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January 29, 2019

A picture from my kitchen window last Summer, on a very hot day with a very dirty kitchen window. As soon as it rains heavily, there’s a waterfall coming down from the roof and all the dirt stays on the window. What can you do.

Some of the prints I’m planning to hang on the living/bedroom wall this week. The bird one is by Monika Forsberg, the one hanging above it is my by friend Lena Corwin and the one to the right is by Ana Albero.

This is food I love. Rice, veggies, seaweed, eggwhite omelette and tofu marinated in schezuan, soy and sesame oil (could be more stuff, Johan made it). Some leek, cilantro/coriander and sambal oelek.

Found this green candleholder in a thrift store last year, I’m completely in love with it. This picture doesn’t do it justice, will try to remember to show a better picture of it.

And the book situation at home before putting up shelves. More than 50% are still stacked on the floor, but I am so used to it that I love it and want to keep it that way for a while. The white pedestal must be from a staircase and I found it a few years ago for €5. Bought some anthracite coloured paint to paint it, but changed my mind. Wanted to break all the white in our house, but after organizing the books, it looked better like this.

How do you like the mix of digital and analog pictures? I love the different moods and will start trying different kinds of film in my different analog cameras. Right now I’m shooting with a compact Canon from the early 90’s I got from my dad number 2, Thomas. The pictures above are shot with my good old Pentax MX. Next up on the blog, analog wise, are a few pictures from the Canary Islands, shot with a disposable camera. Many of them didn’t work out because of rain, but there are a few.

See you!

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