Wrist Worms

Wrist Worms, a farewell

April 11, 2019

Dear Wrist Worms friends,

I have decided to stop making Wrist Worms for now, at least the way they look since 2008 until today. Maybe/hopefully they’ll come back this Fall in a different shape. ALL Wrist Worms are 33% off with code SPRING19 and you find them here. Thanks for all those years, I have made thousands and thousands of pairs and enjoyed making each and every one of them so much. I will let you know where I’m heading when Summer is about to take farewell. Lots of love to all of you, Sandra xo

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Lunch in Kreuzberg

April 9, 2019

Friday. Johan and I haven’t seen much of each other lately and on Friday, we decided to cross the bridge over to Kreuzberg to move our carcasses. I love looking at tourists posing for pictures, so many interesting poses that I don’t understand because I have no idea how to act in front of a camera.

So I gave my camera to Johan after taking this picture and asked him to take a decent picture of me.

This was the only one that turned out pretty OK. I have realised that I find blogs more fun if there are pictures of the blog writer sometimes (not in every post though), so I was thinking maybe it’s time I share some of myself.

Singh Indian Street Food.

Their daily Thali is loaded with delicious, very mild flavours (too mild in my opinion, but you can ask for spicy sauce & salt and problem is sorted). You will not leave this place hungry.

From where I was sitting, I had Schlesisches Tor subway station as view.

I had the vegetarian Thali.


Fell in love with this poster.

Thanks to your contributions, I can bring more content like this to the blog.


Open windows & demonstration

April 6, 2019

Saturday in Berlin. I just came home from Boxi, opened up the windows and look forward to watching the huge demonstration against the real estate mayhem, raised rents and evictions going on in Berlin. The demonstration is passing by here in a few hours, my full support Mietenwahnsinn. I’m not comfortable in crowds, thanks to all of you who will join the demonstration, you’re heroes!

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Li.ke Thai Vegan

April 3, 2019

Last week, Johan and I had lunch at Li.ke. Thai vegan food. It’s a pretty new place and a couple of months ago, I was walking down the street eavesdropping, hearing a guy telling another guy It’s like 1990 Vegan Living, but Thai and even better. Sold.

Thai food is so full of flavour and Li.ke is doing a really good job.

Took the stuff on the menu with 1-2 chilis next to the name, since we both love it spicy. The dumplings didn’t have a chili next to its name and they were too bland for our taste, though not bad in any way. Yummy sticky rice in the container to the right, for those of you who wondered.

Love how colourful it is and all the tables are decorated with different flowery fabric.

Love to go out for lunch, it was not crowded and we enjoyed looking at a group of American tourists, who obviously had been up all night drinking and still going strong. They seemed to have fun (and were behaving well, not like the cliché Friedrichshain tourists who drive the residents crazy, please if you visit: Pay respect to the people living here).

One of the most beautiful restaurants in the neighbourhood for sure.


These chairs would normally give me childhood church anxiety, but in this setting they look really good.

Super delicious. I look forward to going back.

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Gothenburg, Sweden

Coffee with Camilla & Morran

April 2, 2019

Let’s do some time travel and go back to a morning in June, 2008. One thing I really miss from Gothenburg is meeting Camilla for morning coffee. None of my friends in Berlin want to meet for early coffee and now that I don’t want to meet late at night in smokey bars anymore (something I never liked nearly as much as early coffee dates tbh), it’s like most of the friends disappeared. I guess that’s what happens when you become friends with people in bars – that’s where you’ll find them (nothing wrong with that, that’s not what I’m saying).

How many of you remember Morran?

We used to hang out at Bengans, a record store at Stigbergstorget in Majorna, where I moved when I met Johan. It was great for people watching, wonder if it’s still there.

Morran was a very special lady. I guess we all are 😉

Johan’s espresso & cream bomb.

How are you doing? Yesterday PMS hit me harder than ever when I was in Kreuzberg, I had a feeling of drowning inside of myself for hours and hours. I vagely remember a Späti owner who wanted to drink vodka with me, but I said no. I also remember seeing three people going into a toilet with heroin ready to be used. This is when I did my best to walk home where I almost fainted. Took a nap and woke up still feeling the same, could hardly walk, but made it down to my Späti where I got Club Mate + chocolate which made my head a little bit clearer. Have you ever felt this way from PMS? I wonder if it’s age? Let’s talk about it.

Späti is like a kiosk btw, Sandra xo

Wrist Worms

Dark Blue WWs

April 1, 2019

I made 3 pairs of Wrist Worms in a new colour, Dark Blue. Do you like them?

The days are still chilly, but Spring is here, yay!

Did you have a nice weekend? I did, met some friends in the Biergarten on Saturday evening, when it was 18°C and we had new things to talk about since we hadn’t seen each other for ages. Was lovely.

This week I’m working on my own projects + a collaboration with something delicious that I will show you later. Had a photographer over last Friday, who took pictures of me and my kitchen for a magazine that comes out in July, looking forward to sharing it with you when it’s hot hot Summer. Now I will run over to Kreuzberg to buy green lentils, can’t find them anywhere in the supermarkets in my neighbourhood. It’s just plain green lentils, maybe they are not as popular in Germany as they are in Sweden where you find them in every shop? 8 years here make me feel like I’m in limbo, I will never feel fully integrated here and when I go to Sweden, I don’t feel at home there at all anymore – the country has changed a lot since I moved and I feel like a visitor. Those of you who have moved to other countries and decided to stay for many years probably feel the same, don’t you?


Birthday, Part 4

March 29, 2019

A tree house.

After the botanical gardens, we walked to Dahlem-Dorf and were reminded that we’re in Germany. Dorf means village. This place serves Asian and German food.

The subway station is very pretty, right?

Passed by a gallery, this sculpture is gorgeous.

A hedge made of plastic?! Made me laugh. The decorations on the building caught my eye as well.

This is Mexikoplatz, a Jugendstil (art nouveau) dream. Also another pretty subway station.

Love letters.

There was a tiny bar in the building and we stopped for a beer.

Took the train back to Friedenau, which is full of super beautiful building. Wanna go there and take more pictures some day soon.

Birthday cake.

Stopped for a coffee, Spring really exhausts you in a good way.

Prettiest church in Berlin.

This area is one of my favourite places in Berlin, at Hauptstrasse.

Waiting for a Dürüm Döner to share.

A very popular place, don’t remember its name. If you read this, Johan, please leave the name in the comments 😉 UPDATE: Thanks to Marie, I can share the name: “Rüyam” <3

Yum, it was huge, we couldn’t finish it although we shared.

All of a sudden this beautiful Volvo passed by.

Took a walk towards Potsdamer Platz and this sign always make me smile. That was Johan’s birthday. Full of changed plans, as we both like it.


Birthday, Part 3

March 28, 2019

Smalltown boy by Jimmy Sommerville here, right? Johan said to me yesterday that I pretty often look distressed, haha, so does he. I seem to have a thing for melancholic eyes.

We arrived at the Botanischer Garten station, Johan’s comment was Wow, am I that old? He’s been wanting to go there for a couple of years already, so he was very happy about the surprise.

Love this colour combination.


Love the tiles here. Berlin tiles hah.

And how pretty is this?

This makes my heart go boom.

Went inside the greenhouse and the humidity! Made my lens a bit blurry, gave a nice effect.

Johan filmed this, with my orange hair (bleaching process doesn’t make me look nice, but I hope the end result will be good, going to do something about it tonight, bleached more yesterday – never been this blonde before).

Super hot tropical climate.

The humidity made Johan’s hair all curly. His hair has turned so reddish lately.

Have this plant at home, love it. Don’t know the name though, feel free to share in the comments if you know it.

Comfy natural stools.

A choir of cacti singing Oh holy night. Like we did at Christmas in my childhood church, until the roof almost lifted.

Happy birthday Johan! After this, we decided to walk around in the area around the Botanical Gardens instead of going back to Mitte to visit an exhibtion I had planned to go to (toys from the Soviet Union time).

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Birthday, Part 2

March 27, 2019

Let’s have another look at Johan’s birthday. After we had our coffees and cake, we jumped on the S-Bahn to go to the Botanical Gardens (Johan didn’t know), but I decided we should stop in Mitte for lunch before going out in nature.

Hackescher Markt station.

Jumped off at Friedrichstrasse and me not being used to public transport, thought we should walk to the lunch place. Sometimes I forget about connecting trains.

I gave Johan a few lunch options and he chose Dada Falafel, where we used to go back in the days. It’s still very delicious, some of the tastiest falafels in town.

Beautiful tiles.

We shared this plate with delicious stuff. I love that the chili sauce is spicy, in lots of shops the chili sauce tastes more like ketchup here in Berlin.

OK, Johan, get ready for a longer train ride.

Quick stop in the bathrooms, where you find this beautiful lettering.

And then the U-Bahn back to Friedrichstrasse to swooosh over to the Botanical Gardens. More about that later.

Berlin, Café, Friedrichshain

Birthday, Part 1

March 26, 2019

Last week was Johan’s birthday. I asked him to take the day off, cause I had made plans for the day. Plans, which we of course changed on the way since the weather was beautiful and we decided to walk, talk and sit outside sipping a small beer in a place I’ll show you later.

We did go to Happy Baristas which was first on the list. Lemon meringue cake was ordered. Every cake I ever tried at Happy Baristas has always been extremely delicious.

Was wearing my good old Monki shirt, SNEAKERS (Spring, yay!) and a €5 Swiss silk scarf I thrifted in Gothenburg many years ago. It was used as a table cloth on a red IKEA table and they looked horrible together, so I rescued the scarf.

Nitro coffee to go with the cake. It’s the Guinness of coffee.

Johan’s jacket? I found it on sale at Weekdays last year and sent him a picture, wasn’t sure if he was going to like it – he loved it. Don’t remember where he got that shirt, I call it his politician shirt.

Happy on sugar and coffee, we went to Ostkreuz and got ourselves a sausage and Tageskarten (day tickets for the public transport) and started our ride. The plan was to go to the Botanical Gardens before lunch, but hunger said hello, so already there I changed our plans. Went to Mitte to have lunch at a place where we used to go back in the days when we were tourists. Will show you more soon, lots of pictures to go through.

Happy birthday, Johan! Finally 36, which he thought he already was for a whole year.