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Friends in Berlin

July 17, 2018

Last Wednesday, Camilla and Björn entered Berlin. We met for drinks and dinner at Hangmee. I had pizza for breakfast after one of our party nights.

Friday morning, Camilla and I met for coffee(s). In the evening they came over with cheese and champagne from France.

French cheese, German meat. I made a salad that was too big for the table, so it got its own chair and of course we forgot to eat it.

After food, Camilla and Björn invited us to guest play in their project Kisel on the way.

On Saturday evening, we met for recovery beer and Halloumi im Brot, before we took off for Waldbühne and Nick Cave. Their hairs <3
Excellent venue, although we were a bit late and got pretty lousy seats. I enjoyed it a lot anyway.

Hope you’re having a good week so far. I’m waiting for Lady Peps to come and cuddle with me tonight. Missed her a lot!

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