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The strawberry halloumi salad

June 10, 2018

You want recipe? Yes! Let’s start with it, because no one wants to scroll through a life story to get to the recipe, right? With recipe, I mean ingredients, kind of. You use as much of everything as you like, it’s a free world.

The strawberry halloumi salad
Mache lettuce
Butter (to fry the halloumi)
Fresh basil

Olive oil
Dijon mustard
Red chili pepper
Black pepper

Make the dressing (I had for 2 people about 2 teaspoons of olive oil, 1 teaspoon dijon mustard, 1 bird eye chili). Clean the lettuce and strawberries and put in a bowl and toss it around in the dressing. Fry the halloumi in butter. Put everything on a plate, sprinkle scallions and fresh basil over it and eat.

This time I had Dijon mustard instead of balsamic vinegar, it turned out really well. Now I want to try to make this with tofu, cilantro/coriander, sesame oil etc for another twist.

I remember back in the beginning of Instagram, I posted this and it was a success. Did you make it already?

So where is the life story? I have very beautiful memories of the first Summer I spent with Johan, so crazy in love with him and we made this together and shared it in the garden, where we both lived in different flats. 13 years ago.

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