Berlin, Friedrichshain

Saturday Friedrichshain

April 28, 2018

What an efficient day! Got up, went to the laundromat, had coffee and went out to get stuff for the fridge and for work.

Fiona and I are in sync very often, today as well. So here I was, waiting outside of her house, because she needed to go to the same places as me.

We passed by Sheriff Teddy, a really nice bar!

And this colourful place.

The streets are so amazing at this time of the year.

We went to the Stadtpark Lichtenberg, one of Berlin’s most beautiful parks. Peps loved it, she didn’t want to leave.

Right after I took this picture, we saw a squirrel. Peps’ first squirrel, she went crazy and never wanted to leave.

We walked back towards our hood. Stopped by an Asian supermarket and I stacked up on different noodles, sauces etc.

Ended up at Boxi, where people were enjoying the Summer.

I bought some peonies for a project I’m working on this weekend.

Boxi was super busy, how I love that place on Saturdays.

Went home, made a salad of soba noodles and a lot of other things. If you follow me on Instagram, you can find a section in the Stories with what I call #standardsandrafood – where I post simple kind-of-recipes of what I eat from time to time.

Hope you’re having a good weekend! I’m soon off to Mitte for Gallery Weekend Berlin and then to HKW 100 Years of Beat. It’s going to be a fun evening for sure. See you!

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