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Amsterdam Part 9

July 10, 2018

Walking around, thinking it’s time to eat something. Passed by this place, but Johan said Sandra, let’s check out the street with Chinese restaurants and of course I was up for it.

I have so many pictures of buildings, maybe it’s good the first roll of film didn’t work out because it contained like 75% pictures of buildings.

We sat down at a table and ordered a mix of dumplings for two. They were OK.

I pimped them with extra chili and soy sauce. Dumplings are so photogenic. Even better if they taste as good (or better) as they look, right? I have never made my own, think it’s time. I want to make them with lots of shrimp, coriander/cilantro and chili.

We passed by the Red Light District as well. Not my cup of tea, but when in Amsterdam.

That gap between the buildings, would make a great mini garden and barbecue spot.

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