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The red cups

February 6, 2019

Yesterday I met up with with Tenia, a very close friend I’ve known for… over 7 years. Since I’ve been drinking too many dull americanos in different places lately, I said Let’s meet at Silo. They never disappoint. And we got to try their new filter coffee which was very delicious. Tenia had a flat white with oat milk (if you like milk with your coffee, I highly recommend oat milk – well made coffee and oat milk are a great match, in my opinion it tastes several times better than with cow milk). Have you tried?

When Silo opened, what now feels like many years ago, apparently Johan and I were their first regulars, James, one of the owners, told me later when we had become friends. When we moved here, there wasn’t any place within 10 minutes walk that served really good coffee, so Silo was such a happy addition to the neighbourhood. Their red cups really are their signature, right?

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