hi!

Peps and Céleste left, hunger came and we went to The Butcher at Kantstrasse. Inspires people to read obvs.

Yesterday was bank holiday and we went out for pizza with Johan before heading to Kreuzberg to pick up Peps.

We went to Viktoriapark for some nature and to dip our feet.

Kreuzberg, you’re beautiful.

Getting ready now to go to Kantstrasse for Hunan food with Johan, time for us to celebrate our anniversary more. Thank you all for your concern on my previous post and for saying hi, it’s good to know you’re there 🙂

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A Tuesday of planning and preparing

May 8, 2018

Yesterday I got a very strange pain in my leg and could hardly walk. I think I’ve been over doing my walking during April (over 10 kilometers a day), sometimes with heavy shoes and a heavy bag. Need to take it a bit easier, I think. While trying to stretch today, something happened to my back. Time to go back to swimming. Is this what it’s like to get closer to 40? Anyway, this blog isn’t going to be a blog about sickness and pain. Though I do like to share those bits and pieces too, because it’s life.

Had to reschedule my plans I wrote about yesterday. The wedding anniversary (9 years!) lunch will happen on Friday instead, as tomorrow I have to spend the whole day on a job which will be super fun to do, but I will have to put extra hours into it since I can’t move as fast as I want to. Been kind of laughing about this pain, because it came pretty soon after I had written about how grateful I am for feeling better. Life. Balance. The unexpected.

Peps is here to spend the night and I’ll soon go out to get her food and myself groceries for tomorrow’s job. Will show you on my instagram in a few days.

Hope you’re all feeling good! I haven’t heard from any of you in a long time, so it feels a bit like I’m writing just for myself right now. How are you?

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An unusual Monday

May 7, 2018

Hi! It’s Monday and I started mine in the most luxurious way – I met friends. First I picked up Peps, we went to Boxi to play and smell the lilacs.

Then we hooked up with Johan & Maria, who’s visiting from Finland, for lunch at Hangmee. The place is very very yellow, so it’s pretty difficult to get the colours right as you might see. Can assure you it was delicious.

Peps hanging out at Happy Baristas.

We went there for some nitro coffee and Helmi joined us as well. What a beautiful way to start the new week.

This week has a full schedule; we have more visitors to see, our 9th wedding anniversary to celebrate on Wednesday (going to re-visit a Chinese restaurant where I had one of the most delicious meals in a long time), Peps will join us and she’s going to spend a couple of nights at our place, I’m going to do some photo shoots including styling for one client and also put myself on the other side of the camera for another client. A lot of things going on and I’m so grateful to myself for fighting my depression and to Johan who stayed with me during that horrible period of my life. One day I might tell you more about it, because if I can help at least one person in any way, I’d gladly do it. Opening up about it made others open up to me and I can assure you – so many people around us are or have been in the same situation. Let’s not be ashamed of it, let’s not be afraid to talk about it, right?

A lighter subject to end this blog post: Next weekend I’m going to visit a country I’ve never been to before, bringing my camera for sure.