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February 28, 2019

Last Friday, we headed over to Johan’s grandparents. They live on the countryside and what used to look “normal” to me is now so exotic. I can really see the beauty of my old country living in a big dirty city like Berlin. It’s such a luxury to have this place to go to for amazing tap water, fresh air, family love and tranquility.

Yes, it looks like this. Everything you imagined, right?

Grandma, here I come! Nestor…

I’m ready, open the door, so I can jump up on all tables.

While Nestor was all over the place, I shot this picture.

Gotta love this, this is what it’s always been like when visiting people in Sweden – FIKA – the first thing. The cookies to the right are the tastiest cookies on the planet (everything baked by Johan’s grandmother), should get the recipe.

Can I have some?

Johan’s family are experts at making their homes cozy.

After fika, we headed over to the livingroom while Johan’s granparents cooked late lunch for us.

Peter holding Nestor who had to stay on the leash indoors, made me laugh. So much energy, so eager to jump on the bed.

That dragonfly bowl <3

Johan’s grandfather is a hunter.

Hello, dead bird.

The light was really cool while the sun was setting, made all pictures look a bit strange.

OK, food! Johan’s mum made this salad, beauty. Swedish cheese in the background, love it.

Some moose from the forest, lingonberries from the forest. I love visiting the forest, wonder if I could ever live like this? Could you? It’s beautiful.

Crème brûlée and coffee as dessert. Sugar rush deluxe.

In the evening we drove back to Johan’s parents and watched the finale of a Swedish tv show (På Spåret) which I guess is what most of the Swedes were doing that night. Great wallpaper, don’t you think? Had some tapas and cava and went to bed early. Slept so well over there. Can’t wait to go back, but we already have plans for northern Sweden (to visit my family) and Italy together this year, so let’s see.

Have you ever been to Sweden?

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