Berlin, Friedrichshain


December 9, 2017

I’m on holiday for a few days, maybe those of you who follow me on instagram have seen that I’m in Sweden. This picture is from a shop window in Friedrichshain, Berlin, though because I’m not blogging while I’m away.

Today we’re baking and eating and having a small xmas celebration together at my mum’s house.

I will post pictures here from my time in Sweden when I’m back next week.

Wrist Worms are available and if you live in Germany, you can still be pretty sure they will arrive before the holidays 🙂

Analog, Sweden

In Adolf’s kitchen

December 8, 2017

The first time I took Johan to Adolf’s house, he left a mark with our names. And my dad’s name. By this time, the house had been empty for 16 years.

I remember stealing red currants from the bushes below this window, once Adolf caught me. He played angry, but I saw he was pretty amused.

The last time I went to his house, in 2010, I left these things as they were. They were too beautiful to touch. Now they burned down together with the rest of the house, so glad I have pictures of so many parts of the house. I sometimes imagine me and Johan living there, far away from everything. It’s good in my imagination, would never work in real life. I’m a city person.

Adolf grew up in this house, together with my grandfather and their 10 siblings. I would love to be able to travel in time and listen to all the crazy stories told around this table.

Analog, Sweden

Adolf’s house burned down

December 7, 2017

How many of you remember Adolf’s house? I haven’t visited for about 7 years and earlier this year my uncle decided to burn it down, because it was about to fall apart completely.

Will post some pictures from the house during this month, in honour of Adolf and his house. Will roam around in my memories from childhood to tell you some of the stories I have from this house as well.

My friend Lisen recently moved into a house with the same wallpaper as in the picture above (from Adolf’s living room).

He had the same wallpaper in his bedroom. How gorgeous is this colour combination?

So happy I rescued some things from his house when I was there the last time. Will show you some of them here as well soon.


Dream job

December 5, 2017

Today I’ve been shooting pictures for Gotham Imbiss. Sweet potato fries and aioli – such a good combination.

I can imagine working in a restaurant cooking food for people is a very good job, you’ll make so many people feel good every day. To take pictures of food and get to eat it must be as close to a dream job as I can come 😉

Was a lot of food to shoot and to eat. We gave it to people in need.

Cheese (insert emoji with heart eyes).

The cheesecake is so good.

Was a great day working together with Johan and Liad the chef. I love to work with competent and talented people (ehm, who doesn’t?), you know when everyone is doing their thing and trust each other to do their best.


Monday morning shopping

December 4, 2017

Yesterday I was cleaning the kitchen and smashed my good old Chemex while polishing a juicer. The F! Well, it lasted for many years and served me coffee whenever I wanted.

Slept in this morning, have been feeling like I’m getting sick for several days and ended up sleeping 12 hours per night. Well needed. Warschauer Strasse was sparkling when I went out this morning to buy a new Chemex.

Spring feelings almost!

The toilet at Boxi. Time to go see if I could find a new coffee maker.

Many years ago I found an apartment in this building (look at the dancing couples on the facade!), before it was fixed up. It was 88 square meters and cost €300 per month back then. It had coal heating and Johan said Sandra, you’re too much of a primadonna to live in a coal heated apartment. On this day it’s 7 years ago we visited the place where we live in now, for the first time. It was coal heated and still is. I’m not much of a primadonna after all.

Like I said, the light today, aah. There aren’t many of those unfixed buildings left in Berlin, the way they looked when the Berlin wall came down.

From German building history to December flowers.

Many people who visit Berlin the first time say the same It looks so dirty and why is there graffiti everywhere?

Can you spot the mistletoe? Before moving to Germany, I had no idea how they were growing.

Back home! Ready to spend the day making Wrist Worms and COFFEE! Love the goat logo Johan has made for our friend’s burger joints.

Coffeeeeeee. Started decorating for Xmas in the kitchen yesterday, looking forward to spending more time there now that we have a fridge again and hopefully are more inspired to cook other things than pasta with tomato sauce and mozzarella.

Well, time to make a list of things to do this week (I very seldom make lists, but this week is special), make Wrist Worms (if you live in Europe and want your Wrist Worms to arrive before the holidays, make sure to place your order very soon since the Postal Service is super busy in December – if you live outside of Europe I can not longer guarantee delivery before the holidays), drink more coffee and buy coal. Happy Monday!


Saturday in the neighbourhood

December 2, 2017

Woke up to a Saturday with an almost blue sky, put on some clothes and went to Boxi for a stroll and cheese soup.

In Berlin you find things for free here and there, yesterday Johan found a jacket which is super warm and fits him very well. Winter jackets are so dull, I would like a shiny chrome or a fluffy dusty (pink, green, blue, mustard) thing. Since last winter I’m wearing a great black woolen thing I found in my staircase, which makes me look like a bat. This mustard pair of Wrist Worms is one of Johan’s most worn pairs, I think he’s had them for 5 years.


Hello, good looking!

Mr Fluffy.

Went to the hardware store and on the way home, we passed by this place. I’ve had so much fun here and look forward to next time. Last time, in the middle of all techno, the DJ started playing I feel love with Donna Summer and the euphoria, out of this world! Being a sucker for great sound systems, this place has it all.

The building was still pumping out some house music and we walked home to get stuff done.

By the way, I’ve been binge watching Peaky Blinders while making Wrist Worms – I highly recommend it!

Wrist Worms

And first coffee

December 1, 2017

Hello, December! I’m starting my days the same way every day during Wrist Worms season; coffee and crochet.

Later today I’m off to buy yarn, yay! In the picture you can see my favourite silk scarf which I bought in a second hand store in Gothenburg many years ago for €5.

Look, two new pairs of Wrist Worms: Raspberry Wrist Worms & Large Mustard Wrist Worms.

This weekend is for work, installing our new fridge/freezer, get some holiday spirit, go to Boxi for the farmers market tomorrow and most likely spend the evenings at home. I have so many books I want to read, reading is something I prefer to do instead of going out on Fridays and Saturdays these days. Book Worm vs Party Animal.


Two hours in Leipzig

November 29, 2017

On Friday, I went to Leipzig with Johan and our friend Mark. He’s about to open a restaurant there, so we went there to help him out with some stuff.
Well, I took a quick walk with my camera because I seriously crave seeing new things and places. This building is a cake.

Oh, the colours!

I still only have seen the city center of Leipzig, need to go there properly and discover the outskirt areas. I think they might be much more interesting than the picturesque center.

For an architecture lover, the city center has a lot to offer!

Beautiful and disgusting at the same time. Love it!

This scene has something brutal about it.

Leipzig was building a Christmas market at the big square, I bet it’s very cozy to visit.

Blip blop.

The buildings are much smaller than in big Berlin, very sweet.

This sign is my new favourite!

Wanna move in here and look at people from the window, old lady style. I’m very content in my apartment with a balcony facing one of Berlin’s busiest streets though.

Also, I want to thank you all who write such nice things to me both in emails and in the comments. It means so much to me to hear your opinions and I’m overwhelmed with the kindness you share.



November 27, 2017

The other day I went to Kreuzberg to buy yarn. This bridge, the Oberbaum Bridge, connects Friedrichshain to Kreuzberg, the old East Berlin to the old West Berlin.

It’s so surreal to imagine the Berlin wall, to grasp that it was impossible to cross this bridge back in the days.

I have a friend who tried to escape East Berlin by swimming over the river close to this bridge, he got caught and put in prison.

On this day I took my camera out with the mission to take pictures I usually don’t take, trying to find something new. I think I said NO! out loud at least ten times to myself when pointing the camera at something by impulse. I don’t know if it’s a good thing to work against my spontaneity, we’ll see.

Some of these pictures (not the second one for sure) are, to me, a little bit different from my regular style, or what would you say?

Also, I hope it’s easier to comment on this blog than on the old one. I installed some kind of anti-spam plug-in which hopefully only removes spam and not the kind comments from you. This way, you don’t need to write in a code to prove you’re not a robot.

Wrist Worms

A week of wool

November 26, 2017

Hello, long time no see! This is what I’ve been doing all week – approx 50 hours of making 30 pairs of Wrist Worms for a wholesale order.

I easily get very absorbed by projects and work until they are finished without doing much else, which I guess is both good and bad. Last night I learned that it’s a typical behaviour for introverted people, I’m reading a book about it now and learn so much about myself. Anyway, I actually managed to do something else – I went to Leipzig for a couple of hours on Friday and took some pictures, which I will share here soon.

Today it’s Sunday and I will catch up on emails, organize my desk, cook pasta with tomato sauce, pack some Wrist Worms orders (you find the WW’s here), get to know this space – the new blog – better and plan future posts.