Berlin, Friedrichshain, Prenzlauer Berg

The war of the ants

March 9, 2019

Yesterday was public holiday, the sun was shining, the winds were harsh and Johan had an errand in Prenzlauer Berg, so I said I’ll join you, let’s take a walk. During Winter, I keep an eye on the weather forecast extra much because of heating with coal at home, so I knew this weekend was going to be very rainy and very stormy.

Right at Frankfurter Tor, you find this sign. I love it, how it’s mounted on the wall, the placement, the look.

Lots of families walking around in Volkspark Friedrichshain. And dogs.

Spring shadows love.

Sometimes when I shoot a picture, I think of other bloggers and their style, this one is very Liivia to me.

And this is very me, so you know whose blog you are visiting. Love the colours here.

These packagings appeal to me. Found a food store which was open yesterday, usually it’s only the ones in the train stations being open on public holidays and Sundays. They were serving coffee and cake, so maybe that’s a loophole.

Would love this lamp in my home.

Beautiful facades in Prenzlauer Berg around Kollwitzplatz.

This must be the most pictured sign at Oderberger Strasse, reminds me of my blog back in the days when I posted pictures from my travels to Berlin.

Lots of new identities.

Traces of old posters are romantic.

Talking to me?

Only one woman at first sight.

Those lamp posts are remnants from the GDR times, I hope they will last. You can still see traces of which parts belonged to the East Berlin and the West Berlin. Been thinking about how good it would look as a table lamp, there you go – take the idea, produce it and send me one as a thank you, thank you.

This bar showcases their name in white noise. In Swedish it’s called Myronas Krig which means The war of the ants.

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