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Birthday, Part 1

March 26, 2019

Last week was Johan’s birthday. I asked him to take the day off, cause I had made plans for the day. Plans, which we of course changed on the way since the weather was beautiful and we decided to walk, talk and sit outside sipping a small beer in a place I’ll show you later.

We did go to Happy Baristas which was first on the list. Lemon meringue cake was ordered. Every cake I ever tried at Happy Baristas has always been extremely delicious.

Was wearing my good old Monki shirt, SNEAKERS (Spring, yay!) and a €5 Swiss silk scarf I thrifted in Gothenburg many years ago. It was used as a table cloth on a red IKEA table and they looked horrible together, so I rescued the scarf.

Nitro coffee to go with the cake. It’s the Guinness of coffee.

Johan’s jacket? I found it on sale at Weekdays last year and sent him a picture, wasn’t sure if he was going to like it – he loved it. Don’t remember where he got that shirt, I call it his politician shirt.

Happy on sugar and coffee, we went to Ostkreuz and got ourselves a sausage and Tageskarten (day tickets for the public transport) and started our ride. The plan was to go to the Botanical Gardens before lunch, but hunger said hello, so already there I changed our plans. Went to Mitte to have lunch at a place where we used to go back in the days when we were tourists. Will show you more soon, lots of pictures to go through.

Happy birthday, Johan! Finally 36, which he thought he already was for a whole year.

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First day of Spring

March 24, 2019

This week has been a bit strange, my energy levels have been quite low. Had two really bad nights of sleep, right when it was full moon and I wonder if it’s true or not that it affects our sleep (google didn’t help me get wiser). That croissant and coffee took up the energy again, so delicious. These pictures are from the day after Johan’s birthday. They are a bit too many to edit right now, I will do it next week, if you want to see what we were up to?

No doubt, Spring is here now. Looking forward to spending it on my balcony, need to get myself a comfy place to put my ass when reading in the evenings. That’s what I plan to do a lot of as soon as the evenings get warmer.

How was your weekend?

Did you read anything good lately to recommend? I have about 70 unread books and right now it feels like I have nothing to read (sounds like that classic wardrobe problem), much because I finished a book by a former Swedish SS soldier during WW2, which was so brutal that it’s hard to dig into another book.

Enjoy the rest of your Sundays, see you next week!

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An Otter Gelato

March 21, 2019

Cutest otter in Berlin, right? A couple of days ago I headed over to Charlottenburg to take more pictures of Gimme Gelato.

Dove straight into the freezers with my camera.

Like a jewelry box.

Johan’s handpainted otter in the laboratory.

This is Ralf, the master of disaster (ooops, I mean gelato) at Gimme Gelato.

Today’s flavours. I NEED to try the Peanut Caramel Chocolate next time. Do you see a favourite?

The place is beautiful.

Look at the Cheesecake down to the left.

Ralf making Spaghettieis. You will see the result if you scroll down.

Gimme Gelato serves delicious waffles as well.

And coffee! Look at the affogato at the top right. My favourite sweet of all sweets.

The Germans are very proud of this – Spaghettieis!

Gotta love taking pictures of dirty dishes.

Johan made a lot of stuff for Gimme Gelato. It’s his birthday today, we’re soon off for a day in Berlin, filled with surprises.

Ralf has a really good eye for details and has made his place look absolutely amazing.

An army of sticks.

You find Gimme Gelato in Wundtstraße 15, Charlottenburg. U-Bahn Station Sophie-Charlotte-Platz (one of Berlin’s most beautiful underground stations). Go!

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Magazinelike interior blogging

March 19, 2019

Warschauer Strasse is one of the loudest street in Berlin, super busy with traffic and in the Summer, drunk tourists keeping the residents awake.

Stepping into my building with the beautiful tiles and quite often trash lying around, happens sometimes that someone used it as a toilet as well. Thank you.

Most of the buildings in my area were built around 1900, imagine they survived two world wars. Amazed that some of the original glass decorations are still left.

The double doors to the left are our entrance and the one to the right is our neighbour’s toilet. The wall between our toilets is paper thin so not much privacy if you can imagine.

So much work put into every detail.

3 friends are meeting me on the way up the stairs, telling me the 70 steps are soon over. The one in the middle reminds me of Lille Skutt from my favourite cartoon as a kid. I remember when this came out. Parents went crazy.

Another friend, being a busy bee those days. Have you seen the short films on his instagram? I keep telling him to post more of his graphic design work, the logos and concepts he makes are so great. Will go to Gimme Gelato today and shoot more pictures of the place and show you what he and Ralf have done to the place + Ralf’s amazing gelato of course. Hope to get some in my belly.

Working on a new project for the blog as well, a self initiated one, that I hope you will find interesting. It’s about my friends and what they do for a living in this big city of ours. Made a long list of people to visit and take pictures of, I’m so excited already.

The blog title is ironic, yes.

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Buildings of Berlin

March 18, 2019

Let’s have a look at some pictures I took the other day when I ended up taking a 17 kilometers walk. I got stuck in looking at mostly buildings, as you will see. Did I ever tell you that one of the reasons why I moved to Berlin is that it’s possible to walk here for hours and hours without ending up on the countryside?

Karl-Marx-Allee, close to where I live.

The light on this day was very soft. A pink lamp post showed up all of a sudden.

This is a bar and cinema at Richard-Sorge-Strasse. One good looking facade.

Pretty unual roofs for Berlin. Most buildings in my neighbourhood were built around the 1900’s, that’s why they look pretty much alike and many of them still have the original tiles at the entrances, the style is Jugendstil/Art Nouveau.

Soft light, soft colours. I decided to listen to Kent (Swedish band, great) with my headphones for a while, which turned out dangerous for me, was almost hit by cars several times. Better continue walking without anything else but the city’s sounds in my ears. That’s the way I like it the most anyway.

Well, here I had my sister in my ears. Love to make phonecalls to my family during walks (they are the only ones I talk with on the phone, I never answer if anyone else calls, have pretty severe phone phobia, so I love text messages).


This is close to the Lichtenberg station, somehow reminds me of Brooklyn.

This made me happy, I love it when houseowners allow shops/bars/restaurant to use the facade for their signs like this.

What a great thing!

Leaving Lichtenberg to go back to Friedrichshain.

That was it, I’m grateful I grew up with a dad who made me lift my head to look at buildings everytime we visited Stockholm.

So, how are you doing? Had a good weekend? I did. This week is full of plans; I’m going to Charlottenburg tomorrow to shoot pictures of a place you’ve already seen here, but I want to show you more. On Wednesday I’m off to Kreuzberg/Alt-Treptow to shoot pictures of another place for an article on a Berlin website – will tell you more when it’s published. Thursday is Johan’s birthday and I’m planning a day of surprises for him (hope he can take the day off). Will start preparing my kitchen for a fun photoshoot for a magazine next week and spend the weekend getting things done at home. Been neglecting stuff like hanging things on the wall in the bed/livingroom.

By the way, a few beanies left in the shop. They are €35 instead of €45 and you find them here. Been living in mine all Winter.

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When Instagram got fun again

March 17, 2019

Hi, how was your weekend? Mine was good, I started going loco on instagram stories and posted a lot this weekend. Followed my gut feeling and did what felt good – posted snapshots from my walks again, haven’t done that much the past few years. Will share some of them here, for those of you who don’t have instagram. If you do, my instagram is to be found here. Dark hair in this picture. Have had dark hair for 2 years now. Time for a change?

A new thing came up – a version of the Berlin tiles pictures that my instagram is known for.

This happened because I needed to get closer to the door with my big black coat to be able to get some tiles in the picture, through the glass. Like the result.

Remembered to share a good thing, sharing is caring and I have another one of Johan’s kitchen hacks to share soon.

Yesterday we headed over to Boxi for two rounds and coffee. Been living in these clothes the past few months. Got the red sweater from Teym last years when they invited me over for a brunch, it’s so comfy and I just have to recommend it to you (no, not getting paid, but the sweater was a gift).

Hola Passenger! We were at Boxi super early, love that time when it’s not crowded at all and to watch everything being built.

This is how I like to share my pictures in instagram stories, a bit like small blog posts.

Back home again for more coffee. Can you see any of my hair? Johan’s hair looks so healthy now when all the bleaching is gone. So, we bleached my hair. More about that later.

For some reason, I can’t find regular green lentils in my local supermarkets, so I took a walk over to Euro Gida in Kreuzberg, a favourite store. Did the mistake to call my story posts “spam”, I don’t see them as spam – if I did, I wouldn’t post. If you know what I mean.

Schlesisches Tor subway station is so beautiful.

And these illustrations at a pastel de nata place were super inspiring.

So, hi! Welcome to this morning. Sunday, March 17. I jumped out of bed and decided to go straight out.

Went over to Ostbahnhof to check out the flea market, but was too early of course. I think 80% of the people I met were heading home after a party night or continuing in clubs. The beauty of this city.

Went home and out again. Called Johan and asked if he wanted to join me for a coffee. Yes.

Oops, the picture to the left is from yesterday. Look at his eyes, they are so bright. Scandinavian deluxe.

Went back home and here I am writing this blog post after a day of planning, eating and chilling.

I have never had blonde hair before, so the other day Johan bleached my hair and the next day same procedure. Not sure what we’re going to do next, maybe bleach more or put in some colour (grey or orange maybe). Let’s see, feels good with a change. Finally I will look like the rest of my family members, plan is to look like Elvis (the golden retriever)?

Hope you had fun joining me on these walks, made instagram a fun thing again.

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Long live the blog

March 14, 2019

Change of environment is pretty much as important as food to me. Took myself out for a couple of americanos to respond to comments and emails. Those tasks are somehow easier and more appealing to take on in a place outside of home.

Current view. This is Michelberger Hotel down my street. A windy walk over Warschauer Brücke and I’m here.

Anemones and wax flowers always go well together, don’t you think?

Shot these pictures with my phone using the Nomo app, love how the pictures turn out. I love the blogging format even more again, posting this and that not thinking about strategies. It feels like Instagram is about to die? Apparently people’s pictures don’t always show up in the feed, what’s the point of following someone if this happens? I don’t get it. Johan told me this morning that in his feed every 4th post is a sponsored post from companies he doesn’t follow, that’s crazy! I only see 1 post like that per 24 hours. Long live the blog!

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Holding hands

March 12, 2019

I stumbled upon this plate earlier today in a thrift store down my street, fell in love and bought it for 50cents. It symbolizes pretty much how I feel after publishing a pretty personal blog post yesterday and the response I received. Thank you so much for your comments and emails, I will respond as soon as I have digested it a bit more. It was a bit scary to publish, but now I have a feeling we’re in this together, holding hands, caring and sharing. Thank you for this. Love.

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Opening up The Mediator

March 11, 2019

No Monday meeting today as Johan is starting a new project with a friend of ours for a few weeks. We had it yesterday morning instead. I’m going to share some thoughts with you, my mind is a bit over-worked. Feel free to read, it’s a long text and will hopefully help someone in their personal struggles.

Right now I’m very confused about my different jobs, I think I have to narrow down my tasks, but at the same time I want to widen them, so you see the confusion. Have an itch to find other people in Berlin working with the same things as I do, to share ideas and strategies. I start something new and have to learn everything by trial and error and that takes time, can be a bit frustrating and makes me feel like things are just made up and happen by coincidence, do you know what I mean? I have been blogging for over 20 years now, in Gothenburg I had a bit of a community and here in Berlin I decided to go another way and get to know people less alike myself, because I thought it would be a good thing. It led me into trouble and choosing the wrong friends (a big bunch of narcissists, they tend to love me as I’m a good listener and empath) several times.

Last year I took the 16 personalities test and learned that my personality NEEDS to hang out with like-minded people to work in social settings. Asked my 4 closest friends (includes my husband) to take the test and they are same as me. Have you taken the test? Which personality are you? I’m the Mediator (INFP), apparently my job should be freelancer and blogger, so I chose something right. Writer is also on the list, wouldn’t mind. Close friends have asked me to write a book about my life so far in Berlin, it has a lot of dark stories which I have never shared here. During my depression, a person very close to me, asked me why I don’t write about it on my blog. At that time my blog was quite big and I got a lot of comments which influenced me in a very bad way, so why would I exploit myself to more of those? She asked if I didn’t feel as if I was lying not writing about it. It never felt that way, I shared the difficult moments with my close friends and the beautiful moments on the blog as a reminder to myself that parts of my life still were positive and beautiful. Sometimes I think I hinted that things were shit, but when you’re deep down in almost suicidal depression, it could be super dangerous to put it out there for anyone to read. I can talk about it now, I couldn’t back then and am grateful to myself for not exploiting it at that time. Forever grateful to the friends who were there for me and still are. Thankful for my neighbours above us who checked on me, such super stars.

Hope you’re all well. Love.

Ps. If you’re also the Mediator, this article might be helpful. And if you’re not the Mediator and wonder why your partner/friend, who is a mediator, is acting weird to you (only 4% are Mediators) and want to understand his/her personality better, the article could explain a lot.

Update: If you are, or someone near you is, in a depression and/or have suicidal thoughts, my only advice right now is for you to contact a hospital/doctor/psychiatrist – I don’t have knowledge enough (and no education) to give any other advice, I can only share my own experiences and hope it makes at least someone feel less alone in this. Thanks for understanding.

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2 starters

March 11, 2019

Let’s go to Sao Viet (can’t help but call it Soviet) at Grünberger Strasse, Friedrichshain. This is where I go on a Saturday night, because it’s never crowded. The other day, Johan and I went there for lunch to take a break from a, from time to time, life being too complicated right now.

I took two starters instead of a main dish. These summer rolls with seitan, veggies and rice noodles were the first ones to arrive at the table. Gave one to Johan.

Love it here. The food is good, you could say pretty standard Vietnamese for being Berlin – we’re very spoiled because Berlin standard when it comes to Vietnamese food is very good.

My second starter was a wantan soup, which was a bit bland.

Looking at those cats being entertained by street life.

Johan had duck with garlic and oyster sauce, which was umami-ish and salty. I love salty, I guess being Swedish makes you love salt. Swedish food is extremely salty, why? Because that’s how we preserved food back in the days; dried fish, dried meat etc.

My eyes spotted the sriracha sauce and I went over straight away.

And found this jar of sliced bird’s eye chilis, which I love and they made my soup a dream. Bon appetit!