BBQ with friends

August 7, 2018

Before going to Sweden, we went to visit our friend Christopher’s new studio for his company WhiteVoid. Located by the river in Rummelsburg, very beautiful place.

Johan had marinated some veggies.


Wish I had brought my bikini to take a dip.

Ulf and Christopher, I have known these two for over 7 years now and we’ve had a lot of fun through the years. Teeth flying, lots of food etc.

Our friend Dimitra joined us a bit later to hang out in the nature.

And Giannis, a really good friend of ours, too. I don’t often post pictures of my friends (people have asked me if I don’t have any ha ha), simply because I forget to take pictures of them. Gonna start taking more portraits, or?

When the sun set, we hung out on the dock. I got 19 mosquito bites, the others 0.

A very beautiful evening indeed.

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