Wrist Worms are wrist warmers/finger less gloves handmade with crochet technique by Sandra Juto in Berlin, Germany. I use high quality yarn; mostly wool, merino wool, alpaca and cotton – all 100% natural materials and no acrylic for sure.

Apart from adding something extra to your outfit, keeping your wrists warm makes your hands stay warm which is ideal in situations when you can’t have your fingers trapped in regular gloves, for example when:

Playing an instrument
Going skiing or doing other outdoor sports
Taking pictures
Writing & Drawing
Typing on your computer, offices can be chilly
Riding your wheelchair
Selling stuff at an outdoor market
Taking out a pram for a walk
Using a touchscreen device
Holding that glass of cold deliciousness at that amazing garden party
Sleeping / Reading a book in a chilly room
etc etc

The Wrist Worms also make an excellent gift – giving someone warm hands is highly appreciated.


The Wrist Worms are made in two different sizes; the regular size and the larger size.

Measure your hand at the widest point, see yellow line on illustration above. I wear the regular (small/medium) size and my hand is 8.5cm/3.3″ wide. My husband wears the larger size and his hand is 10cm/3.9″ wide. The Wrist Worms are pretty stretchy and shape themselves to fit your hands after some time.

Every now and then I make Wrist Worms in kids’ sizes too and when I do, they are available in the shop.

Please note that it’s not possible for me to take orders on special looks, colours or materials.

First of all because I love working with my hands, the slow process is calming and second – because there are no machines for crochet, only for knitting. This is also another reason why I choose to work with crochet technique – I find it so fascinating that there still are things that can only be made by hands.


The story of the brand Wrist Worms started in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 2008 when my husband asked me if I could knit him a pair of finger less gloves. He loves wearing layered outfits and couldn’t find what he wanted in the shops. Instead of knitting I chose to try making them with crochet technique and loved the structure it gave to the wrist warmers. I posted a picture (yes, the one to the left) of him wearing them on my blog and that same day I received several emails from people wanting to buy them.

So, I started to do some research. The pattern of the stitches is really simple so first I wanted to see if someone else already was doing it, but I couldn’t find anyone. The idea for the name Wrist Worms popped up in my head and after that same research I was ready to release the Wrist Worms and ever since then they have been a big part of my daily work and life.

Thank you so much for visiting!
Sandra Juto