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Birthday, Part 1

March 26, 2019

Last week was Johan’s birthday. I asked him to take the day off, cause I had made plans for the day. Plans, which we of course changed on the way since the weather was beautiful and we decided to walk, talk and sit outside sipping a small beer in a place I’ll show you later.

We did go to Happy Baristas which was first on the list. Lemon meringue cake was ordered. Every cake I ever tried at Happy Baristas has always been extremely delicious.

Was wearing my good old Monki shirt, SNEAKERS (Spring, yay!) and a €5 Swiss silk scarf I thrifted in Gothenburg many years ago. It was used as a table cloth on a red IKEA table and they looked horrible together, so I rescued the scarf.

Nitro coffee to go with the cake. It’s the Guinness of coffee.

Johan’s jacket? I found it on sale at Weekdays last year and sent him a picture, wasn’t sure if he was going to like it – he loved it. Don’t remember where he got that shirt, I call it his politician shirt.

Happy on sugar and coffee, we went to Ostkreuz and got ourselves a sausage and Tageskarten (day tickets for the public transport) and started our ride. The plan was to go to the Botanical Gardens before lunch, but hunger said hello, so already there I changed our plans. Went to Mitte to have lunch at a place where we used to go back in the days when we were tourists. Will show you more soon, lots of pictures to go through.

Happy birthday, Johan! Finally 36, which he thought he already was for a whole year.

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  • Reply sonrie March 26, 2019 at 8:59 pm

    Happy Birthday to Johan! I will turn 36 next week. I am finding that I absolutely love being in my mid 30s.
    That cake also looks so wonderful. When my husband and I traveled to France and Germany a few years back, we found that desserts are much less sweet than American versions. The reason I have found for this which makes the most sense to me is that post WWII after sugar rationing, England’s consumption returned to pre war levels, mainland Europe’s stayed lower than pre war levels and America’s sugar consumption skyrocketed to higher levels. I can’t remember where I read that (though I think it was in this book: The Case Against Sugar by Gary Taubes). All that to say, we found that we preferred the desserts with the lower levels of sugar; for one thing, it helped to bring out the other natural flavors of whatever was in the dessert, in this case, lemon.

    • Reply Sandra March 27, 2019 at 11:45 am

      Wow, this is so interesting! I have been wondering about why the Swedish desserts are so overly sweet that I always feel sick after eating them, I guess they are more similar to the American ones. Here, I can enjoy a whole piece of cake myself, without feeling sick, and it’s so much tastier. Thanks for this information! x

  • Reply sonrie March 27, 2019 at 6:21 pm

    I would rather eat a smaller amount than larger, and would always rather taste the flavors. In general, I find that most things are overly sweetened and we have all just gotten used to it I guess?!

    • Reply Sandra March 27, 2019 at 6:34 pm

      I agree with you so much, when I think about it – I never have a piece of cake for myself only, always sharing. I’m much more into the savory stuff 🙂

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