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Amsterdam Part 11

July 14, 2018

Walking around, stumbling upon gorgeous things everywhere.

Hey, cutie pie!

I continued my until now unknown series of taking pictures through windows.

Hi Johan!

Hello, cat.

I have half a roll more of analog pictures from Amsterdam, haven’t finished the roll yet though, so later this year, you will get to re visit Amsterdam with me in a few blog posts. I love that about film.

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Amsterdam Part 10

July 13, 2018

Can you spot the dress in the window? It blew me away, the picture doesn’t do it justice, but maybe the whole setting does – with that super tiny building and all.

Stumbled upon Stach right in time when I was craving my Club Mate. Remember when in Utrecht? Back in the days, when I was visiting Berlin, I had no idea of what this drink was. I thought it was some kind of alcohol-soda or something. Well, easy to make it one if you put vodka in it. I also like it with rum, but I like it the most as it is. Reminds me of the Swedish soda Trocadero which I loved as a kid.

Tiles and letters love.

I saw a documentary about this building and the architect a year ago or so and all of a sudden I mentioned it to Johan and he told me he had been there, a few minutes later it showed up. Such a beautiful place.

This street reminds me of Brooklyn, well visiting Amsterdam makes you realize why New York looks the way it does. I haven’t been to New York since 2012 and really hope I can go there soon.

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July 12, 2018

Yesterday I met Fiona and Peps for a lunch date at Gotcha.
Fiona, what do you want to eat?

Those of you who know Berlin – SURPRISE! You can get GOOD food at Simon-Dach-Strasse at this place.

Presented in a beautiful way.

On my way home, greatest outfit of the day.

Thursday. Berlin reminds me of Gothenburg, it’s raining like crazy. I slept in and will work until the evening, when it’s time for dinner with my 3 darlings Camilla, Bjรถrn & Johan. Tomorrow, Camilla and I will have a coffee date in the morning, like back in the days when we lived in the same city (do any of you remember those days on our blogs?). Afternoon, we’ll do bubbles and cheese in a park with our men. Grande finale on Saturday when we’ll have fรถrfest Swedish style and then go see Nick Cave, yay! Beautiful days ahead, I am so excited.

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Amsterdam Part 9

July 10, 2018

Walking around, thinking it’s time to eat something. Passed by this place, but Johan said Sandra, let’s check out the street with Chinese restaurants and of course I was up for it.

I have so many pictures of buildings, maybe it’s good the first roll of film didn’t work out because it contained like 75% pictures of buildings.

We sat down at a table and ordered a mix of dumplings for two. They were OK.

I pimped them with extra chili and soy sauce. Dumplings are so photogenic. Even better if they taste as good (or better) as they look, right? I have never made my own, think it’s time. I want to make them with lots of shrimp, coriander/cilantro and chili.

We passed by the Red Light District as well. Not my cup of tea, but when in Amsterdam.

That gap between the buildings, would make a great mini garden and barbecue spot.

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Mitte Monday

July 9, 2018

Pictures from a hot sunny day in Mitte. I love the print of the dress in the last picture, seen it on trousers as well. It has something disturbing about it that I can’t put my finger on which attracts me.

Monday again, this week is special – friends are coming to visit.
Looking so much forward to it. Apart from that, Peps is coming over tomorrow and I’m working on the Wrist Worms order. 72 pairs of 200 are made so far, so much fun. Have been binging lots of TV-series, like “The Rain”, “Marcella” and “Happy Valley”. All of them were good. Do you have a favourite right now?


Bits and pieces at home

July 5, 2018

Hey there, how’s your week been so far? Mine has been good, been working most of the time and seeing friends for food and drinks. Here is a shot from my desk, I found that book on the street a while ago and love the colours. My temporary business card… don’t know what to say.

The bracelets from The Good Machinery make me happy every day, when I don’t wear them they are piled up next to where I sit.

Coming home.

I have made a third of the big wholesale order of Wrist Worms and look forward to continuing today. At 7pm, it’s time to go to a cocktail tasting. Tomorrow Peps is coming and stays with me until Saturday, I can’t wait – we’re going to make Wrist Worms together (Peps is not very helpful though) and shoot pictures for a collaboration I’m doing which involves ice cream. Friday evening, I’m invited to an event but I think I’ll stay at home with Peps, since I have been going to a lot of things lately. On Saturday at 4pm I’m going to watch football (can’t believe I’m writing that) – it’s Sweden against England, and in the evening I’m going to a party with Johan. And Sunday? No plans yet, except for work work.

Berlin is super hot today, I’m so happy about Summer this year. There are so many things to look forward to, so many loved people who I will see.

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Food & Flowers

July 1, 2018

Can you be addicted to cheese? I eat like… More than a kilo per week (if you include cottage cheese).

Peonies from back in May, I love our kitchen wall so much.

Took some pictures of food and got to eat it afterwards, a good project.

Roses in cities, love!

Here is my favourite snack at the moment;
1 banana
100 grams of cottage cheese

It’s July already, a month I’ve been looking forward to. Going to a party on Saturday, the Saturday after that it’s time for Nick Cave together with Johan, Camilla & Bjรถrn. Lots of crochet, a few other fun projects, hopefully a trip to visit Johan’s parents and their new pup. Fingers crossed!

Enjoy your Sunday,
Sandra x

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Food & Wool

June 30, 2018

Could eat this every day.

Johan marinated some tofu in soy sauce, sichuan pepper and sesame oil and I made a rice noodle salad with whatever vegetables we had in the fridge + a sauce made of fish sauce, rice vinegar, garlic, bird eye chili, lime & a bit of sugar.

51 pairs of Wrist Worms. 149 more pairs to go for a wholesale order for Lecode_h in South Korea. I love to work with her!

Also, 25% off on Wrist Worms in the shop with discount code SUMMER18 on checkout. Wrist Worms are celebrating 10 years in August!

And my niece Lo turns 13 today, I can’t wait to celebrate her when she comes to Berlin with her big sister in August. A whole week, just the two of them. We’re going to eat so much, celebrate so much, cuddle with Peps so much and enjoy time together fully.

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Amsterdam Part 8

June 29, 2018

This just takes my breath away. Thank you, dad, who always looked at buildings, being super fascinated, when we went to Stockholm when I was a kid.

When I had developed this film, I saw this picture and thought How did I think when it comes to the composition? I kind of like it now, it was a good surprise in a way.

Hello, blonde man!


Monday, day time. So much people. Amsterdam is so full of tourists and I would love to advice you all to discover other places in Holland as well. Utrecht is beautiful, for example. And the area Brabant, in the south, has a lot to offer when it comes to architecture and food.

Didn’t mean to take such a long break from the blog, but got a wholesale order of 200 pairs of Wrist Worms and kind of forgot about the world outside of my Wrist Worms world. Been watching TV-series and crocheting most of the time for a week now. Saw The Rain, Marcella & now Happy Valley. Today I’m out of yarn, hopefully a package arrives tomorrow, so hello blog! It’s Friday! What are you up to this weekend? I’m going to get my hair cut by Johan tomorrow and the rest of the time, I’ll work on the order. Gotta do as much as possible in case it gets super hot outside, because then wool is out of the picture, right?

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Amsterdam Part 7

June 21, 2018

After sharing a pizza by the canal, Johan said we were close to a place he went to last Fall, when he was in Amsterdam to help a good friend move back to Berlin. It was time for a small beer and a chat. ‘t Smalle, a beautiful place where time stands still. Great match with analog camera, right?

The light comes through so beautifully in those leaded windows.

I have those stools at home, 4 of them, which I found in the trash in my courtyard. The ones in ‘t Smalle got their legs shortened, I think I will do the same to mine, as they are super tall.

Flowers all over Holland. I saw that in many more fancy places, they were using fake flowers. Why, I wonder?

Such a beautiful place, I could have stayed the whole day, but since we only had until about 7pm to see Amsterdam, it was time to move on.