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Visiting Friends: Tenia & Primitiv Bar

June 17, 2019

Primitiv Bar. Where do I start? How many times have I been here the past 8 years? 1000? At least. This is the bar where Johan started working 8 years ago and that’s when I met one of my closest friends – Tenia.

So this is not just a portrait of Tenia, it’s also a portrait of a bar as a friend and friends of the bar.

Tenia is the biggest reason why we all come to hang out there, she’s a pro at bringing good people together.

The same goes for Palina, the owner if this beautiful place. I remember the first time Johan and I passed by this place, we were of course drawn in by the Twin Peaks feeling.


Mathias, India and Achilleas showed up. This is what they look like when Johan stumbles into the bar.

The back room. I took these pictures on a late afternoon, later in the evenings this place is packed with people.

Johan working on the menus.

Tenia and Palina.

Smoking is allowed except for in front of the bar workers.

Time for André to start his shift. And time for me to stop working Рon this night I met a new fabulous person to hang out with, I wonder when we will bump into each other again.

You find Primitiv Bar on Simon-Dach-Strasse 28, it’s open every day. Fridays and Saturdays are wild.

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  • Reply Gina June 22, 2019 at 9:26 pm

    Looks like a place I would like to hang out at.

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