Berlin, Friedrichshain

Monday meeting at Michelberger

January 21, 2019

Got up super early this morning to head over to Michelberger Hotel down the street from ours, to have our Monday meeting – Johan and I.

Used to hang out here quite often 7-8 years ago, it’s time to start doing it again. My friend Paola and I have made it a tradition to meet here on our friend dates, next one up is on Wednesday.

When you wake up super early, where else to go than to a hotel? My americano tasted really really good.

Love big vases with a few flowers.

Michelberger has always been very attentive to details, look at the typeface of this menu (does anyone know its name?). Love it!

Hey, Johan!

They changed the interior a bit, not much though – love how they keep their style.

And books, yes. You know what I think about books.

How was your weekend? Mine was all about my books – I went through all of them and organized them on a shelf. Only half of them got a new home – all my novels in Swedish. The rest of the books are still in stacks on the floor.

So, Monday and new week. I already have some appointments in my calendar – will meet a couple of clients, some friends and work on my own projects. The Krets poster is on sale, only a few ones left and I won’t print more of them. I also made a couple of vegan Wrist Worms in acrylic, which are pretty similar to the ones I make in wool. Equally warm, will work on more colours for next Fall.

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  • Reply Wiebke January 24, 2019 at 11:02 am

    Beautiful photos! I love the idea of using those metal grids as bookshelves.
    Oh and I’m 95% sure that typeface on the menu is Brandon Grotesque 🙂

    • Reply Sandra January 24, 2019 at 1:04 pm

      Thank you, Wiebke, so nice of you to tell me 🙂
      Sandra x

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