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Recipe: Ricotta & Anchovies

April 23, 2019

Today I made a super simple lunch for me and Johan. Ricotta with anchovies, olive oil and black pepper on a plate. Lamb’s lettuce with olive oil, balsamico, salt & black pepper. Bread.

The creamy, almost sweet, ricotta goes so well with the salty anchovies.

And it’s beautiful to look at.

Of course we had more anchovies than this, they are hard to stop eating. I imagine you could prepare a bunch of sandwiches like this for a dinner party as a welcome snack. I imagine capers or olives are good as well if you’re not into fish.

How have you been? I had visitors and I suck at working when people are here, so I neglected this space a bit more than I wanted to. Now I’m back, yay!

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