I went to Brabant, Den Bosch, Museum Time

June 8, 2018

This blog post is a collaboration with Visit Brabant

After the pastry workshop, we took a walk through town to visit the Museum Quarter. Took this picture, simply because I loved the chairs.

Passed by a place I wanted to visit the night before, but was too sleepy. It looked very nice, anyone been there?

A bit behind, as usual when the camera is involved.

This room was quite beautiful, Johan planned to move in.

I had a deep vessels crush at this exhibition. Would love to more about them, bummer I forgot to check. Anyone knows?

Hi, I’m Sandra.

Oh man, those Dutch knew (still know) how to make beautiful buildings.
Until next time, Den Bosch! Here is a good link if you want to know more about this city.

Sandra x

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