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Summer on a February plate

March 1, 2019

Last Saturday at Johan’s parents. How good looking is this hanging basket thingie? Don’t know where it’s from though.

The tulips smelled like licorice, wow. They were from the supermarket.

Citrus, I love you.

Salmon, I love you.

Carmex, I love you.

Look at this salad. It’s what you see + a dressing made of citrus juice and olive oil.

So amazingly tasty! Added some salmon after I took this picture. I secretly dream about making a cookbook with Maria.

And a picture of castelvetrano olives just because they are my favourites.

What a day we had. All of us reading our books together apart, so chilled. Love being around family (friends as well for that matter) and everyone is doing their thing and we don’t have to talk all the time. Nestor was sleeping though, he hasn’t learned how to read yet. Got 2 more Sweden meals to share pictures from. Seems like my blog has turned into a food blog now, no worries, I will post other things as well. This is how it is – I can’t just blog about one thing – I want this place to be like a small magazine with different topics (if you have a certain topic you want more of, just tell me, I love to hear your opinions and it’s always nice to get your input). It’s impossible for me to focus on just one thing, as a teenager I was very frustrated about not having the same handwriting all the time – it’s always changing depending on the pen and paper. Now I see it as a good thing. But I do admire those who keep a consistent content or a consistent handwriting, the grass is greener etc etc.

Friday, March 1, happy weekend!

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