Back in Berlin

July 29, 2019

Since I’m back home, I’ve been quite busy with visitors, catching up with friends and helping Johan with some of his projects – last week was a lot about Bite Club. Was fun and intense.

This was the location where we worked on Friday, preparing for Bite Club taking place in the afternoon and evening. Had so much fun, got to eat a lot of super tasty food and ended up on a guestlist in a club, so we went dancing until it was daylight again. Didn’t have time to go for a swim at the Badeschiff this time, though, but was happy to just have this view during the day. I have been taking so many pictures during this month, it’s been a beautiful and exciting July full of adventures.

Now I’m going to spend 6 weeks working as much as I can, need to focus and get back into my daily routines, otherwise I know from experience that I won’t be feeling good. Hopefully this will motivate me to blog more again, I tend to forget about it as soon as there’s too much other stuff going on. Could go on about my thoughts about blogging for ever, but instead I’ll shut up and post here again soon. How have you been?

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