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July 1, 2019

This is a thing I saw my entire childhood and youth. From the airplane, from the streets far away. Never knew what it was, we just called it the Golden Knob. Apparently it’s a radiolocator from before I was born, located at the highest mountain in the Luleå area, in a village called Måttsund. This is also where I learned to go downhill skiing. Learned is a very optimistic word though.

This evening was the first time I went back after my last time trying to go downhill skiing when I was 20. I suck at downhill skiing, because I have no balance, I’m afraid of heights and my knees are weak. But I’m stubborn, so I tried a few times for a few years. In the beginning, I didn’t know how to break, so I just sat down on my butt until I stopped. The guys passing by in the ski lift were screaming GAME OVER to me every time. Oh well.

Elvis started walking down immediately, looking like a little mountain cow.

Hey, old man, no walking down!

So beautiful to see this place in the Summer, only seen it close up covered in snow before.

Thomas wanted to show us the surroundings of Måttsund where his family comes from, so we ended up at this pond.

So clear.

I know I say it more and more often, but Sweden is becoming so exotic to me. I start to see my old country with the eyes of a foreigner.

Deep breath. I go back again tomorrow to enjoy the fresh air, hopefully shoot more pictures and spend time with Elvis and…! You know what?! NESTOR is going to be there as well. My in-laws haven’t been up north since 2008 and it will be so amazing to hang out there together. Gonna try and snap a picture of Elvis and Nestor together, fingers crossed they will like each other.

Ps. I’m much better now after the accident, no broken ribs it seems, just very bruised on my legs and still in pain. Been sleeping more than ever, crazy how much energy it takes for the body to heal.

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