Wrist Worms

Something red

January 30, 2019

My attempt to become better friends with the colour red has worked out well, if we agree on that this shade of orange/rusty red is red. I saw this yarn in a shop in November, fell in love and couldn’t stop thinking about it, so yesterday I got myself one skein and made this pair of Rusty Red Wrist Worms.

Do you like them? I will for sure make a pair for myself (already started). Thinking of making a sweater as well. It’s made with Icelandic wool, so if you’re sensitive to wool, this pair won’t work for your hands though. Rusty Red Wrist Worms – I will make a few more colours with this yarn eventually, it’s amazing. Already have a pair in light grey and they become more and more beautiful the more they have been worn.

Tonight I’m invited to a restaurant which I’m so excited to try, will bring my camera and show you tomorrow. It’s traditional Middle Eastern recipes with a modern Mediterranean interpretation – sounds great, right? Looking forward to eating something I didn’t cook myself – about time after a month of pretty strict diet. Been eating a lot of plant based food, egg, cheese and almost no meat. Must say, I feel great and also lost some kilos (a lot thanks to quitting alcohol, I guess). Went to the doctor in December and did several blood tests and I was in good shape except for high blood pressure (nurse said it was the stress from clients not paying me, had to deal with that for a whole week and slept very little, so no wonder it was high) and a bit too much weight. Hello 40!

Hope you’re all good.

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