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October 8, 2018

I have completely forgotten to post pictures from when we went to Johan’s family this Summer and met Nestor.

We ate so much great food. This is from the first morning when my sister-in-law Evelina made us breakfast. Everything so beautiful and tasty, would love that banana/cinnamon smoothie right now.

Johan’s sister in my favourite kitchen.

How have you been?
I didn’t mean to lose my voice again. Life has been busy and a bit of a roller coaster. Was invited to go to the Caribbean for a job, but was already booked for another one in Berlin this week and if I promise something, I keep it (been fighting a lot with myself about right and wrong). My mum and Thomas have been here and I had some days off to enjoy together with them, eating and drinking a LOT. Yesterday I slept most of the time when my brain got overheated with childhood memories after I got the news that my uncle died. My most vivid memory of him (we didn’t have good contact) is when my grandmother said we should just burn down the old barn that they didn’t use anymore and I took it literal, so I got myself a lighter and went down to the barn and tried to put it on fire. My uncle found me and started chasing me and I was so scared he would beat me up. Laughing so hard about it now. Sandra, the pyromaniac.

Some more Sweden pictures and Nestor, maybe?

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