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Handmade collages

February 8, 2019

My printer broke last Summer and this week I decided to make some unique collages as thank you cards to go with the orders from my shop (orders above €20). Found so many things while going through my collection of old papers, my old address in Sweden etc. Nostalgia.

See that jug and bowl on the left? Found them in a thrift store in January, couldn’t get them out of my head so I went back and bought them. Do you like them? A better picture of Camilla’s Passion print, which has turned into Johan’s reading lamp in the nights.

Wrist Worms are €10 off with code FEBRUARY this month for those of you who have missed it. A surprise collage will accompany your order, here are some of the ones I made.

Off to the Post Office now, wish you a beautiful weekend!

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Dark lunch

February 7, 2019

Our kitchen is dark as a cave until around 2pm, so when having lunch, we light candles and it makes Winter much more bearable. Moved the little sofa into the kitchen the other week, looks good right at the window. I look forward to reading there with the window open in the Summer.

Let’s talk about this. Unfortunately I don’t have a recipe to share, since Johan cooked this. It’s a lot of tomatoes, chick peas, broccoli, fresh herbs, chili and smetana (Russian sour cream). Super delicious and beautiful to look at.

When I moved to Berlin, I slowly started to gain weight. The portions at restaurants are usually huge and to be honest, alcohol is pretty much what brings people together – people meet in bars (at least most of my friends (and of course nothing wrong with that), I shall not speak for everyone) and a lot of beer is being consumed (I love beer!). Last year I started to feel tired of this way of hanging out – usually very late in the evenings, smokey bars, drinking one or two too many beers, it didn’t give me anything anymore except more weight and feeling more tiredness than creativity. So, before I went away for the holidays in December, I said to myself I’m going to come back home and live my life differently and so I did. Decided to cut out alcohol almost completely for a while (exception made if there’s good wine with good food, but not much), eat much more vegetables and even less meat than before, sleep regularly, not go to bars at all for a while because I get very stressed (always prefered meeting friends for a coffee in the morning, but they are hard to find in Berlin, so I usually do it with Johan). Result: I am calmer, my creativity is coming back, I feel lighter – both mentally and physically – already lost 6 kilos this year. And I discovered how delicious alcoholfree beer can be (especially the one with the horrible name Jever Fun).

I’m writing a lot more here these days, I hope you don’t mind.

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The red cups

February 6, 2019

Yesterday I met up with with Tenia, a very close friend I’ve known for… over 7 years. Since I’ve been drinking too many dull americanos in different places lately, I said Let’s meet at Silo. They never disappoint. And we got to try their new filter coffee which was very delicious. Tenia had a flat white with oat milk (if you like milk with your coffee, I highly recommend oat milk – well made coffee and oat milk are a great match, in my opinion it tastes several times better than with cow milk). Have you tried?

When Silo opened, what now feels like many years ago, apparently Johan and I were their first regulars, James, one of the owners, told me later when we had become friends. When we moved here, there wasn’t any place within 10 minutes walk that served really good coffee, so Silo was such a happy addition to the neighbourhood. Their red cups really are their signature, right?


14 years

February 5, 2019

As promised, a better picture of the candleholder I found in a thriftstore last year. It’s one of the most beautiful objects I own.

The green is so beautiful in our home. What about the title 14 years, then?

Today 14 years ago, I apparently fell in love with Johan. That evening, I had no idea when he bought me a Guinness at The Beefeater Inn in Gothenburg, that I was about to fall madly, almost too madly, in love with him. We’ve been celebrating drinking Guinness on this day every year since then, today it’ll be coffee instead since we’re both a bit sick.

I wonder when he fell in love with me.

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February 4, 2019

February 4, 2019

Woke up to sun, a rare thing lately. Almost ridiculous that smile that just shows up in ones face.

Started the week with the new routine – Monday morning meeting with Johan. Planning the week, he’s working with his clients and I’m currently working only with my own projects – will make some unique collages to go with all the orders (above €20) placed in the shop. All Wrist Worms are €10 off with discount code FEBRUARY this month! Beanies are on sale as well.

Apart from the collages, I am working on some texts and have to finish the bookkeeping that I “forgot” about. And about ten other projects going on + meeting some friends, how about you?

Wish you a happy new week!

Berlin, Friedrichshain

Boxi, oh Boxi

February 2, 2019

Let’s get up early and hit Boxi! One of us made it, the other one is sick. This snow is ridiculous, hope I’ll get some more proper Winter when I go to Sweden later this month.

I love everything that glitters, am I a magpie?

Guten Morgen Mona-Lisa!

Are you enjoying the citrus now? I am.

I asked on my instagram what the green olives are called and someone wrote Castelvetrano. Gotta love the Internet. Love those olives so much, which ones are you favourites?

I think I never cooked anything with butternut squash, they have such a beautiful colour.

Passenger Coffee, my favourite coffee stand at the farmers market at Boxi (Boxhagener Platz, every Saturday). When I shot this picture I got the idea that I should do a blog post about my favourite stands at Boxi, would that be fun?

Off to Rewe to get some juice, mints and stuff to the sick person at home.

Have a nice weekend, all!

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Let’s go to La Palma again

February 2, 2019

You wanna see more from the press trip at the Canary Islands? I got access to all my pictures again and will post the rest of them. Let’s escape for a bit.

This is Carolina, one of the guys organizing the trip.

Gotta say, low-season is when I love to travel the most – less people, better temperatures for the polar bear Juto and I don’t mind a bit of rain.

Our driver took us to Bodegón Tamanca, where we had lunch in a cave. This is the view from where I sat.

Food kept coming in, to the right the traditional smoked goats cheese, which just melts in your mouth. I think we got this with almost every meal and you know me, I never say no to cheese. The blood sausage to the left looks great. We also had really good wine from the bodega, of course. Johan got a bottle of red, still unopened, waiting to share it with some special people.

Went out for some fresh air, all this food and wine made me dizzy. Hard to stop eating when it’s so well made and delicious. It’s beautiful up in the mountains. Can you imagine how fresh the air was?

A coffee and then we jumped into the car to go to Santa Cruz de la Palma, a very beautiful town where I took a bunch of pictures to share with you in the next blog post. Have you been there? The guys told me it reminded them a little bit of Havana, so Johan and I were like LET’S GO at the same time. Next to Johan is José, the other guy in charge of the trip. We had so much fun.

Bye Bodegón Tamara, I hope to see you again some day.

Berlin, Friedrichshain

Outdoor gallery

February 1, 2019

Walking down Revaler Strasse is like an outdoor gallery, lots of posters and some of them quite inspirational.

Like these, I think they look super great.

Took a picture of this poster as well, because I can’t make up my mind if I like it or not. It’s different and caught my eye, but maybe a little too much going on. Don’t know where to focus. Which I like in the end.

Something I didn’t like was the taste of this coffee. The table, I loved instead. I prefer not to write where, as I don’t want to say negative things about small businesses, especially when it comes to a thing as taste – maybe (hopefully) this coffee tastes amazing to someone else.

The place reminded me of Café Java in Gothenburg and Café String in Stockholm, where I hung out in my early 20’s.

All these pastels caught my eye.

And these tiles – also a lot going on. Love them!

This container is just too cute.

This has always been a great place. Back in the days you were allowed to smoke here, so it was guaranteed child free, which I loved, but I also love not smelling smoke after being here.

So, it’s Friday evening already. What do you look forward to the most this weekend? I’ll snap some pictures and show you what I’m up to. See you!

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January 31, 2019

About last night. When MontRaw asked me if I wanted to come over for dinner and a chat, I did some research and it looked so good that I got curious. A friend of mine is following their instagram account, so I asked if he had been there. A few times already, it’s great, he said.

Stepping into a restaurant world where you immediately see the hard work being done, such friendly staff, a passionate chef, good quality all in all. One of the things I love most in life, is to be invited for a glimpse of someone else’s dream becoming reality. Thank you so much for having us, MontRaw.

My company for the evening was Johan.

We started with a cocktail, Johan went for the Made in Greece and I had The Pineapple Express. They were both excellent. I never say no to a cocktail with coriander/cilantro.

Before the restaurant got full, I managed to snap this picture.

Johan’s appetizer was a salad with roasted veggies and labneh cheese. It was really delicious, loved that there was chilli added to it.

Overlooking a beautiful crossing, I imagine sitting outside in the Summer people spotting must be quite nice. You can’t see it in this picture, but there was a glimpse of the TV Tower as well, always extra romantic Berlin style.

This was probably the highlight of the dinner – Fish Crudo, such a well balanced appetizer. Beautiful as well.

As main, Johan had the octopus. Mmm.

I went for the smoked duck. OK, this was also the highlight, the spicy pepper cream (the orange stuff) went so amazingly well with the duck and had such a complex, interesting flavour. Gala, the owner, told me the chef brings spices from Israel that we can’t get here. Love it.

Had a nice chat with Gala, this is the corner where you find MontRaw. Make sure to make a reservation, the place got full a while after we got there.

Thanks again for having us, was such a pleasure and I look forward to visiting again. My friend has tried almost the whole menu and told me I have a lot more to discover. Happy and content, we walked all the way back home. A beautiful night.

Wrist Worms

Something red

January 30, 2019

My attempt to become better friends with the colour red has worked out well, if we agree on that this shade of orange/rusty red is red. I saw this yarn in a shop in November, fell in love and couldn’t stop thinking about it, so yesterday I got myself one skein and made this pair of Rusty Red Wrist Worms.

Do you like them? I will for sure make a pair for myself (already started). Thinking of making a sweater as well. It’s made with Icelandic wool, so if you’re sensitive to wool, this pair won’t work for your hands though. Rusty Red Wrist Worms – I will make a few more colours with this yarn eventually, it’s amazing. Already have a pair in light grey and they become more and more beautiful the more they have been worn.

Tonight I’m invited to a restaurant which I’m so excited to try, will bring my camera and show you tomorrow. It’s traditional Middle Eastern recipes with a modern Mediterranean interpretation – sounds great, right? Looking forward to eating something I didn’t cook myself – about time after a month of pretty strict diet. Been eating a lot of plant based food, egg, cheese and almost no meat. Must say, I feel great and also lost some kilos (a lot thanks to quitting alcohol, I guess). Went to the doctor in December and did several blood tests and I was in good shape except for high blood pressure (nurse said it was the stress from clients not paying me, had to deal with that for a whole week and slept very little, so no wonder it was high) and a bit too much weight. Hello 40!

Hope you’re all good.