Interested in working with me? This page takes up my job as a content creator. I’m also available for freelance work as photographer, illustrator and more, read this page – welcome!

As a content creator, I’ve been working with various clients like Adobe, TomTom, We Are Knitters, Nextory, Grand Hyatt, Drive by, Kyrö Distillery and more. Good to know is, that I’m pretty picky about who I work together with as my Instagram and this blog are in my own name and only represent things I can truly stand for. I for example say no to placing diamond rings in food to take pictures of (yes, I’ve been asked). Working with me means I do my very best to promote quality and to stay true and honest to my followers.

Feel free to contact me for a future collaboration (sponsored posts, giveaways, product reviews etc) on my Instagram and/or on this website. My email is [email protected], looking forward to hearing from you! By the way, I don’t offer ad banners.

Why work with me?
I have over 65 000 followers on Instagram (who are real people, I have never – and would never – bought followers to gain a higher number of following and likes), also I’ve been blogging since 1998, so I could say I have some experience.

Here are some examples of previous collaborations:

On the blog:
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Wrist Worms give away with Sandra Juto and We Are Knitters
Let’s talk about the weather
Give away with Sandra Juto and We Are Knitters
Take your time
How I started to read more books again

On Instagram:
Drive by
Kyrö Distillery
Adobe’s Project 1324
We Are Knitters & Kerbholz
Jamboree Bar / Grand Hyatt
Ron Zacapa
Oppo Brothers

& a message to my followers: There is no hidden advertising on my different online channels, I always mark posts with advertising, sponsored or similar when being paid for my work as a content creator. Those collaborations are the reason why this blog will be able to stay alive. Also sharing is caring – If there’s something good I know about, I like to share it with you (this goes for everything, not just things you can buy with money). Thanks for reading and joining me on this journey.