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March 2, 2019

I googled a list about food in Swedish and found this one which I translated to English. You all know how much I love food and I also love lists. For some reason I was thinking Sandra, you’re too old for doing this thing on your blog, but hey, we’re never too old for anything! My friend and Maria used to make each other lists to fill in every time we met when we were teenagers. So much fun, let’s go! If you have a fun list to share, please do so.

What is your favourite pasta dish?
I’m gonna go for two very simple ones; Linguine (no, it’s not linguine in the picture) with with a creamy chanterelle sauce & lots of good parmesan cheese. Spaghetti with black truffle. When it comes to pasta, I love it more the simpler it is. I’m also an extreme perfectionist when it comes to pasta; it HAS to be cooked with “respect” and it HAS to be mixed with the sauce. A dry pasta with the sauce thrown on top makes me a sad lady. More about pasta further down.

What was your relationship with food as a kid?
I was very open to trying new things but was always very picky with meat; my dad had to go through the pieces and only take out the parts with no fat. Spoiled brat. My parents told me I was eating an egg whole as a very young kid, when I got older I started to be disgusted by yolk and it took me many years before I started eating it. I was a grown-up when I started eating runny yolk, now it’s one of my favourite things.

Your favourite chips/crisps flavour?
Salt & vinegar. I was never a chips person, but the past years I started eating more of it. Guess it has to do with alcohol consumption (didn’t drink before I was 26). Now I quit both of them. OK, took a break should be more accurate.

Top 3 favourite products/foodstuff
1. Almost all kinds of cheese
2. Garlic
3. Eggs

If you could choose only one food culture to eat from for the rest of your life, which one would it be?
I was going to say Korean, but then I remembered the love of my life and my biggest addiction: CHEESE. So I go for Italian. Pizza, pasta, Caprese, never ending. Pizza 1 is from i Due Forni in Berlin and pizza 2 was made by Johan in Gothenburg, when we had an electric oven. How I miss having a better oven, our gas one is pretty shit.

A good food account to follow on Instagram?
Swedishfoodie. Everything looks delicious, makes me feel like home.

What does your ultimate taco contain?
Pickled red onion. Lots of jalapenos. Lime. Coriander (Cilantro in American English). Fish! Or just give me one with different cheeses. Couldn’t find a picture to illustrate this answer, says a lot about how often I eat tacos.

How do you like your potatoes?
As Dopp i Kopp. Look at the picture to the right here. Boil new potatoes, melt some butter and pour it in a cup/glass and dip the potatoes into it, yum! A classic recipe from where I grew up (Norrbotten/Tornedalen, north Sweden).

Do you have any expensive eating habits?
I love seafood, but you don’t really get that in Berlin (not good one) as it’s far from the sea. I actually eat a lot at home and I have learned the past few years, from having extremely little money from time to time, to eat on a very low budget. Maybe I should make a cookbook about that.

What do you cook if you don’t have much time?
Eggs! Scrambled, boiled or fried.

What is your number one super dish?
It has to be sandwich cake now that I have so many friends who never tried it, it’s a big thing in Sweden and Finland.

Top 3 restaurants where you live?
Berlin is huge and has more and more great restaurants to offer, so I will narrow it down to Friedrichshain where I live. Let’s do a little food tour with breakfast, lunch and dinner in restaurants I think would suit most people:

1. Datscha, they serve really good and varied breakfasts, Russian and very cozy. Let’s start here with a platter for two (this picture is from 2010, it looks a bit different now, but you get the picture). It’s huge, so I think it’s more than enough for three people. My favourite is Schwarzes Meer, which is fish based.
2. Il Ritrovo Situated across the street from Datscha, take a stroll around the neighbourhood, there are nice shops around and Boxi, the park, where you can enjoy a beverage from the nearest Späti in the sun. Go to Il Ritrovo when you are in the mood for a snack, share a pizza with someone you like or if it’s Friday – it’s FISH FRIDAY, yay! They also offer pasta dishes on their daily menu.
3. Hangmee In the evening, head over to Hangmee – Thai/Laos tapas where spicy IS spicy (pretty unusual for Berlin, but it’s getting better). 2-3 dishes per person is recommended and the setting is very friendly and the food is delicious.

This was fun, makes me want to make more day plans for you in Berlin, what do you say?

What is your favourite weekend breakfast?
I stopped eating breakfast a while ago after discovering how much more productive I am before eating. I do love a good breakfast when it happens, like back in the days in Gothenburg when I got up early and went to the French bakery winter time. Bought their amazing baguette and my favourite pastry Semla.

What is the latest food/dish you started to like to eat?
Octopus. It took me many years to get over my phobia. I was literally screaming (hysterical, I know) if I saw an octopus until just a few years ago.

Is there anything you’re ashamed of that you like to eat?
No, I’m not ashamed of anything.

Your favourite budget dish?
Green lentil salad, goes with everything.

What do you usually have for lunch?
Green lentil salad with whatever is in the fridge.

What are your favourite things to eat and drink on a Friday night?
It used to be cheese platter and sparkling + red wine with good bread, now it’s a platter of mostly veggies, a yogurt/cottage cheese sauce and cheese + a cup of tea.

A dish you think more people should discover
Hmm… Let’s say Dopp i Kopp (you find a picture of it in a previous answer).

Share a cooking tip!
Make sure to have things at home that bring flavour to low budget foodstuff (I usually go shopping all this stuff when I just got paid, you know as a freelancer you often don’t know when you’ll get money the next time), like sambal oelek, fish sauce, soy, fresh herbs, rice vinegar, sesame oil, lots of spices etc. It always makes the simplest things taste amazing. Last year I started making something I simply call rice bowls; I cook whatever rice I have at home, fry an egg, fry some tofu, meat or fish, fry cabbage, roast sesame seeds, a big spoon of sambal oelek, some seaweed, spring onions etc. It’s cheap, filling and you can make eternal variations.

If you make pasta: boil it pretty al dente (a bit shorter than the shortest recommendation on the package), save some of the pasta water, which contains a lot of starch, for the sauce. Mix the pasta with the sauce and let it boil together until the pasta has the level of al dente that you like. Read question number 1. Never rinse the pasta with water as it removes the starch and makes it difficult for sauce to stick (also a tip for pasta salad, trust me). OK, gonna stop now.

What do you cook if you’re going to cook for a lot of people?
Sandwich cake! Should make a recipe to share, what do you say? I also like to fill the table with bowls of different things like kalamata and/or castelvetrano olives, cheese, bread, hummus, different salads, radishes etc etc to make sure people can eat whatever they like because if I cook and invite over picky people (happens very seldom luckily) I have pretty big problems with people who complain about the food being served. Eat, don’t eat, shut up.

What is your favourite condiment?
Can I say olive oil? Not sure if that counts.

What do you wish was always in season?
Chanterelles & blood oranges.

Would be so much fun to read your answers to those questions, feel free to share in the comments or if you post on your blog, let me know.

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