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Frozen face

January 16, 2019

Let’s return to Sweden for a while, join me for a walk in -22°C. Me, Elvis, Mum & Thomas went out for a 5km walk.

Snow everywhere, this is not much apparently. I don’t remember, haven’t lived up there since 1999.

This is as bright as it got, the sun is up for 3 hours around Christmas time up there. This place is called Sundet, I worked there in Summer of 1996.

Hey, Elvis!

So beautiful. And such fresh air.

Fog from the open water, a stream or whatever you all it. It takes a lot of cold before the water here is covered with ice.

Mum & Thomas. We went out to collect some twigs for the dining table decorations.

Elvis loves snow. When we got home he was rolling around like a freak. I froze my face, took weeks to recover omg.

I’ve got more snowy pics, from above the Arctic Circle, yay?

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