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Hamburg, Part 1

January 16, 2018

Sandra, please come with me to Hamburg, we have free hotel with sauna! YES, FIONA! Sunday morning we jumped on a bus and a little more than 3 hours later we were in Hamburg.

The sun was shining all day long.

We stayed at this hotel, my friend Fiona works for the same company here in Berlin. As a bartender at Monkey Bar. The hotel was located pretty close to the Elbphilharmonie, a building I was curious to take a closer look at.

Sun sun sun!

We need seafood! So, we took the subway to:

Karofisch, which a few people had recommended to us.

Shared a plate of 5 different fish, some scampi, calamari and scallops. I have been missing seafood so much since moving away from Gothenburg. Gotta go back to Hamburg soon and have more.

Sunday was the greatest day so far this year, we did so many amazing things. Will show you more soon.

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Mist, dog, soup & wool

January 11, 2018

I used to visit Berlin mostly in Winter time before I moved here. Those grey, misty days are very special to me. I love those days the most, actually. They make me look forward to taking a long walk and discover a new to me café or bar, happily with Johan by my side.

Peps has been here every day this week, we’re having so much fun. Today we’ve been playing a lot.

This soup turned out so good. Chicken stock, whatever veggies I had in the fridge, thyme, chili flakes and creme fraiche. Added some dill as well. Afterwards I thought maybe saffron would be a good idea – next time!

Finished the wholesale order of 120 pairs of Wrist Worms. Now I have time to make more for the shop again – You can already order most colours. Give me a few days extra to finish making them and I’ll ship ASAP.

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First 2018 hello

January 9, 2018

Hey, there! Long time, no see. I’ve been so busy, I think more busy than in many years. So, I decided to neglect my computer and focus on making Wrist Worms for a big wholesale order. It’s been a lot of fun and I still have a bunch of pairs to make. Got these flowers for my birthday, from my sister and her family.

I like these three colours together. So much.

Apart from working a lot, I’ve been seeing this lady a lot. Lady Peps, 3 years old and one of the greatest doggos I know. She’s going to spend every evening here until the weekend.

Peps, her mama Fiona and I met at Boxi last Saturday for a plate of pelmeni and wareniki from the Russian guy on the Gärtnerstrasse side.

I look forward to ramble more on here later on, I think 2018 is going to be a good year. It has to.
Happy New Year 🙂



December 20, 2017

Let me give you some snow in time for the Holidays, from last week in Luleå, Sweden.

This building is just meant to go down hill skiing, isn’t it? Someone already did.

Got a day (2 hours) of sunlight when I was there.

This is Maja, my brother-in-law’s new car from early 80’s. We went out cruising listening to Modern Talking.

I’ll talk to you soon.
Right now I’m working on an order of 120 pairs of Wrist Worms for Lecodeh in South Korea. We’re doing a very nice collaboration together. Crochet machine Juto. Did you know there are no machines for crochet, only knitting. That’s what makes crochet so special and why you shouldn’t buy cheap crochet made things, because that means someone is working under very bad conditions.

Sweden, Wrist Worms

Two Wrist Worms fans

December 18, 2017

My nieces have been wearing Wrist Worms since they were small kids. I’m so happy they love them!

We went out for a snowball fight when it was warm enough to make snowballs.

And then back inside again to warm us up with some coffee, tea and sweets.

There are still many available Wrist Worms in the shop. They make a great gift, I ship on the same day as you place your order. Thank you!


Some of the greatest days of my life

December 17, 2017

I went to visit my family for some days and got back home earlier this week. Came home to massive amounts of work, cooking and celebrations. This is the first time I’m sitting down at the computer. Last Saturday we had some Xmas celebrations and made lots of sweets and food.

My mum and her boyfriend’s house is filled with record players and vinyl records and we were listening to a lot of music. A Pet Shop Boys album was missing in their collection, so I gave them Introspective.

Most of the days were cloudy (except for one, I’m going to show you how beautiful it was) and this was the brightest it got, for about 2 hours. Omg. Anyway, I had some of the greatest days of my life so far. My dad was cooking for us one evening and it was so tasty (traditional meat soup and blood dumplings, I know it might sound horrible, but for me it’s childhood), I had a lot of cured salmon and so many hugs.

Mum baked a soft gingerbread cake which we ate with lingonberries and cream.

When I came home a friend of mine looked at me and said Sandra, you look so happy.
Life is getting back on track, on Friday I turned 39 and I plan to be repaired before 40. They say life is on top between 40 and 50. Bring it on!

Analog, Sweden

Treasures of Adolf’s house

December 11, 2017

This bottle is one of the things I have from Adolf’s house.

As well as this calendar, from the day when Adolf moved out, into an apartment in a nearby village. It’s hanging in our bedroom now.

Colour love.

I love how he decorated with clothes tags pinned on the wall, next to one of the kitchen windows. My relatives have always been decorating in a pretty special way, my father is the greatest example.

Tomorrow night I’m back from Sweden. Looking forward to sharing some of that with you.
See you soon!


In Luleå, Sweden

December 10, 2017

I’m in the town where I grew up, Luleå, right now. It’s up in the north of Sweden and this is a picture from last Christmas when I was visiting.

Happy to be able to be here for a few days to have some Christmas celebrations with my family. Going back home in a couple of days to celebrate my birthday (my last birthday before 40!) and then Christmas together with Johan and our Berlin family.

None of us is a believer, but the Christmas traditions stay. Imagine the joy it is in the north of Sweden, to light so many candles when it’s less than 4 hours of daylight 😉

Berlin, Friedrichshain


December 9, 2017

I’m on holiday for a few days, maybe those of you who follow me on instagram have seen that I’m in Sweden. This picture is from a shop window in Friedrichshain, Berlin, though because I’m not blogging while I’m away.

Today we’re baking and eating and having a small xmas celebration together at my mum’s house.

I will post pictures here from my time in Sweden when I’m back next week.

Wrist Worms are available and if you live in Germany, you can still be pretty sure they will arrive before the holidays 🙂

Analog, Sweden

In Adolf’s kitchen

December 8, 2017

The first time I took Johan to Adolf’s house, he left a mark with our names. And my dad’s name. By this time, the house had been empty for 16 years.

I remember stealing red currants from the bushes below this window, once Adolf caught me. He played angry, but I saw he was pretty amused.

The last time I went to his house, in 2010, I left these things as they were. They were too beautiful to touch. Now they burned down together with the rest of the house, so glad I have pictures of so many parts of the house. I sometimes imagine me and Johan living there, far away from everything. It’s good in my imagination, would never work in real life. I’m a city person.

Adolf grew up in this house, together with my grandfather and their 10 siblings. I would love to be able to travel in time and listen to all the crazy stories told around this table.