Welcome to LLA

August 3, 2019

Welcome to LLA. That’s the airport code for Luleå Airport. Let me take you down memory lane. This is the beach where we used to swim as kids. Munkeberg and Mjölkudden. In English: Monk’s Mountain and Cape of Milk.

Along the beach, we used to be forced to go running at gym class. Orienteering, my sister always cheated – I never did. We stamped a used napkin to celebrate that I’m not a good girl anymore and would cheat if I could go back in time.

Welcome to Tuna. One of the hoods where we grew up. This was the dangerous area apparently. I was always told not to go there as a kid, funny that I now choose to live in one of the most “criminal” streets of Berlin. Fear is not an option after growing up being afraid of everything. Mum showed us the place where a flasher showed me and her his dick when I was 2.

The old lockers at our old school, the School of Tuna. I wonder if I know anyone who was happy going to school at this time of their lives? Age 14-16. Don’t know how often I have nightmares about being back here.

Where the container used to be, the one we found so much stuff in. Still have some left.

We moved around a lot, this is where we lived when my sister was cut out of our mum. So much action going on in this building through the years.

All those memories made us end up at our childhood pizzeria, which looked exactly the same.

We ordered the La Bussola of course, it’s the one our mum always ordered. I always had the Capricciosa and my sister got the Vesuvio. Yum.

The 84, the last and 6th flat we lived in before moving into the center of LLA City. My memories from those places are so crystal clear that it’s creepy, most of my friends from that time tell me they hardly remember anything. How about your memories from your teens?

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  • Reply B August 5, 2019 at 6:13 pm

    love your mother´s Outfit !

  • Reply Becky August 7, 2019 at 10:51 am

    This was such an interesting post, I often think about doing a little tour for myself from when I was a teenager and not being afraid anymore is something I’m working on so that resonated 🙂
    My memory is so patchy, I think because of anxiety so hopefully some of it will come back to me eventually. I also have nightmares about that time at school though so maybe my brain is just trying to help lol.

  • Reply Mims August 19, 2019 at 6:32 pm

    thanks for the glimpse into your childhood. I actually have some good memories of school, as I went to an all girls high school, and even though the classic cliques existed: jocks, nerds, cool kids, art kids, burnouts…..every one got along pretty much and was friendly. Not having boys around removed the pressure to act a certain way. At the time I thought it sucked, but I am very grateful for that now. And that pizza looked awesome!

  • Reply Gaby August 28, 2019 at 10:31 am

    This was very interesting to read, eventhough it sounds all a bit creepy, as out from some weird movie. The pictures remind me of Soviet Union in the eighties.
    I have good memories of my childhood and youth, eventhough I never liked school. But it was a nice and safe place with friendly teachers and many nice classmates. I went there for social reasons, not because I thought I would really learn useful things. Not surprising that my 13year old kid feels the same about his school in Berlin nowadays.

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