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July 12, 2018

Yesterday I met Fiona and Peps for a lunch date at Gotcha.
Fiona, what do you want to eat?

Those of you who know Berlin – SURPRISE! You can get GOOD food at Simon-Dach-Strasse at this place.

Presented in a beautiful way.

On my way home, greatest outfit of the day.

Thursday. Berlin reminds me of Gothenburg, it’s raining like crazy. I slept in and will work until the evening, when it’s time for dinner with my 3 darlings Camilla, Björn & Johan. Tomorrow, Camilla and I will have a coffee date in the morning, like back in the days when we lived in the same city (do any of you remember those days on our blogs?). Afternoon, we’ll do bubbles and cheese in a park with our men. Grande finale on Saturday when we’ll have förfest Swedish style and then go see Nick Cave, yay! Beautiful days ahead, I am so excited.

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