Berlin, Friedrichshain


April 9, 2018

On my street is one of Berlin’s most beautiful entrances, so full of amazing details.

Thank you, whoever designed this.

How was your weekend?
Mine was very good, I spent my Saturday walking around the city on my own and with Johan. The health app on my phone told me I walked 23.8 kilometers. Berlin is so high on Spring right now. Started to clean the studio and will continue today, this space needs some serious decluttering. Now it’s time for coffee, cheers!

Ps. These, these & these slippers are on sale!

Berlin, Friedrichshain

Week 14

April 4, 2018

When I grew up, we always talked about week this, week that. My mum still refers to time in weeks. So I googled what week it is now and it’s 14. What did I do so far this week, except for working? I baked a no-knead bread, almost this recipe, but I skipped a couple of steps. Worked fine anyway. Made a zucchini soup to go with it. Lots of garlic and a bit of vermouth made it more flamboyant.

One morning Johan and I hung out at Holzmarkt for a bit and then passed by a favourite building close to Ostbahnhof, looks like they are doing something about it now. Hopefully something good.

Jumped of joy when I saw that this particular sandwich ice cream arrived in Germany. It has been my favourite since I was a little kid and every time I’ve arrived at the airport in Stockholm, since I moved to Berlin, it’s been the first thing I ate. Looking forward to sharing one with Johan soon, curious if it tastes the same.

Berlin in a nutshell.

Pictures from this morning. Took a walk to Rummelsburg and hung out by the water for a while before heading home again…

…for coffee on the balcony! It was 18 degrees celsius when I came home, yay! Balcony doors are open. And Fiona texted me that she was picking up Peps (she has lots of extra parents) and we had a quick date.

Ok, see you!

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The sauce

April 1, 2018

Earlier this week I was in the mood for a salad. Didn’t have much to put in it, so I decided to make a sauce. Yesterday I made it again because it turned out so unexpectedly delicious. Are you in for a recipe for a sauce that makes any dull salad taste very yummy? I can imagine it goes very well with grilled meat, fish and veggies as well.

THE SAUCE for 2 people
Cottage cheese (I used approx 250g)
Crème fraîche, 1.5 tablespoon
Dijon mustard, 1 teaspoon
1 shallot (chopped)
Olive oil (approx 1.5 teaspoon)
A dash of garlic powder
A dash of dried oregano
Salt & Black pepper

When Johan tasted it, he said Sandra, you have to write down what you put in it!
The sauce made this salad of just romaine lettuce, cucumber and feta cheese so tasty, I think we’ll be having this often from now on. Looking forward to making it again to enjoy on the balcony when Spring arrives. It’s the first of April, it’s snowing, but who cares when you know it’s going to be summery temperatures within two days, yay!

Enjoy! Let me know if you try it and what you think.


March 31, 2005 – 2018

March 31, 2018

Woke up this morning and thought What do I like to blog about?. Since my picture archive is huge, it’s a lot of fun to post those recaps. So, this is on this day, in year 2005. I had fallen madly in love with Johan, I was living with another man who I had loved so much for so many years and everything was painful. So was the project we did at university as well, but at least one of my project mates was Johan and I didn’t know where to go, where to look, where to stand, where to be. Took this picture to document the project we were working on; to try and make this place attractive.

2006. I lived in a small flat on my own, Johan lived in the same house and we would soon decide to move in together in the 34 square meters flat we lived in for almost 5 years. This door is from the center of Gothenburg and I remember taking this picture for my flickr page which I had just started.

2007, it was Spring and we took a long walk and had this for lunch. So delicious, how I miss seafood!

2008. My first attempt to make the granny square blanket, I luckily discovered pretty early that I had to crochet the squares together as I went along. I have made about 8 blankets through the years, one which still lives at my place.

2009. My neighbour worked in a flower shop and surprised me with this bomb of tulips one day. So kind!

2010 was the year when Johan came home with a fish on his shoulder.

2011 – We had moved to Berlin and I got my first iPhone and started my Instagram account, on which I posted tons of pictures every day. Was obsessed!

2012 I took this picture of my hair and took a walk in Prenzlauer Berg to admire the cherry blossom.

2013 served this on the plate.

2014, the room in which our studio is nowadays. It used to be our bed-/livingroom.

In 2015 Christopher’s friend came over from China with his girlfriend and they cooked this amazing dinner. There was a soup that I’m still thinking of very often, wish I had the recipe!

2016 Johan and I had coffee outdoors, need I tell you how much I look forward to next week when it’s supposed to be super warm.

In 2017 on this day, I was knitting a sweater. Still haven’t finished it, just need to stitch it together but that part is so boring.

And today, 2018! I woke up a while ago and will organize my Wrist Worms for the shop. Have been making lots of them this Winter. Making them is my therapy and I’m so grateful for all order that have been placed since I started making them in August 2008.

Do you celebrate Easter? I don’t this year, but I dream of all the food my family is sending me pictures of. Anyway, enjoy the weekend!

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Krets Film Festival Poster

March 30, 2018

Through the years, I’ve received a huge amount of emails from people wondering where they can purchase The Krets Film Festival Poster. The answer used to be nowhere as it sold out in a few days back then. So I decided to print a new batch. You find it here.

I still love the colours I chose for it.

The poster is available here and I will ship on April 16. It feels good to give something old new life again, hope you will like it too!

Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg, Wilmersdorf

Post visitor blues

March 29, 2018

It’s been great days over here. Being with Johan’s parents, doing fun stuff all the time. Now they left and it feels a bit empty, like it always does when you’ve been hanging out with wonderful people. Took them to Wilmersdorf the other day to look at beautiful buildings, have some snacks at Rogacki and a beer at Wilhelm Hoeck.

A break to drink Rotkäppchen before heading to Selig, one of my favourite Chinese restaurants. Went for super spicy food, we felt very content and awake afterwards. I took pictures with my phone. Should make a blog post about what we ate, right?

Yesterday we had breakfast together at their hotel to say bye and cry a tear or two. Cherry blossom and snow?! What is wrong with this Spring? Was so strange to see all the Easter decorations in combination with this weather, feels more like Christmas. Went to buy 80 kilos of coal today, because it’s 15 degrees at home. Hopefully we can stop heating by next week, fingers crossed!

Wish you all a beautiful weekend.

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A Sunday of indulgence

March 26, 2018

On Saturday, Johan’s parents arrived in Berlin. We were in a hurry to go pick them up at the airport, and I forgot my camera. Was OK, we hung out having mimosas and snacks before heading to a friend’s bar, where we caught up over Guinness. That was our Saturday. Sunday was a bit more adventurous. We started by walking around Prenzlauer Berg to go to the flea market at Arkona Platz – my favourite Sunday flea market. Johan’s mum and I were doing what we’re good at – admiring buildings.

Looks a bit chilly.

After the flea market, we took them out for a mini sightseeing. They’ve been here several times before, so we can focus on food and drinks mostly.

Went to the Berlin Wall Memorial and had a look at the steak mural.

Passed by a cemetery where I found a small world on a wall.

Sandra, look! It’s a Sandra picture!, Johan’s mum said and I stopped and clicked.

We went into Zionskirche because it’s so beautiful both from the inside and the outside.

And then to one of my favourite restaurants; Wok Show. Tofu, mushroom, peanut salad and cucumber, garlic salad.

This dish was beautiful but didn’t taste much.

Another favourite, kelp salad.

And their famous dumplings, so good!

Another typical Sandra shot.

We were pretty full and took a walk in the sun, it was an amazingly beautiful day yesterday.

Walked down to Scotch & Sofa, had forgotten how beautiful it is. Was there the first time 13 years ago. Time flies! Johan and I went there on one of our visits before we moved to Berlin and hadn’t been there since then. More visits from now on for sure.

Ok just look, so much attention to all the details.


I love how they take well care of the place.

Johan’s espresso martini. Very tasty.

Someone was very content.

After a couple of drinks, I said Let’s go for pizza! and the others said YES!. We went to I Due Forni for a Romana.

Red wine and intense discussions.

And Buon Gustaio. Love pizza. Love to hang out with these people.


Last day in Leipzig

March 23, 2018

I love to see the world mirrored in windows, I sometimes tilt my kitchen window just to see the room from a different view.

We were in Leipzig at the end of February to help our friend to open his burger restaurant Gotham for which Johan has made the graphic design. You can see some more of his designs here.

This was the morning after my trauma, so I decided to take a walk to Hotel Astoria, a building I had been curious about since my first time in Leipzig.

Love this sign so much! I’d love to be able to see the building from the inside. It’s been closed since 1996. I just read here that they plan to re-open in a couple of years. Also, the Wikipedia page says it used to be one of the most beautiful hotels during the GDR times and that each room looked different. WOW!

The central station in Leipzig reminds me a lot of Grand Central Station in New York City. You feel very small standing there looking up.

Close to the Gotham restaurant you find this courtyard.

With an antique shop.

Back at the restaurant I helped out with small details, as well as had this:

The burger The Brit with extra mushrooms. Love Stilton cheese so much!

Happy Friday!
Johan’s parents arrive in Berlin tomorrow and I’m going to bring my camera for our adventures. We have nothing really planned as we all love to take things as they come. And one thing is for sure: We love to eat together! Food pictures FTW!

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March 21, 2018

March 21 – Johan’s birthday. He’s 35 today. The first time I celebrated his birthday was in 2005, when we were friends. Took him out for a three course dinner, was in love with him without knowing it. Today he’s sick and this is the view from our bed.

My sister asked me to buy flowers (and an inside joke beer) for him (inspiration: 80’s Madonna) and I placed them where he can look at them all day.

I just came back in from a long walk in the sun, got us one of these to share as birthday cake. On a sugar high right now.

No big celebrations going on today, obviously. Happy Birthday, Johan! Love.

Berlin, Home

The joke of the day

March 20, 2018

Woke up to snow this morning. What a joke, it disappeared fast though. Usually there is a lot of blossom to admire and beers to drink in the park at this time of the year. I never get tired of this view, from the kitchen.

Home baked bread and coffee.

So in love with this wallpaper. When it was up, I discovered that we have so many things that go very well with it. Haven’t bought many new things the past 7 years, most of our stuff is found in different second hand shops in Sweden. When we moved to Berlin, we felt like we have almost everything we need for our home. I’m going to go through all our stuff and rearrange during Spring. Will take some pictures if I find something nice.

And one more thing before I get ready for bed:
Thank you for visiting this space! I’m amazed so many of you still hang around and follow me, it means a lot!
Sandra x