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An evening by the Luleå River

June 29, 2019

On a sunny, chilly Sunday evening in Luleå, we took the car to go to Laxfiskemuseet (the Museum of Salmon Fishing) right outside of Luleå town.

This bridge, Gäddviksbron, was finished in 1941, super narrow and beautiful. I’m not driving a car very often, so I do get a bit nervous if I meet a truck while in the middle of the bridge.

This is a sad story about Sweden. People tend to destroy things as soon as they have some alcohol in their system, a lot of frustration going on. I’m not saying this goes for every Swede, but it’s unfortunately pretty common. Those chairs used to be placed in the red hut together with a large table, for people to throw dinners instead of throwing chairs into the river. The freedom to roam can be translated in different ways, I guess.

Look at Elvis and Johan having a conversation. I guess he wants…

…this. No, Elvis, it’s a sourcream and onion version, not for you. Your stomach would give us a bad review.

This is the room where the table and chairs used to be. Imagine a cozy dinner with candles and then a dip in the river. Maybe a picnic on the floor next time instead?

We started to get a bit cold, so we jumped into the Volvo for more adventures.

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