Berlin, Café, Friedrichshain

Brunch in Friedrichshain

May 4, 2018

Yesterday when I got up I heard someone say Hey, do you wanna join me for coffee at Cozys, I have a meeting with Roland. Took a walk over.

Flat white with oat milk. I really love the taste of oat milk with coffee, even more than regular milk and it’s kinder to my stomach. And the planet.

Another picture of the flat white, just because it’s beautiful.

Roland offered us some food, Johan went for the cold stuff and I went for the hot – had two eggs hidden below a blanket of mozzarella. Very tasty!

Johan and Roland. I cut Johan’s hair the other day, a lot of it.

One more cup and instagramming. I still love that app so much, after more than 7 years.

Soon I’m off to Mitte to check out the Pictoplasma exhibitions I wrote about yesterday. Hopefully I’ll get myself some new clothes, only bought 1 garment the past 3-4 years, apart from panties and tights. In the evening I will meet friends at a wine bar and the rest of the weekend I plan to work, read and do things at home. How about you?

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