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Breakfast for once

May 5, 2019

Hello, hi. Woke up this morning and snoozed for a couple of hours, been having a cold the past few days so needed some extra sleep. Before going to bed, Johan asked me to help him with some typography work today. Woke up hungry and said Let’s eat breakfast for once and I’ll help you at the café.

Cappuccino and freshly squeezed orange juice + typography work.

At our local favourite café La Tazza d’Oro (the golden cup). Gyllene Koppen in Swedish (I miss writing in Swedish).

Everything tasted like vacation, we started pretending we were somewhere else and ended up in Buenos Aires.

Breakfast would be a lie, this turned out to be our lunch as we took it very slow at home before heading out. This is something I try to practise – to stay home and take it more easy in the morning instead of jumping in my shoes and rush out five minutes after I wake up. I think it makes me more relaxed but it also makes me slower and less hyper active (which probably is good for the person who lives with me, but haven’t figured out yet if it’s good for me when it comes to efficiency during the rest of the day).

Ok enough jibbering, having a nice weekend, are you?

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  • Reply Carina Agüero May 6, 2019 at 1:04 am

    Viendo las fotos del desayuno, te aseguro que no difiere mucho de los que consumimos acá en Buenos Aires.
    Salvo la primera foto, el resto podría ser la de cualquier bar de acá. Saludos desde Argentina.

    • Reply Sandra May 6, 2019 at 11:35 am

      I’m so impressed that I understood this although my Spanish is very limited! And fun to hear – I would so much love to visit Buenos Aires one day <3

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