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June 30, 2018

Could eat this every day.

Johan marinated some tofu in soy sauce, sichuan pepper and sesame oil and I made a rice noodle salad with whatever vegetables we had in the fridge + a sauce made of fish sauce, rice vinegar, garlic, bird eye chili, lime & a bit of sugar.

51 pairs of Wrist Worms. 149 more pairs to go for a wholesale order for Lecode_h in South Korea. I love to work with her!

Also, 25% off on Wrist Worms in the shop with discount code SUMMER18 on checkout. Wrist Worms are celebrating 10 years in August!

And my niece Lo turns 13 today, I can’t wait to celebrate her when she comes to Berlin with her big sister in August. A whole week, just the two of them. We’re going to eat so much, celebrate so much, cuddle with Peps so much and enjoy time together fully.

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