Berlin, Lichtenberg


October 19, 2018

Hi there, some more pictures from the weekend. I love to walk to Kaskelkiez, Victoriastadt, Lichtenberg. Beautiful buildings and it’s super calm over there. Like a hidden island of beautiful architecture.

Been working so much and meeting friends so much, that I ended up not knowing to who I said what, so right now I’m doing a fast. It makes my brain crystal clear (I wrote pretty much about it here the first time I did it). Ended up not sleeping much last night, as my brain was busy sorting things.

Stumbled upon this sofa, which had a print I really liked.

Today I will take pictures of a bunch of new beanies for the shop and I will also make a Wrist Worms sale throughout the rest of October (20% discount). Will let you know when everything is up!

It’s Friday, what are you doing this weekend?
I will work, take walks, hopefully meet my friend Paola, spend time with Peps (we just came in from playing with her ball) and have my first meal in 4 days on Sunday evening. I have pictures of a great meal to show you, which I was invited to last Sunday at a very nice restaurant.

OK, talk soon!

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