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Army of pink cats

February 19, 2019

Let’s look at some beautiful things I’ve seen around my neighbourhood lately. This sofa would look good in our studio.

Fell in love with this painting (wood cut?) by Uta Zaumseil and went to look at it at a gallery. Love the colours and movement. Bought the poster, yay.

Always loving the colours here, at Grünberger Strasse, Boxhagener Platz.

And this tree.

And an army of pink cats giving the world the finger. I feel a bit related to them these days. Have been reacting a lot with rage instead of sadness about injustice both in my personal life and in society lately. Rage is so much more productive than sadness. And trying to find the beauty in most things is very important for me. I will be sharing some beauty from my old country the next few days, interested?

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Name day

February 18, 2019

A peek into the kitchen, pictures of loved ones on the fridge.

Yesterday was my Swedish name day (Sandra, yes) and we went out for a coffee.

They called me Jessica for a little while before my mum stepped down her foot and said NO. Thank you, mum.

Don’t know what happens to the colours of my pictures when I upload them to my blog – this is way too yellow?! This cake has been whispering my name lately, but there is one chocolate mousse thing that screams my name. Haven’t tried any of them yet though. Later this year, when I’m in the mood for sweet things again (I wonder).

What a weekend weather-wise. Took a spin around Boxi for the fleamarket yesterday.

Then I went home to this fabulous view and made late lunch with Johan.

Stuff everywhere. Do you see the beautiful bowls to the left? A birthday present from these 2 amazing friends.

Pasta with mushrooms and pecorino. Ouch, so tasty but spent the rest of the day with belly ache from the food + marriage.

Found this sign in a thriftstore this morning. Love it, reminds me of the supermarkets as a kid, although they weren’t written in German in my childhood obvs. It means special offer.

Happy Monday, hope you’re all doing well.

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Kreuzberg café hopping

February 17, 2019

Wednesday morning, both Johan and I needed stuff from Modulor so we decided to walk there.

Coffee at Kaffee 9.

Love this place. I love that it’s spacious and has high ceilings, it gives you the feeling of being there all by yourself even if the place is full.

You can have cocktails there at the end of the week.

Not passing by Markthalle Neun without going inside.

Haven’t been inside this place for a few years, but remember they always have beautiful stuff. Hopefully I’m in the area when it’s open next time.

Fadeninsel is where I buy yarn. Great shop, great staff!

On the way back from Modulor I said Johan, let’s pass by Kottbusser Tor, there is a place I wanted to go for years, let me show you!

The place is Kremanski and we went inside because we saw our friend Tom working there now, yay.

Fell in love with the place immediately. Also spacious and high ceilings, danke schön.

We had double espresso. I just checked their Instagram – the food looks delicious.

How good looking is this menu? I want a Kotti Push Up. A few years ago we celebrated NYE with a brothel theme and my hooker name was Hotti from Kotti.

Passed by the Photoautomat at Kotti and found this guy.

Was a great morning. According to the health app on my phone, I have walked over 8 kilometers per day during February. Very good, since it’s the only excercise I get.

Guess the title of this blog post is lying a bit, café hopping in 2 cafés doesn’t count, right? Back in the days in Gothenburg, Johan and I used to easily go café hopping several times a month. Would be amazing to go back one day and visit the places which are still there (I heard my favourite yarn shop closed, oh no, it was the most beautiful yarn shop ever called Strikk). We did a stop over in Gothenburg airport after being in Sweden over the holidays, was a very short one, so didn’t make it into the city – would have been so weird to be back. Haven’t been back since we moved over 8 years ago and I lived there for 12 years, it’s the city where I became a grown-up, met Johan, started my Wrist Worms business and made plans to move to Berlin. I need to start new things again, start making new plans – it’s going to come with all the changes I’m doing in my life right now. Not planning to leave Berlin though, don’t worry. One thing at a time, all right, Sandra?

Berlin, Friedrichshain

Saturday market

February 16, 2019

Today, it peaked at +16 degrees and so sunny. Was a bit colder this morning when we went to the farmers market at Boxhagener Platz.

Looking forward to having more time at the market to shoot pictures of all my favourite stands and share with you. This is one of them.

The light. THE LIGHT.

Beautiful roses, right

Wax flowers, eucalyptus and thistle always look good together.

THE LIGHT. Screaming Juto. Went home and had coffee on the balcony for the first time this year, yay!

THE COLOURS. Green and pink together has always been one of my favourite colour combos. I remember when I was about 6 years old and I was drawing with my crayons and decided to draw a sweater with the colours yellow and purple, couldn’t stop staring at the colour combination – was completely mesmerized. Do you have a favourite colour combination to share? Would love to hear. Happy weekend! x

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Spring arrived on a Friday

February 16, 2019

Hola, Hallo, Hej, Hi und so weiter – Spring is here!

One of my all time favourite logotypes.

Gotta drink a Pago one of those days. They make me extremely nostalgic for year 2000 when I had just moved to Gothenburg, was into the mod scene and hung out with young girls who all had made out with Håkan Hellström. We had coffee/tea in different cafés and Pago was everywhere. Haven’t had one since then.

Can’t wait for Gimme Gelato to open again in a couple of weeks. Johan made this poster for the opening, you can see some of my pictures of the place here. The otter is so sweet. I’m dreaming of a sorbet made with maracuja (passion fruit), coriander & chili, imagine!

Stalking the tall blonde man.

Passing by Wollen on my way home, yarn looking like candy on the street.

Went home to work for some hours when my weather app told me it was +13 degrees and the sun was shouting my name. My head was also shouting Club Mate, so I went outside.

Walking towards the sun, I heard something sounding like a pig behind me. It continued and then I heard Saaaandra. My friend Johann (aka double-N) convinced me to go hang out in the Biergarten for a while.

When the sun started to set, it was time to go back inside and work.

Today is Saturday, do you know what that means? BOXI – The farmers market. Later this Spring I’m planning to do a blog post about my favourite stands over there, would that be fun?

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A couple of hours in Canada

February 15, 2019

Last year, I was invited to A taste of Devour at the Embassy of Canada and when they invited me again this year, I said yes. We were welcomed with some tasty bubbles.

And oysters, it’s such a rare happiness to get good oysters in Berlin, thank you for bringing them here!

Small snacks to enjoy.

Like blinis with goat’s cheese and cider jelly.

The jelly was made of this cider, Bulwark, which was very fresh and not too sweet. Love the design of the label.

Spent the evening with Johan.

And took this picture for my facebook page.

There were some delicious lobster rolls as well, the big plastic lobster has to represent them as I didn’t get a good picture of them.

Interesting light to shoot pictures of food in.

Guys, this wine. THIS WINE! One of the tastiest white wines I ever tried. Very rich in flavour

It was a very nice couple of hours spent at the Embassy of Canada, leaving Berlin for delicious food in another country like this is such a surreal and lovely experience. I have never been to the real Canada, so getting a peek into the country like this was great. Thank you for having us, Devour!


Potsdamer Strasse

February 15, 2019

The coat of arms of Warsaw at the subway station Warschauer Strasse (Warsaw Street).

We jumped on the U1 to go over to the Embassy of Canada, it was sunny and we decided to go a bit earlier to take a walk.

Always loved the view from the Oberbaum Brücke, but can’t say the new buildings added anything good to the view.

The details at the subway station Bülowstrasse are amazing. We took a walk down Potsdamer Strasse towards Potsdamer Platz, where the Embassy of Canada is situated.

Scenes like this make me love Berlin even more.

Sun! They say it’s going to be super warm in Berlin this weekend. I have a bunch of pictures to share from this week, especially the ones from the Embassy of Canada as promised. Been making a bunch of Wrist Worms for the February SALE (€10 off per pair with code FEBRUARY) on these Wrist Worms).

It’s Friday again already, what’s your weekend plan? I will enjoy the sun, get some stuff from the market to bring to Johan’s parents when we go visit them later this month and get as much work done as possible. I have a feeling I’m writing almost the same about every weekend, life right now feels a bit repetitive – it’s me trying to get into routines which I need to function better. Have a good weekend, all!

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Monday meeting week 7

February 11, 2019

I took down a bit of the exposure in these pictures to bring out the more moody feeling that this Monday brings. Rainy start to the new week. Pictures from this week’s Monday morning meeting at La Tazza. Laundy and coal shopping behind us, work day in front of us and in the afternoon a visit to the Canadian Embassy for food and drinks.

I look forward to getting out of the house, been spending most of my time lately at home working, reading, over-thinking, having a cold. Will be good to go to another part of the city for a change.

How do you feel from drinking coffee (if you do)? I feel more cheerful and inspired to create. Especially if drinking it in another environment than home, I don’t know how many good ideas Johan and I have come up with over a cup of coffee. Today we talked about animation.

Hello, long hair. Sandra, we have to go home now, I have a date with the bathtub. He can watch a whole movie in the bathtub, I manage to stay as long as 5-10 pages of a book.

So, how about this week? As promised, bringing the camera to the Canadian Embassy tonight, I think the main focus is food from Nova Scotia. Went last year and everything was so delicious. Since I’m not very busy right now, I will do all the bookkeeping for 2018 this week and bribe myself with coffee and try to come up with ideas on what to do from here. Will head over to Modulor to buy papers to make more thank you collages for the orders (above €20) from my shop. Reminder: Wrist Worms are €10 off with code FEBRUARY this whole month. Do you already have a pair? Which colour? I’m so happy to know they are warming hands all over the world, thank you <3

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Neumanns Café

February 10, 2019

Neumanns Café opened in my hood a good while ago and I hadn’t been there until the other week (mostly because they open too late for our Monday meetings).

It’s a peaceful place, reminding me of places I used to go to back in the days when being a Berlin visitor, which is a good thing.

Favourite view.

I discovered they bake their own bread, which looked really good. I only had americano. Next time I’ll go for the espresso since the americano was too watery for my taste.

My friend Dimitra had their carrot cake which I tried and it was juicy and very tasty.

This is a place where I want to sit down for an hour and work on texts and edit pictures. Still never brought out my computer to a café, since I don’t want to be the one creating office vibe for other people who go to a café to relax. BUT there are always computers everywhere already, so… Let’s go.

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Coffee & Mimosa

February 9, 2019

Does anyone remember this lamp? It used to be my reading lamp by the bed, didn’t use it for a few years, found it the other week and put it above the dining table (had found one in a shop that I planned to buy, but what’s better than using the things you already have?). A coffee filter is serving as a shade right now, looks horribe – I know. Gotta find something soon.

This view makes me happy every day. Dreading the day when someone thinks it’s a good idea to do something about it.

We snoozed for 90 minutes this morning, it was super rainy and grey. Had planned to go to Boxi early, but bed was much more appealing. But since I knew we both had to spend the whole day doing bookkeeping, I said OK, Johan, let’s at least go to La Tazza d’Oro for a coffee before work.

Hanging out here for a while this morning.

Had 2 lungo each, talking about everything and nothing. Procrastinating together.

All of a sudden this beauty woke up and showed his face.

Didn’t have one of these for ages. They were standard in every café in Gothenburg when I used to live there. So curious if it has changed, anyone who knows?

It stopped raining and we ended up at Boxi after all. I was shocked, these monstera leaves were 3€. Imagine the time and effort for them to grow big like this.

Brought some mimosa home, aren’t they pretty? I never bought mimosa before and they have a kind of thick, sweet smell that doesn’t really appeal to my nose, but the beauty of them make up for it. The smell reminds me of something good though, childhood Easter or something, trying to remember what.

Well needed colour addition. Love this little rolling table I found in a thrift store many years ago for €15. Contains so many personal memories that go back to when I was 13 (the Poison perfume from my grandmother) and many from my years together with Johan. That tin to the lower left, we bought in London TEN years ago when we went to visit Famapa. The newest thing is Johan’s necklace. Gotta love my dad’s uncle’s old monkey from when he was a kid. And the sailor, you remember him?

Hope your weekend is good. I’m living in this twisted world of feeling very good much of the time and then finding myself not being able to breathe because of stress and pressure. It sounds a bit shallow, but don’t want to get into details here. Everything in life is not pictures of beautiful mimosa you know, the mimosa also stinks. Well it’s life, we all have our struggles. Let’s not compare, other people always have it better or worse.

I don’t know. I just know that I will spend my evening at home and get up early tomorrow and finish that paperwork. Eat something, think a bit too much, drink coffee, probably take some pictures, take a bath, dye my eyebrows, plan the coming week (got a food event at the Canadian Embassy on Monday afternoon that I look forward to – will bring the camera) and try to remember to take deep breaths. You do that too.

S x