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Visiting Friends: Niko Stoessl & Oskar Humlebo

April 25, 2019

Starting a new series on the blog called Visiting friends and first off is Niko Stoessl / SlikNik – an amazing Austrian artist and music producer who I know since a few years. This multi talent also makes great electronic music together with his girlfriend Anna under the name GRAU.

We have so many friends in common that FB kept telling me we should become friends, so once at a Depeche Mode afterparty, I approached him with this info and that’s how we met. After that I have learned about his many talents and as a bonus, his Swedish friend Oskar Humlebo / Moto Boy was at his studio to record the new amazing song Vi kör tills vi dör which will be released in May. Was great to meet for a chat, have been admiring his music since 2008.

Let’s have a look at some pictures from last night when we went to Springpfuhl to visit Niko’s studio.

We started with listening to what they had been working on during the day, I’m sure Oskar’s new song is going to be very frequent on Swedish radio this Summer, it’s a song which makes one want to drive a car a bit too fast if you know what I mean. My favourite kind of music.

Johan joined as well.

Amazing to see Niko at work. There’s nothing in the creative field that impresses me more than music making.

Then Niko turned on some new stuff for GRAU and we couldn’t stop listening. Oskar is the guitarist for The Cardigans when they go on tour.

And Niko has been working with Dave Gahan, Depeche Mode & Nina Persson to name a few.

We discovered that Oskar’s wife Petra Fors / Pikko and I went to school together in the north of Sweden in our teens. Small world

This guy.

You have to check out their music, promise.

Thank you so much, Niko & Oskar, for having us over and being so generous with your music and great stories. When you meet good people like this, it’s instant love (quote Oskar’s instagram post).

Hope you enjoyed the first chapter of this series.

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  • Reply Pamela April 26, 2019 at 1:16 am

    Hello from the west coast of Canada! I’ve been reading your blog for quite awhile—I crochet my own blanket a few years ago—and love this new content! So neat to hear about creative people in other parts of the world.

    • Reply Sandra April 30, 2019 at 12:46 pm

      Pamela, so glad you like this article! Thinking of who to present next, want to do a fun mix of different occupations 🙂 Thanks for visiting! x

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