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March 8, 2019

Last Sunday, after visiting Gimme Gelato, we decided to walk home from Charlottenburg to Friedrichshain with a detour through Schöneberg. Didn’t make it all the way, because we took more and more detours and it was raining. Saw lots of good things on the way, let’s look at some of them.

Beautiful solution instead of just bars.

This reminds me of Stockholm.

Primary colours.

A worried face.

Walking through the western parts is like being in another German city. There are so many beautiful old store signs since these parts of the city remained more “untouched” when the wall came down.

How good is this?

This sly face would make me question if I would dare to drink what she’s serving.

The lettering.

It’s been pretty warm, the magnolias are ready to pop.

This colour pops.

Sign yumminess.

Sparrows searching shelter from the rain.

Read about this building in the newspaper a couple of years ago, it was super run down and something had to be done. Looks like it’s been taken care of. It’s one of my favourite buildings in the city. This is in Schöneberg, gay town of Berlin. Wouldn’t mind living here if I ever change area.

How good is this?

Beautiful patterns and materials. We had shared a plate of Döner with rice and salad and decided it was time to take the train back home as it was getting dark.

Passing by our local techno club, haven’t been there for over a year. I long for a spin on the dancefloor, one of my favourite DJs is playing at the end of this month. Haven’t been out much at all since last year, been reading 12 books instead. Taking it easy, taking time for myself, yeah you know – I said it already.

Today is public holiday, it’s stormy and rainy and I just got in from a walk to the other side of the hood and back. Gonna make the green lentil salad and eat with eggs or feta cheese. Johan is swamped with work, so I’m doing what I can to help where I can, cause I only have my own projects right now. Been saying no to a lot of collaborations because they didn’t suit my profile and economy is suffering, but working for companies I don’t think fit here wouldn’t be right. Collaborations need to go hand in hand with what’s usually presented here, doing ad work for example for bandaids for kids would be pretty out of context. Talk soon! Sandra x

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  • Reply famapa March 8, 2019 at 5:16 pm

    supersnygg första bild!! och flamingo räcket fick mig att le – jättefin/rolig! å ja, inte skulle man våga dricka vad “Mina” serverar…
    trevlig helg på dig och hälsa juhani! kram

    • Reply Sandra March 8, 2019 at 6:24 pm

      Det var flera gånger på den promenaden som jag tänkte på dig faktiskt <3 Ha en fin helg ni med gullisar, stora kramar härifrån! Ska sätta tänderna i boken i helgen, tack igen så mycket <3

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