Amsterdam Part 1

June 14, 2018

I totally forgot to share some pictures from Amsterdam! Here are a few shot with my phone’s camera – I decided to only bring my analog good old Pentax, but all pictures I thought I took the first night were never taken – the roll had broken. The second day, I luckily knew about it.

This is our view from the hotel and Johan taking a nap, his hay fever was about to kill him.

Time to go out, all the cheese shops made me drop my jaw. And I found great tiles, very trippy with my dress. I had no idea Amsterdam was so full of beautiful tiles.

Took a long long walk in the evening sun and ended up at Sora SapporoRamen which was so f*cking delicious!

So clean and beautiful + this sign is one of the coolest I’ve seen.

The broken roll of film was meant to be filled with pictures of buildings. So much beauty in Holland.
That bird scared the shit out of Johan, hah.

Tomorrow I’ll hopefully get some of the analog pictures from the developer. Looking forward to seeing them, fingers crossed they are OK. If they are, I’ll of course share them with you.

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The strawberry halloumi salad

June 10, 2018

You want recipe? Yes! Let’s start with it, because no one wants to scroll through a life story to get to the recipe, right? With recipe, I mean ingredients, kind of. You use as much of everything as you like, it’s a free world.

The strawberry halloumi salad
Mache lettuce
Butter (to fry the halloumi)
Fresh basil

Olive oil
Dijon mustard
Red chili pepper
Black pepper

Make the dressing (I had for 2 people about 2 teaspoons of olive oil, 1 teaspoon dijon mustard, 1 bird eye chili). Clean the lettuce and strawberries and put in a bowl and toss it around in the dressing. Fry the halloumi in butter. Put everything on a plate, sprinkle scallions and fresh basil over it and eat.

This time I had Dijon mustard instead of balsamic vinegar, it turned out really well. Now I want to try to make this with tofu, cilantro/coriander, sesame oil etc for another twist.

I remember back in the beginning of Instagram, I posted this and it was a success. Did you make it already?

So where is the life story? I have very beautiful memories of the first Summer I spent with Johan, so crazy in love with him and we made this together and shared it in the garden, where we both lived in different flats. 13 years ago.

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A picture of me and a discount

June 8, 2018

Here is a picture of me from the weekend in Brabant. Love the colours and the light here. Being behind the camera most of the time means I don’t have many pictures of myself.
Copyright belongs to VisitBrabant, thank you for letting me use it.

Guys! The Wrist Worms will be 10 years this year! I’m working on a redesign of the logo (have hired Johan!) and all the other graphic stuff. During the Summer you can get your pair with a 25% discount, use code SUMMER18 at checkout in the shop:


10 years, can you believe it?
Here’s to 10 more, right?


I went to Brabant, Den Bosch, Museum Time

June 8, 2018

This blog post is a collaboration with Visit Brabant

After the pastry workshop, we took a walk through town to visit the Museum Quarter. Took this picture, simply because I loved the chairs.

Passed by a place I wanted to visit the night before, but was too sleepy. It looked very nice, anyone been there?

A bit behind, as usual when the camera is involved.

This room was quite beautiful, Johan planned to move in.

I had a deep vessels crush at this exhibition. Would love to more about them, bummer I forgot to check. Anyone knows?

Hi, I’m Sandra.

Oh man, those Dutch knew (still know) how to make beautiful buildings.
Until next time, Den Bosch! Here is a good link if you want to know more about this city.

Sandra x


I went to Brabant, Den Bosch, Bossche Bollen

June 7, 2018

This blog post is a collaboration with Visit Brabant

On Sunday morning, after breakfast at the hotel, we went to Bakkeri Royal to make some Bossche Bollen.

Swimming pool?

Belgian chocolate of high quality, mmm.

The puffs, to be dipped in chocolate and filled with whipped cream.

Johan doing the job very well.

Very well.

The instructor warned us about eating the whole thing, hard to stop but it’s quite a heavy piece of pastry. I had it all over my face, it was delicious. Johan did it with a bit more elegance (?). Why does he look this destroyed? Hay fever.

Was fun learning more about this pastry, I would love to make a version of it tasting a bit like my all time favourite pastry semla. The Netherlands meet Sweden.

Tomorrow, last post from Brabant.
Have you been there?


I went to Brabant, Den Bosch

June 6, 2018

This blog post is a collaboration with Visit Brabant

Last Saturday, Johan and I entered Den Bosch, thank you for inviting us Visit Brabant.

This was the view from our hotel room, that dining table looks so inviting.

We went for a beer tasting at ‘t Kolleke and they served some delicious snacks as well. This is me taking a blurry picture, because I don’t want to stop reality just because I want to take a picture. Especially when other people are involved.

Beautiful buildings everywhere.

Uh, we wear very similar shoes, Johan and I. I found my pair 13 years ago in a flea market. €5, unworn. In this picture, we’re waiting for a boat.

The boat took us to this amazingly beautiful and creative space! Werkwarenhuis.

A table was set for us.

And the bar area was in a wonderful pink, I’ve been thinking of painting something in this colour for years. Maybe now is the time?

Got a tour around the building.

And then it was time for dinner. I died for a second, the fish was so tasty! They had an outdoor kitchen and the scents that hit my nose were outstanding, if you’re in the area – I highly recommend visiting this place.

Time to head over to the city center again.

Made some friends on the way.

For me, who love buildings, it’s difficult not to fill the memory card with pictures of buildings.

All of a sudden, right in the middle of a street, I had a plate of cheese in my hand. A great selection, I don’t know the names of all of them though. Man, they were incredible. Cheese is the most efficient way to make me happy.

The sun started to set, the streets were busy with people eating and drinking.

Johan and I took a walk around the city center before heading to the hotel for a well needed night of sleep. Was a very beautiful day full of great architecture and food. It’s a dream come true to do this as part of my freelance work. Thank you, Den Bosch! Will show you pictures from our Sunday there soon.

Sandra x


I went to Brabant, Eindhoven

June 5, 2018

On Saturday, Johan and I landed at Schiphol and took a car to Eindhoven to kill some time before going to Den Bosch. Stumbled upon this beautiful building.

Eindhoven is quite different from other cities I’ve been to in The Netherlands.

I made a plan to move in here and build a techno club, a work studio and a living space.

All of a sudden, it felt like we were in England.

The Dutch are amazing at designing digits. Look at this! Love the combo of those two buildings next to each other.

Those snack machines. Why have I never heard of them before?! Such a brilliant idea. We had a Nasi, which basically is deep fried nasi goreng. It was surprisingly delicious.

Johan eating some fries and mayo.

Good looking reflections. There are lots of rounded corner windows in The Netherlands. I can’t get over how clean it is over there, but I guess most places are compared to Berlin.

I’m back in good old dirty Berlin and will post some more pictures of Brabant, to where I went back for another fun project in collaboration with Visit Brabant. After work was done, Johan and I went for a night in Amsterdam and I brought out my analog camera for those adventures. Wanna see?

It was so great to go away for the weekend and it feels really good to be back home as well, I guess sometimes there is something called balance.

Berlin, Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg, Prenzlauer Berg

Impressions of the city

June 2, 2018

Oh Berlin, the other day you showed yourself from one of your most beautiful sides.

How great are these?

In Viktoriapark, the jasmine was in full bloom, can you smell it?

The Berlin Wall still exists in Prenzlauer Berg and a few more places.

Back in Friedrichshain, walking in slow motion.

The beauty and brutality of this city.

Right now I am back in The Netherlands and will come back with lots and lots of pictures to show you.
Hope you’re having a great weekend.


A day with Rihanna

May 31, 2018

Hey, Fiona! Hey, Peps! Let’s go to Prenzlauer Berg.

We got to meet Rihanna the doggo and she hung out with us on Tuesday afternoon and evening. We ruled the streets, the four of us.

Rihanna moved from Hungary to Berlin a couple of weeks ago, and lives with Fiona’s friend Sam. Rihanna is a very active dog, hard not to take blurry pictures of her. I like how this one turned out, captures her person very well.

Peps and Rihanna became really good friends, was great fun to see them play.

Do you have a dog?

Berlin, Food, Prenzlauer Berg, Restaurant

Lunch in Prenzlauer Berg

May 30, 2018

Yesterday, Fiona, Peps and I went to Prenzlauer Berg to have lunch at Cat Tuong, another splendid Vietnamese restaurant in our beloved city. They only serve vegan dishes and they do it very very well.

We had seaweed salad and summer rolls as a starter, delicious and refreshing lemonade. Berlin is hot. Not just by its looks, also by its temperatures right now.

Kastanienallee is so beautiful in the Summer. Means chestnut alley.

See that jar with chili? We ate a lot of it. I love restaurants, which put effort into the summer rolls, look how beautiful these are.

As main, Fiona had a wonton soup and I went for the Buddha bowl. Delicious and fresh, I’m so happy about all the good food this city has to offer and it was great to be back at Cat Tuong, hadn’t been there since Johan used to work in Prenzlauer Berg a couple of years ago.

After lunch, Rihanna the dog came by to be taken care of by us the rest of the day and evening. I will show you later.

Summer is here for sure, I have a good feeling about this one. For each year living in Berlin, I have learned to deal with hotter temperatures. My flat is like a sauna and the best working solution I have come up with, is to fill the bathtub with cold water and take a dip once an hour. Do you have a good solution to share? Would love to hear!