Utrecht, Part 1

May 28, 2018

I’ve been so excited to share my visit in Brabant, The Netherlands, that I almost forgot to show you pictures I took in Utrecht when we were there last Sunday for a few hours to hook up with our friend Roy, who was going back to Berlin on the same plane as us.

It was hot hot hot and so beautiful. I was very thirsty and said to Johan OMG, I’m such a junkie, I want a mate soda! (seriously addicted to it, it makes me very happy and inspired every time I drink it).

Need I say that Utrecht was very very beautiful?


Hello, tiny building!

We went into a snack shop and… found Club Mate. Did you know that this drink originates from 1924?

All of a sudden, we saw Roy and I screamed Hirvenkulli, so he’d know I was there. He took us to a great place, which I will show you tomorrow!

It’s Monday and I’m moving things around in the studio saying it’s because I need to organize, Johan says I’m procrastinating. Maybe a bit of both. Tomorrow I have a meeting with Fiona and Peps, we’re going to Prenzlauer Berg for a lunch date. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I am going to work on my personal projects as well as prepare for the weekend in The Netherlands; Brabant (including Eindhoven) and Amsterdam.

Have made a long list of what I want to blog more about. Anything in particular you would be interested in seeing more of? I’d love to hear your opinions!

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