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What a fab Friday!

May 6, 2018

Friday, Johan and I decided to go seeing some of the Pictoplasma exhibitions, look for clothes for me (found one thing, will show you), have nice lunch and later on meet friends for drinks. We started it all at Khushi, for sure one of the tastiest Indian meals I have had in Berlin (a city not famous for good Indian food for sure).

This is what we had, we ate almost everything.

Strolled streets of Prenzlauer Berg towards a graveyard opposite side of Soho House.

Prenzlauer Berg is pretty, very clean compared to many other areas in Berlin (money money money…).

A classic view of the TV tower.

Sunny day.

And the lilacs are in full blossom. Imagine the scents.

So, here we are in a house at the graveyard. This piece is painted by Victor Castillo.

Went upstairs to look at more paintings and the beautiful building of course. Here Johan is discovering something, a small detail. He’s good at that, much better than I am. I’m not as much of an observer as he is, something I admire about him and try to learn from.

This is Moki.

Kulturkapellen, the building.

We continued to Torstrasse to visit more exhibitions.

This was a bouquet of flowers at the Moomin exhibition.

One of my favourite signs at Torstrasse.

All of a sudden we started to bump into people we know, so we ended up at Stephan’s café Lois having beers in the sun.

More people joined.

Great spot to sit in the sundown. After this, we continued to one more exhibition and then went to Kreuzkölln to meet friends. First great wines at Motif Wein and then cocktails at Velvet Bar. Was too dark to take any pictures though, my camera is more than 10 years old now. Plan: Work my ass off so I can buy a new one.

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