Utrecht, Part 2

May 29, 2018

Utrecht, looking quite peaceful, right?

Love this spelling of Shawarma.

Me and the camera in my face as usual.

Johan and Roy, in the mood for a beer.

Romantic. Blown away by the numbers, 1812.

Roy took us to the Belgian Beer Café Olivier, located in an old catholic church. Sunday church in Utrecht. Sunday church in Berlin means Berghain.

The bar cat, we became really good friends.

Ordered some beer, this cheese platter and some fries with mayo, which were out of this world tasty and this comes from me who’s usually not a big fan of fries. SO GOOD.

We didn’t have more time to explore Utrecht this time, as we had to head over to Schiphol to take the plane back to Berlin, where we hooked up with Noora for a bar round. Roy and Noora are now back in Finland, where they live. I’m secretly (well, not a secret anymore obvs) hoping they will move here.

Berlin is boiling and I will go to Prenzlauer Berg with Fiona and Peps. We’re going to another (maybe you remember we went to one on Friday) lovely Vietnamese to have lunch.

See you! x

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