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January 24, 2019

This empty white wall in the bed/livingroom finally has a bookshelf, a very simple one I got for my studio when we moved in which later was used as storage in our little storage room (which I’m now building a tiny work space in, for when one of us needs to hide from the other). Somehow the wall looks emptier now and I thought about putting up wallpaper or painting it, but instead I will fill it with lots of the art that is all over the apartment except for on the walls where they belong. I think it will look good. Camilla sent me the print Passion, which I have eyed for a couple of years. So beautiful and it has the very specific orange/red that I love more and more the older I get.

Only my novels in Swedish fit in on these shelves, thinking of building some low shelves in the hallway (an 11 meters long, dark corridor) and get some good lights there to make it feel welcoming.

Have read 4 books already this month (Swedish authors who I have loved for many years). Focusing so much more on a beautiful language than the story itself. When they go hand in hand, something amazing happens, right?

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