I went to Brabant, Den Bosch, Bossche Bollen

June 7, 2018

This blog post is a collaboration with Visit Brabant

On Sunday morning, after breakfast at the hotel, we went to Bakkeri Royal to make some Bossche Bollen.

Swimming pool?

Belgian chocolate of high quality, mmm.

The puffs, to be dipped in chocolate and filled with whipped cream.

Johan doing the job very well.

Very well.

The instructor warned us about eating the whole thing, hard to stop but it’s quite a heavy piece of pastry. I had it all over my face, it was delicious. Johan did it with a bit more elegance (?). Why does he look this destroyed? Hay fever.

Was fun learning more about this pastry, I would love to make a version of it tasting a bit like my all time favourite pastry semla. The Netherlands meet Sweden.

Tomorrow, last post from Brabant.
Have you been there?

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