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Dinner in the salinas

December 4, 2018

On our first evening in La Palma, we drove down to El Jardín De La Sal to have a look at the “Salinas” (salt mines) and later on enjoy dinner at the restaurant. The sea. THE SEA!

Have you seen anything like this?

Being Swedish, I was pretty confused because every time I looked down, I thought I was standing on snow.

Johan fit in very well with his sweatshirt.

The sun set and we headed over to the restaurant El Jardín De La Sal.

This soup made of strawberries was super delicious. Topped with egg, never tried this combination before.

We also tried different flavoured salts.

There were lots of different dishes, this duck was so tender. And wine, of course. I’m so amazed when I get to visit local businesses with passionate people, the night ended with us all looking at the stars, the moon and the planet Saturn. I met so many nice people on this trip, heard so many beautiful stories, ate so well and really want to go back and stay a bit longer.

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