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An unusual Monday

May 7, 2018

Hi! It’s Monday and I started mine in the most luxurious way – I met friends. First I picked up Peps, we went to Boxi to play and smell the lilacs.

Then we hooked up with Johan & Maria, who’s visiting from Finland, for lunch at Hangmee. The place is very very yellow, so it’s pretty difficult to get the colours right as you might see. Can assure you it was delicious.

Peps hanging out at Happy Baristas.

We went there for some nitro coffee and Helmi joined us as well. What a beautiful way to start the new week.

This week has a full schedule; we have more visitors to see, our 9th wedding anniversary to celebrate on Wednesday (going to re-visit a Chinese restaurant where I had one of the most delicious meals in a long time), Peps will join us and she’s going to spend a couple of nights at our place, I’m going to do some photo shoots including styling for one client and also put myself on the other side of the camera for another client. A lot of things going on and I’m so grateful to myself for fighting my depression and to Johan who stayed with me during that horrible period of my life. One day I might tell you more about it, because if I can help at least one person in any way, I’d gladly do it. Opening up about it made others open up to me and I can assure you – so many people around us are or have been in the same situation. Let’s not be ashamed of it, let’s not be afraid to talk about it, right?

A lighter subject to end this blog post: Next weekend I’m going to visit a country I’ve never been to before, bringing my camera for sure.

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