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1990 Vegan Living

May 25, 2018

Berlin is a dream when it comes to Vietnamese food. There is a big Vietnamese community here, you can read about it here. I love Vietnamese food so much and 1990 Vegan Living is a great place to go in Friedrichshain. Had lunch there today.

It’s getting more and more popular to serve small dishes, like Asian tapas, these days, which I find great because then you get to try different things. Looks great, right? Tastes amazing, too!

They put a lot of effort into the interior as well.

Hola Peps! She’s going to stay with me for a week in June, do you know how happy I am?

What a feast, I’m so happy that Friedrichshain is just getting better and better with food. When I moved here it was really difficult to find food this quality. Thank you, 1990, for doing a great job!

So, it’s Fridayayayay, happy weekend!

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