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Kreuzberg café hopping

February 17, 2019

Wednesday morning, both Johan and I needed stuff from Modulor so we decided to walk there.

Coffee at Kaffee 9.

Love this place. I love that it’s spacious and has high ceilings, it gives you the feeling of being there all by yourself even if the place is full.

You can have cocktails there at the end of the week.

Not passing by Markthalle Neun without going inside.

Haven’t been inside this place for a few years, but remember they always have beautiful stuff. Hopefully I’m in the area when it’s open next time.

Fadeninsel is where I buy yarn. Great shop, great staff!

On the way back from Modulor I said Johan, let’s pass by Kottbusser Tor, there is a place I wanted to go for years, let me show you!

The place is Kremanski and we went inside because we saw our friend Tom working there now, yay.

Fell in love with the place immediately. Also spacious and high ceilings, danke schön.

We had double espresso. I just checked their Instagram – the food looks delicious.

How good looking is this menu? I want a Kotti Push Up. A few years ago we celebrated NYE with a brothel theme and my hooker name was Hotti from Kotti.

Passed by the Photoautomat at Kotti and found this guy.

Was a great morning. According to the health app on my phone, I have walked over 8 kilometers per day during February. Very good, since it’s the only excercise I get.

Guess the title of this blog post is lying a bit, café hopping in 2 cafés doesn’t count, right? Back in the days in Gothenburg, Johan and I used to easily go café hopping several times a month. Would be amazing to go back one day and visit the places which are still there (I heard my favourite yarn shop closed, oh no, it was the most beautiful yarn shop ever called Strikk). We did a stop over in Gothenburg airport after being in Sweden over the holidays, was a very short one, so didn’t make it into the city – would have been so weird to be back. Haven’t been back since we moved over 8 years ago and I lived there for 12 years, it’s the city where I became a grown-up, met Johan, started my Wrist Worms business and made plans to move to Berlin. I need to start new things again, start making new plans – it’s going to come with all the changes I’m doing in my life right now. Not planning to leave Berlin though, don’t worry. One thing at a time, all right, Sandra?

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  • Reply Navleen February 18, 2019 at 11:22 am

    Love that vintage shop window. And hey! I have the same weather vane rooster!

    • Reply Sandra February 18, 2019 at 11:26 am

      You do?? It’s so CUTE!!

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