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July 5, 2018

Hey there, how’s your week been so far? Mine has been good, been working most of the time and seeing friends for food and drinks. Here is a shot from my desk, I found that book on the street a while ago and love the colours. My temporary business card… don’t know what to say.

The bracelets from The Good Machinery make me happy every day, when I don’t wear them they are piled up next to where I sit.

Coming home.

I have made a third of the big wholesale order of Wrist Worms and look forward to continuing today. At 7pm, it’s time to go to a cocktail tasting. Tomorrow Peps is coming and stays with me until Saturday, I can’t wait – we’re going to make Wrist Worms together (Peps is not very helpful though) and shoot pictures for a collaboration I’m doing which involves ice cream. Friday evening, I’m invited to an event but I think I’ll stay at home with Peps, since I have been going to a lot of things lately. On Saturday at 4pm I’m going to watch football (can’t believe I’m writing that) – it’s Sweden against England, and in the evening I’m going to a party with Johan. And Sunday? No plans yet, except for work work.

Berlin is super hot today, I’m so happy about Summer this year. There are so many things to look forward to, so many loved people who I will see.

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