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Amsterdam Part 3

June 16, 2018

Johan and I woke up on a Monday morning in Amsterdam. We were only there for one night and managed to see a lot of the city. We stayed in the area Jordaan and took a walk to have coffee at Lot Sixty One Coffee Roasters (pictures will come). Thanks to those of you who recommended this place, it was super nice.

I stopped to take this picture and tell Johan to wait because I found my favourite colour Sun-bleached plastic pink. Such romantic memories of Italy and Greece somehow.

Crossing bridges and streets straight out of town.

This is one of the pictures that made me wonder what I saw when I took it. A beautiful tree? A good colour combination? A mood? No idea.

When I got my films developed, I saw a pattern. I took a lot of pictures through windows in Amsterdam. Have always liked to do that, but didn’t know it was my fetish (insert ironic laugh here). I think this picture is one of my favourites of the ones I took in Amsterdam.

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