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Buildings of Berlin

March 18, 2019

Let’s have a look at some pictures I took the other day when I ended up taking a 17 kilometers walk. I got stuck in looking at mostly buildings, as you will see. Did I ever tell you that one of the reasons why I moved to Berlin is that it’s possible to walk here for hours and hours without ending up on the countryside?

Karl-Marx-Allee, close to where I live.

The light on this day was very soft. A pink lamp post showed up all of a sudden.

This is a bar and cinema at Richard-Sorge-Strasse. One good looking facade.

Pretty unual roofs for Berlin. Most buildings in my neighbourhood were built around the 1900’s, that’s why they look pretty much alike and many of them still have the original tiles at the entrances, the style is Jugendstil/Art Nouveau.

Soft light, soft colours. I decided to listen to Kent (Swedish band, great) with my headphones for a while, which turned out dangerous for me, was almost hit by cars several times. Better continue walking without anything else but the city’s sounds in my ears. That’s the way I like it the most anyway.

Well, here I had my sister in my ears. Love to make phonecalls to my family during walks (they are the only ones I talk with on the phone, I never answer if anyone else calls, have pretty severe phone phobia, so I love text messages).


This is close to the Lichtenberg station, somehow reminds me of Brooklyn.

This made me happy, I love it when houseowners allow shops/bars/restaurant to use the facade for their signs like this.

What a great thing!

Leaving Lichtenberg to go back to Friedrichshain.

That was it, I’m grateful I grew up with a dad who made me lift my head to look at buildings everytime we visited Stockholm.

So, how are you doing? Had a good weekend? I did. This week is full of plans; I’m going to Charlottenburg tomorrow to shoot pictures of a place you’ve already seen here, but I want to show you more. On Wednesday I’m off to Kreuzberg/Alt-Treptow to shoot pictures of another place for an article on a Berlin website – will tell you more when it’s published. Thursday is Johan’s birthday and I’m planning a day of surprises for him (hope he can take the day off). Will start preparing my kitchen for a fun photoshoot for a magazine next week and spend the weekend getting things done at home. Been neglecting stuff like hanging things on the wall in the bed/livingroom.

By the way, a few beanies left in the shop. They are €35 instead of €45 and you find them here. Been living in mine all Winter.

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  • Reply Stef March 22, 2019 at 6:27 am

    There’s something about the buildings in Berlin that really gets to me. I grew up in Dresden, which is mostly new buildings (thanks, 1945), whereas Berlin has so much charm. Every house looks different! The colours are so lovely! The details! It’s been so windy the past few weeks, but I really look forward to nicer weather and properly going out and exploring.

    • Reply Sandra March 22, 2019 at 6:22 pm

      Still haven’t been to Dresden and really want to go although the bad reputation (not just buildings but politically). Hope you get to explore soon! Thanks for commenting, Stef 🙂

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