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Humans in the city

January 19, 2019

One thing I love about living in a big city like Berlin, is that it’s always changing visually. Especially here, where tags, graffiti, posters, stickers etc (aka vandalism to some people, those wouldn’t like Berlin at all I guess, because it’s everywhere) are everchanging.

Gives a lot to the imagination.

Love stuff like this, as long as it’s unintentional. It’s almost 100% fail when humans try to mimic this on purpose, right?

Worn out street sign.

I collect pictures like these, it’s a great way to find colour combinations I wouldn’t think of myself.

Art made by human and nature (haha pretentious caption).

I wonder how many remember the original meaning of this.

This lit up a very grey day.

What do you see?

Love the letters in the middle, the broad black ones.

Have you seen this underwater graffiti by 1up Crew? Amazing!

Which one is your favourite? Or does this make you upset?
Berlin, Café, Friedrichshain

Books & Coffee

January 17, 2019

Every Monday, Johan and I go out for a coffee and talk about the new week, both about work and free time. Different cafés, within approx 2 kilometers from our flat/studio, opening early in the morning. Like Shakespeare & Sons, which was our choice this week. There are 18 cafés on our list, wow. A big change from when we moved here 8 years ago.

Blurry Blondi.

Americano is my breakfast. If I was eating breakfast, the bagels at this place are a good option. Really really tasty, should have one for lunch eventually.

Love to be surrounded by books. Before this café opened, this space was a book store. Have started reading more again, almost finished 3 books already this year. This weekend we plan to finally put up bookshelves in our bed/livingroom. Can’t wait to sort my books in language and alphabetical order. Will show you the result later. We’re doing a lot of home improvement right now. It’s almost like we moved in again, what a great feeling.

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Frozen face

January 16, 2019

Let’s return to Sweden for a while, join me for a walk in -22°C. Me, Elvis, Mum & Thomas went out for a 5km walk.

Snow everywhere, this is not much apparently. I don’t remember, haven’t lived up there since 1999.

This is as bright as it got, the sun is up for 3 hours around Christmas time up there. This place is called Sundet, I worked there in Summer of 1996.

Hey, Elvis!

So beautiful. And such fresh air.

Fog from the open water, a stream or whatever you all it. It takes a lot of cold before the water here is covered with ice.

Mum & Thomas. We went out to collect some twigs for the dining table decorations.

Elvis loves snow. When we got home he was rolling around like a freak. I froze my face, took weeks to recover omg.

I’ve got more snowy pics, from above the Arctic Circle, yay?


Freelancer schedule

January 15, 2019

I haven’t had a proper calendar since I studied German at the university 1997/98. For my birthday, my friend Tenia gave me this one from Navucko.

The calendar has enough space for me, I don’t have many scheduled appointments per day since I always strive for as much free time as possible for my projects. For some reason, I thought a calendar, to-do-lists and structure would take away my sense of freedom, but it has shown to be the complete opposite.

Two weekends ago, Johan came up with the idea to structure my (and his) time and we worked on a schedule together, which he made the base of. It looks like this. It is a new world to me, a world that makes me see the time in parts each day and it makes it much easier for me to be more efficient and to see when I will do what. Very obvious. Like my mum said when I told her about this: What was the first thing your teacher gave you when you started 1st grade? A schedule.

It’s built up like this:

First, the morning beauty routine – which serum and moisturiser to use (because Johan is addicted to beauty routines and I never remember when to use which one of all his fancy stuff that he pushes me to use instead of soap and water).

Second part is the morning free time before work:

Monday – A meeting in a café to talk about what’s going on this week, we do it together as a start to the new week.

Tuesday – Nothing scheduled in case something shows up.

Wednesday – A walk together.

Thursday – Go to the laundromat and in Winter buy 80 kilos of coal for a week.

Friday – I vacuum clean the flat and he cleans the bathroom.

Third part 4 hours of work.

Then comes lunch.

After lunch there is another part for work and the fifth part is for either work (depending on how much there is to do) or to use for home improvements, prepping dinner, cleaning etc.

Then dinner.

The evening is broken up into two parts. First part is preferably to meet friends if that’s what I want to do and second part is to chill at home to be relaxed before going to bed. Watch a movie, read a book, take a bath, move stuff around at home. It helps me a lot to break up the evening in two parts as well, because I know that if I go out to meet friends on the second part, I might come home too late and fuck up the next day. Of course there is room for improvising in this schedule, it’s not written in stone, but it’s very good to have something to lean on. The tiny third part at the end is the evening beauty routine.

Thursday evening is for date night. It might be visiting a restaurant we’ve never been, or like last Thursday – we stayed at home and fixed a lot of stuff together.

I’ve only been practising this schedule for a bit more than a week and it has already helped me a lot. Hopefully this might inspire some of you to get a better picture of your own everyday life, especially if you’re a freelancer.

Weekends are unscheduled, because we both ended up working every day until now. It’s so important to take a break, I really felt it when I was in Sweden for over a week and didn’t bring my job with me. Sometimes we will move the days around and work on a Saturday, to be able to enjoy the city on a weekday when I prefer to go out and explore when there’s less people around. The luxury of freelance life, right?

Do you have any good ideas to share about how you structure your days?


Surprise party

January 12, 2019

The second night in Sweden, my family was acting a bit strange. My sister invited us over for a cozy night and the cozy night was a surprise party for me for turning older. I almost cried.

My whole family was there! This is dad and Johan.

And Jens, my brother-in-law. I love Jens.

Since everything was a surprise, I thought the super delicious snacks my sister and her family had prepared was dinner and Lo told me I had to stop eating, because there was going to be more food.

We went over to a sports bar across the street. To do what? Sandra in a sports bar?

Lo and I <3

Lillo, my sister, and another one of my blondes – Johan.

We went bowling! So much fun. Here’s mum.

Johan and Alice. Johan has great bowling style. This was all the northern lights we got this time.

Daddy Thomas!

Filippa, Lo & Alice.

Dad and his friend Rosie.

Was such a great evening being with those people together all of us for the first time in many years. Thank you family and friends.

How do you like pictures of people on my blog? I haven’t done much of it through the years, makes it a bit more personal, right? Tells a different story and now that I have a camera which handles darkness better, I can imagine there will be more of friends and family here.

Happy weekend!

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Cheese & Structure

January 10, 2019

Pictures from a collaboration I did with Holland Master last year. I’m still thinking about it, because it was great fun, the agency was very professional and the cheese was super tasty.

This cheese platter is how I want it – mostly savory things. The glass contains a very tasty sparkling soda made of different berries that I bought in the store across the street from mine. Can’t remember which one it was, but it went well with the cheese. Some prosecco or cava would be amazing of course. Not to mention red wine, but that’s obvious.

My favourites were the goats cheese (the white to the left) and the chili cheese (the cubes in the middle). Gonna get my hands on them again soon, I imagine both are great to make pasta sauce with.

I asked the other day about topics you want to see more of on the blog, someone wrote recipes and I will keep it in mind. Recipe posts are fun, both to read and to make. Everything that includes eating is great in life hah.

So, Thursday. This is what my day looks like: Laundry, coal shopping, work, date with my friend Paola and then date night with Johan. We have made a weekly schedule that is so great that I will have to share it with you later. Makes our freelande lives so much more structured. Interested?


Blog comeback

January 9, 2019

Sitting typing right before going to bed. Testing my new camera and I love it. What I love so much about it, is that it’s possible to take pictures in darker environments, so I look forward to bringing it out in the evenings when I’m out and about on adventures.

So far this year, I haven’t been on many adventures as I feel comfortable just being at home doing my stuff without getting restless. I have a lot of pictures to share from Sweden, frosty and cold ones. And some food. And a bit more of Elvis, of course.

How did you start the new year? I did it the same way as many others – eating healthier, no alcohol for a while (maybe even a long while for the first time since entering party capital Berlin 8 years ago). Almost finished 2 books, I have a feeling 2019 will be a lot about books. And about work. And about this blog, it’s time for blog comeback, right?


This is Elvis

January 9, 2019

Hey, this is Elvis! My new baby brother, who’s older than I am. He turns 11 human years in June, so in dog years he’s a retired old man.

I have never known a golden retriever before and getting to know Elvis, I truly understand why this is a breed suitable for families with children. Such patience, such a kind character. My mum and Thomas adopted Elvis at the end of 2018 and I hope I get to meet him again soon.

I’m back now, this space will be updated more frequently from now on. Any specific topics you would like to see here? I am ready.

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When we got the keys

January 7, 2019

Today marks 8 years in this apartment. The one we went to look at for fun, that no one else wanted. I think the pictures below will tell you why, don’t think I have posted all of them before. You can read the story about our home here. When we saw the apartment, before moving in, we never went out on the balcony, so the first thing we did was running out to see if we could see the TV-Tower. With some effort, yes.

First picture from the interior. This is where Johan’s desk is those days.

There was dirt everywhere.

The kitchen had several layers of carpet that we removed, to get down to the wooden floor.

The secret room, which we use as storage and closet these days. Will go through all stuff and make a corner for writing, reading and solitude. Like this, but better.

The bathroom was horrendous. No basin, coal heated water, so dirty we both almost threw up while cleaning. The lady who lived here before (for 40 years), decided to put new plastic carpets on the floor instead of cleaning, so you can only imagine what was between the layers.

The walls were not sponge painted, as we first thought.

Fortunately we got new stoves (only 1 is new in this picture, as I guess you can see).

It took several days of cleaning before we could think of painting.

How satisfying is this? Deep breath.

Some of the trash made a beautiful picture.

Johan, 8 years ago. We used the window as fridge.

I have never lived this many years in one place before and never this big. We went from 34 square meters to 100 square meters, I think I still haven’t gotten used to how big it is. So happy we decided to take care of this place, it was a lot to do and I will probably never start a project like this again, but here we are and I hope we can stay for a long long time.

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Welcome to 2019

January 4, 2019

Hi again, how have you been? I took 2 weeks away from my computer, from my crochet hook and from Berlin. Result: Came back as a much calmer person. 2018 was probably the greatest year of my life so far, of course it had its downs too, but those downs made me stronger and more aware of what I surround myself with instead of dragging me down like before. It’s a cliché, but listen to your guts.

Went to my family over Christmas and took a lot of pictures with the camera Thomas & Elvis gave me as birthday present, still can’t believe it. NYE was spent in bed reading books, I came back home with 0% party queen inside of me. Curious to see how long that lasts.

Happy 2019!

Sandra xo