A day with Rihanna

May 31, 2018

Hey, Fiona! Hey, Peps! Let’s go to Prenzlauer Berg.

We got to meet Rihanna the doggo and she hung out with us on Tuesday afternoon and evening. We ruled the streets, the four of us.

Rihanna moved from Hungary to Berlin a couple of weeks ago, and lives with Fiona’s friend Sam. Rihanna is a very active dog, hard not to take blurry pictures of her. I like how this one turned out, captures her person very well.

Peps and Rihanna became really good friends, was great fun to see them play.

Do you have a dog?

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Lunch in Prenzlauer Berg

May 30, 2018

Yesterday, Fiona, Peps and I went to Prenzlauer Berg to have lunch at Cat Tuong, another splendid Vietnamese restaurant in our beloved city. They only serve vegan dishes and they do it very very well.

We had seaweed salad and summer rolls as a starter, delicious and refreshing lemonade. Berlin is hot. Not just by its looks, also by its temperatures right now.

Kastanienallee is so beautiful in the Summer. Means chestnut alley.

See that jar with chili? We ate a lot of it. I love restaurants, which put effort into the summer rolls, look how beautiful these are.

As main, Fiona had a wonton soup and I went for the Buddha bowl. Delicious and fresh, I’m so happy about all the good food this city has to offer and it was great to be back at Cat Tuong, hadn’t been there since Johan used to work in Prenzlauer Berg a couple of years ago.

After lunch, Rihanna the dog came by to be taken care of by us the rest of the day and evening. I will show you later.

Summer is here for sure, I have a good feeling about this one. For each year living in Berlin, I have learned to deal with hotter temperatures. My flat is like a sauna and the best working solution I have come up with, is to fill the bathtub with cold water and take a dip once an hour. Do you have a good solution to share? Would love to hear!


Utrecht, Part 2

May 29, 2018

Utrecht, looking quite peaceful, right?

Love this spelling of Shawarma.

Me and the camera in my face as usual.

Johan and Roy, in the mood for a beer.

Romantic. Blown away by the numbers, 1812.

Roy took us to the Belgian Beer Café Olivier, located in an old catholic church. Sunday church in Utrecht. Sunday church in Berlin means Berghain.

The bar cat, we became really good friends.

Ordered some beer, this cheese platter and some fries with mayo, which were out of this world tasty and this comes from me who’s usually not a big fan of fries. SO GOOD.

We didn’t have more time to explore Utrecht this time, as we had to head over to Schiphol to take the plane back to Berlin, where we hooked up with Noora for a bar round. Roy and Noora are now back in Finland, where they live. I’m secretly (well, not a secret anymore obvs) hoping they will move here.

Berlin is boiling and I will go to Prenzlauer Berg with Fiona and Peps. We’re going to another (maybe you remember we went to one on Friday) lovely Vietnamese to have lunch.

See you! x


Utrecht, Part 1

May 28, 2018

I’ve been so excited to share my visit in Brabant, The Netherlands, that I almost forgot to show you pictures I took in Utrecht when we were there last Sunday for a few hours to hook up with our friend Roy, who was going back to Berlin on the same plane as us.

It was hot hot hot and so beautiful. I was very thirsty and said to Johan OMG, I’m such a junkie, I want a mate soda! (seriously addicted to it, it makes me very happy and inspired every time I drink it).

Need I say that Utrecht was very very beautiful?


Hello, tiny building!

We went into a snack shop and… found Club Mate. Did you know that this drink originates from 1924?

All of a sudden, we saw Roy and I screamed Hirvenkulli, so he’d know I was there. He took us to a great place, which I will show you tomorrow!

It’s Monday and I’m moving things around in the studio saying it’s because I need to organize, Johan says I’m procrastinating. Maybe a bit of both. Tomorrow I have a meeting with Fiona and Peps, we’re going to Prenzlauer Berg for a lunch date. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I am going to work on my personal projects as well as prepare for the weekend in The Netherlands; Brabant (including Eindhoven) and Amsterdam.

Have made a long list of what I want to blog more about. Anything in particular you would be interested in seeing more of? I’d love to hear your opinions!


One hour in Amsterdam

May 25, 2018

Before our adventure in Brabant started last weekend, we drove into Amsterdam to get some coffee to start with. I looked on the map to find something in the outskirts of the city centre, for easy access with the car, and decided Jordaan would fit. It was early Saturday morning, a little bit chilly and grey, empty streets and I was blown away immediately by the beauty of this country. Searched for coffee and found…

Toki! Great café, great coffee! I ruined mine by being over-excited about the trip and mixed up almond with oat – learned that coffee with almond milk tastes awful (in my opinion, not the café’s fault). Johan’s flat white with regular milk was amazing!

Johan was in Amsterdam for the first time last year and hadn’t made it to Jordaan, so we decided to take a quick stroll around the neighbourhood to find a supermarket to get some bread and cheese for breakfast.

Nothing says more Summer than buttercups. Or maybe bananas in a palm tree?

Eating bread and cheese, walking back to the car to go to Brabant.
If you’ve missed my posts from Brabant, you can see them here, here & here.

Next weekend we’re going back to Brabant and will have a few hours in Eindhoven and I’d love to hear if you have tips on places to go (especially cafés and restaurants)?

Also, we’re going to get some more hours in Amsterdam this time and I’d love to hear about your favourite spots there as well (same here, especially cafés and restaurants plus bars). Feel free to leave a comment! I promise I will come back with pictures from it all!

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1990 Vegan Living

May 25, 2018

Berlin is a dream when it comes to Vietnamese food. There is a big Vietnamese community here, you can read about it here. I love Vietnamese food so much and 1990 Vegan Living is a great place to go in Friedrichshain. Had lunch there today with Johan, Fiona and Peps the doggo.

It’s getting more and more popular to serve small dishes, like Asian tapas, these days, which I find great because then you get to try different things. Looks great, right? Tastes amazing, too!

They put a lot of effort into the interior as well.

Hola Peps! She’s going to stay with me for a week in June, do you know how happy I am?

What a feast, I’m so happy that Friedrichshain is just getting better and better with food. When I moved here it was really difficult to find food this quality. Thank you, 1990, for doing a great job!

Johan and Fiona. My two blondes. We had a meeting while eating, Fiona and I are about to start a new project together involving cocktails (Fiona is an amazing, passionated bartender). Johan has taken the role as project manager. Peps the doggo is the CEO.

So, it’s Fridayayayay, happy weekend!


I went to Brabant, Etten-Leur

May 24, 2018

This blog post is a collaboration with Visit Brabant

After a delicious breakfast (focused on quality instead of quantity, which is something I appreciate) at the hotel, we drove to a town called Etten-Leur. It was time to visit the wine and asparagus farm De Santspuy. Can you smell the nature?

Gilbert showed us how asparagus grows, how you pick them and so on. He was super passionate about what he’s doing and I enjoyed it a lot to learn so much about asparagus.


Asparagus taking a bath.

This made me smile, reminded me of childhood.

So, getting curious of what the asparagus tastes like of course.

And the wine, yum?

Oh look! I can tell you, it was delicious. And I can tell you, I have some asparagus in the fridge that Gilbert so generously gave us as a present. I could have stayed at the farm all day, it made me so relaxed and I almost lied down on the grass to take a nap, but that would have been a bit rude, right? Nature!

Time to head into town for a tour, but first a quick stop to take pictures of cows. I have never seen so many cows as I did in The Netherlands. Wanted to jump out of the car, over the fence and hug them all. Love cows!

In Etten-Leur we met a sweet guide who showed us a tree famous from Van Gogh’s art, the Van Gogh church and told us a lot of stories about him and his art.

For the love of architecture.

The organ from the Van Gogh church.

This is my favourite self-portrait by Van Gogh.

Johan’s film from this day.

This is the last blog post from my weekend in Brabant, I had an amazing time and look so much forward to going back again already next week. Such a beautiful region, kind people, lots of cows, great food and positive energy. Thank you, Brabant!


I went to Brabant, Oisterwijk

May 23, 2018

This blog post is a collaboration with Visit Brabant

After the adventures in Heusden, Johan and I jumped into the car and drove to Oisterwijk and checked in at Hotel de Leijhof (they had upgraded us to their signature suite, thank you so much!). Restaurant the George invited us for dinner and Dylan the Chef showed us the wonderful greenhouse filled with herbs etc.

The restaurant had recently opened and every detail was well taken care of.

The start of the food adventure.

Dylan explaining something to Johan. People who are passionate about what they do – I admire them so much!

Different creations landed on our table, so much work put in to this as you can see. And super delicious.

The restaurant has an open kitchen, so we were entertained for sure. The sommelier took good care of our glasses as well.

The colours. Are you licking your screens now?

Someone said lobster?

This was for sure one of the most spectacular meals I have had so far in my life. Thank you Dylan and everyone else for having us.

If you’re in the area, make sure to stop by Restaurant the George.

Johan made a little film about this as well, check it out!

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A Tuesday with friends

May 23, 2018

Yesterday was as beautiful as this poppy.

Johan and I had a lunch date at Hangmee with our Finnish friends Roy & Noora.

Those people!

And this food! Could eat it every day.

On a dark Winter night in 2016 I was sitting in a bar and Roy showed up, we instantly liked each other. In May last year, he was taking a nap while visiting Berlin and he had never met Johan. When it was time for Roy to end his nap, Johan got the job to wake him up. Roy came to me and said Sandra, an angel woke me up. Since then they are friends.

This lady!

After lunch, we went for ice cream at Chipi Chipi Bombón. I had dulce de leche with chocolate. Johan had mate.

For €3 you can try 6 different flavours.


Went home and worked a few hours and then we met again at Cassiopeia for beers and more friends.


I went to Brabant, Heusden

May 22, 2018

This blog post is a collaboration with Visit Brabant

When Visit Brabant invited me to come for a visit in the region Brabant in The Netherlands, I said yes immediately. I had never been to The Netherlands before (!) and we started with a visit in Heusden where we had lunch in the grey building and later on a wine tasting in the bright, tall brick building.

We had a beautiful table set for us on our arrival in the VaNDijK Restaurant & Kookstudio.

Shared an amazing meal of small dishes together with Justine and her daughter and they presented the rest of our weekend for us. Exciting program, which I will share in three blog posts.

Everything was very fresh and tasty. Especially the tuna. Thank you for having us!

After lunch, Harrie the guide took us around this beautiful little town.

I must admit, I’ve been blown away by this country. The architecture and the details are heaven for a person like me, who could walk around different cities my entire life just to look at buildings.

Roses everywhere you go in this country.

And cats!

I could show you millions of pictures like this, but it’s better if you go there to look at the buildings yourselves, right?

After the tour around town, we went to a wine tasting at Heeren van Heusden, located in a very beautiful old building.

I had never been to a proper wine tasting before and learned a lot, and tasted many great wines. Thanks for all the new knowledge, Annela!

After the wine tasting it was time to head over to the next event, which I will show you tomorrow.

Before leaving, we took a stroll around Heusden and looked at all the beautiful buildings and signs. I can’t wait to go back to this area called Brabant and you know what? I’m going back already first weekend of June, yay!

Johan made a beautiful little film about this, check it out!