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March 11, 2019

Let’s go to Sao Viet (can’t help but call it Soviet) at Grünberger Strasse, Friedrichshain. This is where I go on a Saturday night, because it’s never crowded. The other day, Johan and I went there for lunch to take a break from a, from time to time, life being too complicated right now.

I took two starters instead of a main dish. These summer rolls with seitan, veggies and rice noodles were the first ones to arrive at the table. Gave one to Johan.

Love it here. The food is good, you could say pretty standard Vietnamese for being Berlin – we’re very spoiled because Berlin standard when it comes to Vietnamese food is very good.

My second starter was a wantan soup, which was a bit bland.

Looking at those cats being entertained by street life.

Johan had duck with garlic and oyster sauce, which was umami-ish and salty. I love salty, I guess being Swedish makes you love salt. Swedish food is extremely salty, why? Because that’s how we preserved food back in the days; dried fish, dried meat etc.

My eyes spotted the sriracha sauce and I went over straight away.

And found this jar of sliced bird’s eye chilis, which I love and they made my soup a dream. Bon appetit!

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