Berlin, Friedrichshain

Week 14

April 4, 2018

When I grew up, we always talked about week this, week that. My mum still refers to time in weeks. So I googled what week it is now and it’s 14. What did I do so far this week, except for working? I baked a no-knead bread, almost this recipe, but I skipped a couple of steps. Worked fine anyway. Made a zucchini soup to go with it. Lots of garlic and a bit of vermouth made it more flamboyant.

One morning Johan and I hung out at Holzmarkt for a bit and then passed by a favourite building close to Ostbahnhof, looks like they are doing something about it now. Hopefully something good.

Jumped of joy when I saw that this particular sandwich ice cream arrived in Germany. It has been my favourite since I was a little kid and every time I’ve arrived at the airport in Stockholm, since I moved to Berlin, it’s been the first thing I ate. Looking forward to sharing one with Johan soon, curious if it tastes the same.

Berlin in a nutshell.

Pictures from this morning. Took a walk to Rummelsburg and hung out by the water for a while before heading home again…

…for coffee on the balcony! It was 18 degrees celsius when I came home, yay! Balcony doors are open. And Fiona texted me that she was picking up Peps (she has lots of extra parents) and we had a quick date.

Ok, see you!

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  • Reply Navleen April 11, 2018 at 6:50 am

    I love that Peps has many extra parents!

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