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January 17, 2019

Every Monday, Johan and I go out for a coffee and talk about the new week, both about work and free time. Different cafés, within approx 2 kilometers from our flat/studio, opening early in the morning. Like Shakespeare & Sons, which was our choice this week. There are 18 cafés on our list, wow. A big change from when we moved here 8 years ago.

Blurry Blondi.

Americano is my breakfast. If I was eating breakfast, the bagels at this place are a good option. Really really tasty, should have one for lunch eventually.

Love to be surrounded by books. Before this café opened, this space was a book store. Have started reading more again, almost finished 3 books already this year. This weekend we plan to finally put up bookshelves in our bed/livingroom. Can’t wait to sort my books in language and alphabetical order. Will show you the result later. We’re doing a lot of home improvement right now. It’s almost like we moved in again, what a great feeling.

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